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by Ryan White
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Do Slots Cheats Truly Exist?

First of all, please enable us to offer you a brief answer to this important and probably burning question you might be asking around or a while now: not really. There are no practical slots tricks or slots cheats one could be using in order to trick slots machines; if you are thinking of the fact that slots are plain casino games that are not unbeatable and that, just like poker or blackjack, they can be cheated, you are wrong. There are no other gamblers or players involved (except for slots tournaments, which of course require a whole different approach) and there are no dealers or cards and dices to keep an eye on. There are no ancient cheats you could be using in order to stop the reels from spinning and land on the special symbols you need in order to win $5k, and there is no hocus-pocus stuff you can say either. Nevertheless, not everything is lost, as there are still plenty of folks who continue to play slots and their earnings are telling us they are doing a fine job at it. So what are the so-called slots tricks you could be in fact using?

Trick Slots Machines Online

This is probably one of the most precious pieces of advice you shall get to use in relation to learning new slots tricks: always opt for the online types of slots, when you have the chance to choose between online and land slots. Going online will dramatically increase your chance of winning to somewhere in between 97 and 99 percent, as compared to the 91 percent that land casinos are usually displaying. Going online will help you enjoy a cool and relaxed gambling atmosphere, as opposed to casinos and crowded pubs where everybody is coming and going all the time, where the hectic noise and the constant distractions are preventing you from focusing as you should. Also, you might be tempted to put more money into an offline slots machine if you happen to see a lot of folks collecting their payouts at the slots machines sitting to your right. So you might as well stay at home, avoid consuming any substances that might harm your judgments and block your senses and try to play pokies for fun. Some people think that by changing your bets constantly, you could be holding an absolute truth in your hands, or at least some good slots tricks – as they claim that this is prone to boot your odds of seeing the machine go into a payout phase. The double up feature is also advisable, and solely gambling on the “red or black” feature which is able to double ones‘ bets in case he or she wins could be quite advantageous. Betting on the “suits” should probably be best avoided, according to the same experts. Other pokies cheats you could be using could refer to taking out your earnings whenever you happen to win and make sure you become a long-term winner.

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