The Mistigri or Cascaret – Old Maid Card Game

Author: Boussac, Jean

Subject: Card Games - Encyclopedia

Edition Date: 1896

Translated From French to English by: Lydie M.


There is a very nice game that door of multiple names and which is played in a variety of ways earlier, it is the Pamphile; other times, it is the mistigri; other once again, it is the cascaret, etc. but under all these names, it is always the same game, or almost.

The cascaret is a variety of the rams, but it is otherwise fun.

The most beautiful game is to four players, with a Morl; it is also called a Girl.

We are going to explain the process such that it is followed in Burgundy, as well as in a part of the Nivernais cattle and the Bourbonnais.

It begins by pull the seats, because it is very beneficial to have a mazette to its left, while there is much more exposed to lose when it was a skillful player on this side.

When the players are in place, each of them takes thirty tokens, of a value agreed upon. The money represented by these tokens is set to hand, and when the party is complete, everyone is paid of tokens that it has; those who do not have any more, have nothing to receive.

It draws the hand. It is the player who has the lowest card that must give. It should be noted well what is the one who gives the first, because when a part takes a certain time, the more often nobody knows more, at the end, what is the player who engaged the first.

The game consists of turns each tour started must be finished, and it is completed when the provider returns to the one who was the first to distribute the cards. If the started tour was not completed, some players would have done more of data that other and would therefore disburse to advantage.

The donor, after having beaten the cards, presents them to its neighbor in the left in order to cut. The distribution is done two by two in the first given, and three by three to the second given. The player to the right of the donor is served the first.

If there are five players, it is made six games; there is one for the Morl, also called the Girl. The Morl is served the front-to-last, i.e. immediately before the donor.

If there are five players, it is made six games; there is one for the Morl, also called the Girl. The Morl is served the front-to-last, i.e. immediately before the donor.

Each having received five cards, the one who distributes, returns the thirtieth, that he will have the right to take in his game, after rejecting a;

Before distributing the cards, the donor must have put six tokens in the game.

Has this first gives, as there is no beast, that is to say the setting being simple, everyone is obliged to play.

The first player to the right of the donor, if it thinks it can make at least a lifting with his game, plays with this game; otherwise it has the right to take the girl, or to request maps. If it says take the girl, it will change its five cards against the five which have been provided to this girl, as has already been said. Then comes the turn of word of the second player, that is to say the one located immediately to the right of the first; it declares play with his game, or he request of cards (either one or more, up to five if it remains); it may also take the Girl, if this does not have been done by the first player. The third player, when it comes to his turn to speak, has all the rights of the first two, in the limit of what remains. The last to speak, which is, therefore the donor, may also take the girl or move aside, if there is place but, if it does not the daughter, he has the right to change the returns against one of its cards. If he takes the girl, this right does not belong to him anymore, because it has only the rights that this girl had, and he may not cumulate its rights as donor with these ones.

Each person being served, with the differences being made, each player must do at least one lifting, those who will not do it, will be beasts.

The cards are masters in the following order, beginning with the highest

10 The jack of clubs, or Mistigri, or Cascaret, or Pamphile, etc 2. The king 3. The queen 4. the jack 5° ace  6° the ten-7° the nine; (8) the eight; 9° the seven.

There are nine strengths in the color which he returns, except, however, and with clubs, where there was only eight but here, as elsewhere, the Mistigri is always the stronger. Each player picks up as many tokens as he has done of raising the one who has made the lifting of the Mistigri, picks up the two, it is for this cause that the dealer puts six tokens in the game instead of five.

Those who did not make lifting put each of them six tokens in the game. The donor is also putting six as if he was stupid. In this second round, if there are beasts, nobody is forced to go there; those who pass are required to deposit their game on the table, when it is their turn to speak, but never before. If everyone passes, the dealer is the only pick up everything that is on the game.

In some countries, the player who is the last but one to be spoken, that is to say the one who is on left of the donor, is obliged to take the girl or to play with his game, when everybody passed. It is a question of convention; but one to understand that, on a big blow, it is to push a bit far rigor that to force a player to run a risk which can exceed its resources.

If there are two or three players who want to take part in blow, things will take place exactly as in the first lap, and every player will pick up so many tokens as he made lifting.

If there had been two animals, for example, on the first blow, there would be eighteen tokens in game, that is to say six will be put by the donor, and six by each of bleat, that is in total eighteen, lifting will be therefore three tokens each, and the Mistigri will have six tokens as its lifting counts double.

If there had been two animals, for example, on the first blow, there would be eighteen tokens in game, that is to say six putting by the donor, and six by each of bleat, that is in total eighteen, lifting will be therefore three tokens each, and the Mistigri, lifting of which counts double, will have the right to six tokens.

But if one of those who confronted blow, is stupid, on [eighteen tokens, he will have to put eighteen in the following blow, with the bet of the donor, it will make twenty-four. If there are two animals, they will put each eighteen and the donor always six.

Lanturui. There is a particular convention in this game: It is Lanlurlu; when there are five cards of the same color, that means to have Lanlurlu.

The one who has Lanlurlu, wins all that is on the game, and if everybody was forced to play, everybody would be stupid, except the one who would have shown Lanlurlu.

If blow where occurs Lanlurlu is a blow where there were the casks, those who went on this blow are the only bots, and the possessor of Lanlurlu picks everything up.

Five diamonds or five spades either five hearts or five clubs are forming a Lanlurlu. These cards do not need to be in order.

The person who has four diamonds, or four spades or four hearts with the jack of clubs, has also Lanlurlu, the jack of clubs has no color,

If the donor who has four cards with the same color, rejected one, he also has five, it has also Lanlurlu, the Jack of clubs always being of all colors.

Even when the player who has Lanlurlu, has been served, he could not win. Also the one who has Lanlurlu, will always be served, if it is not the last to speak, and when the other players have said go there, he shows his Lanlurlu and picks up what is at the game.

This right to go to for the purpose of leave several players hooked himself by committing on the blow. If there is no cattle, as everybody is forced to play, the one which has Lanlurlu, will show it.

At Mistigri you do not make credit as soon as you are reload, you have to buy back cards to the winners and pay cash.

When the dealer turns the Mistigri, he chooses the color of the Trump, after seeing his game.

The one who makes the misgiving loses his hand; The next gives to his place and place, and the bet do the one who made the misgiving remains on the mat.

Nevertheless, the one who made a misgiving can, by making a new bet of six tokens, keep the giving. The one who plays with more than five cards is stupid.

After the discrepancy, the person receiving the cards must check if he received the number he asked if he has less cards than he must have; If he has more, he is also out of the shot and if he takes part in the blow with a defective game, he is silly.

If the one who takes the girl finds a Lanlurlu, he has all the rights he would have had if Lanlurlu had been in his first game.

The one who shows his game is stupid. The same is the one who speaks before his turn.

When the Mistigri remained with the girl (which was not taken), or at the heel, the Trump King replaces him in all his prerogatives and will favor the king's default, it is the queen, then the jack, the ace, etc.

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