Faerie Solitaire Video Game

Ryan White
by Ryan White

Translated from French by Steve ThorsTen (2018)

Developed by Subsoap, Faerie Solitaire, bears the name of one of the most popular card games in history, although this version has been modified to include certain "improvements". The question remains if they are worth your money. The concept of solitaire has already been explored in detail and Faerie upholds the same rules available for the Windows version of the game, providing you with many opportunities to amuse yourself.

Gameplay & Rules

Faerie Solitaire comes with 40 different levels, 8 individual worlds, and over 400 hands you can play, all of which makes the game quite outstanding. Even though the advertised gameplay is 14 hours, each individual choice could lead to new developments and hence change the path you choose for yourself.

The rules allow players to add cards in sequence in an ascending or descending order. For example, if you start with "2", you can add "3", then "4" and so forth. If you start at "4", you can either add "5" or "3". Faerie Solitaire follows this well-established concept, which makes the game easy to grasp.

The game offers distinctly improved visuals, but behind all of this, the old familiar concept can be seen, although it's improved upon by adding a number of new elements that create a more diverse gameplay.

Take for example the main objective of the game. You need to free the faeries captured by an evil mage. To do so, you will need to link the pieces of the puzzle to liberate the imprisoned talkative creatures and complete the mission.

Faerie Solitaire offers a concept of adventure which needs to be accomplished for the game to be completed successfully.

Visually appealing, Faerie Solitaire is a well-executed game which is overwhelmingly accessible. Anyone who wants to play the game could jump straight into it and play without any worry, attempting to overcome the challenges that each individual level has to offer.

To win the game you need to make sure you overcome all objectives. However, even if you don't, you still finish the game victorious, although you will be rewarded fewer points. Each level has its own specific goal. For example, you can be asked to obtain a piece of the main puzzle or attain a certain level of points.

Jokers and Fantastic Helpers

You have extra cards that are available at one side of the screen. These cards can be used as Jokers with a pre-determined value. All successfully completed levels bring you a certain amount of money which can be used to improve your chances of winning.

One of the goals of the game is to collect cards with fantastic animals on them. The animals have no bearing on the actual gameplay, but they are still used as actual objective of the larger goal to collect all available ones in the game. There are estimated 32 animals in total. Apart from finding the animals, you can also Hatch or Evolve them, which is an inherent function to the gameplay

Overall, you have estimated 14 hours of adventure mode gameplay, along with 40 fantasy locations, which are available for you to explore at your own discretion. If you want to accomplish the "storyline", you should aim at the 8 hand-painted cutscenes.

Faerie Solitaire will also offer you 30 achievements to pursue independently of the main gameplay which can be obtained by accomplishing a number of the already discussed in-game objectives.

Much like other established versions of solitaire, including Best in Show Solitaire, the game offers you a different gameplay that deserves your undivided attention. If you have time on your hands and want to play something that's worth your money, this version of the game will definitely strike home.

Final Thoughts

The game also allows you to save your progress, which makes it quite different from any other version of solitaire. The prolonged gameplay allows you to perceive the game as a stand-alone title that comes with its own unique features rather than a quick card game.

The gameplay itself is quite substantial and there are many different choices to explore. If you are wondering which game to pick in the first place, you will not be mistaken to stop on Faerie Solitaire. Whether you choose to help restore Faerie Land or want to play to score points and compare achievements, you do have the final say in the game.

Because Faerie Solitaire is time consuming, you basically get to experience the same old game you remember from Windows, only this time, each time you return to play you can experience something new in terms of gameplay. Faerie Solitaire is the most solitaire you will get for your investment.

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