By Gavin Harper Updated: March 2023

CoinsPaid Payment Method

CoinsPaid acts as a solution to those who use cryptocurrency as a payment method for real money online casinos. Cryptocurrency is a very popular way to conduct business online including online gambling. The problem is converting cryptocurrencies of all varieties into an acceptable form of money for those online needs. When it comes to online gambling, this software product can be used to not only make payments with cryptocurrency but access an electronic wallet just the same as any other traditional e-wallet. This makes it a very easy solution for moving money to and from an online casino account while simultaneously reaping the bonuses that come with the use of cryptocurrency.

Top CoinsPaid Casinos Updated March 2023

CoinsPaid Cryptocurrency PaymentHow does the CoinsPaid payment method work?

CoinsPaid Software functions much the same as any other electronic wallet. It's a simple Payment Solutions software where you as the user have everything you need to manage different cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals and in so doing load money to your casino account or withdraw your winnings to your CoinsPaid account in the form of your preferred cryptocurrency.

To start, you will need two forms of identification. When you visit the CoinsPaid site to sign up for the software you will need to provide your contact information, your address, and your employer details. Every type of electronic wallet requires this level of validation.

What you don't need compared to other electronic wallets is a bank account. CoinsPaid Software does not require that you have any type of bank account or that you link a physical bank account to your CoinsPaid account. This gives you a bit more flexibility to remain completely virtual and give the added protection of making sure no bank account information could possibly be compromised.

Once you have signed up for your account and verify your identity through the 2-step Verification login, you get full access to your account and you are able to manage different currencies in your digital wallet. While most users stick with one type of currency when working with their bank accounts, working with the CoinsPaid electronic wallet allows users to use Australian dollars or cryptocurrency, or anything in between. In fact, CoinsPaid has 31 cryptocurrencies and 6 Fiat currencies available.

Safety and Security of CoinsPaid 

The Safety and Security of CoinsPaid software are high. There is a great deal of emphasis on 2-step Verification every time you log in, not just when you first sign up so this goes a long way toward making sure your information remains protected at all times, and your money.

In addition to using regular encryption and working only with casinos that use the same high levels of security and encryption, CoinsPaid doesn't require a bank account be linked to your account when you sign up. Most popular e-wallets do and this means no matter how great their security or their safety is online, that information is still potentially accessible. However, with CoinsPaid, that is not the case. With no requirement for a physical bank account to be linked to your virtual cryptocurrency account, you don't have to worry about compromising any additional financial details.

As mentioned if there's anything wrong, there is customer service, at all hours so it doesn't matter where you live around the world or where you are accessing your CoinsPaid account, you can get help when there is a problem.

Casinos that Support CoinsPaid 

When you are ready to start playing at a popular casino with your CoinsPaid account, there are many from which to choose and some might be more appealing to you than others. For example, Golden Star Casino offers welcome bonuses of up to 300 Australian dollars with the option of 100 free spins. Bitkingz Casino has a more lucrative match bonus which doesn't include any free spins but does match up to 3000 dollars. Loki Casino is another popular option that gives you a 100% match bonus of up to 150 Australian dollars and an additional 100 free spins.

How to load your Casino account with CoinsPaid and withdraw your winnings

Once you have your CoinsPaid account ready to go, you can choose to load money onto it however you see fit. Customer service can help you choose which option is best. From there it's very easy to load your Casino account with money from CoinsPaid.

  • Log in to your Casino account load or withdraw money there, visit the cashier page. The cashier page might have a monetary symbol or have a cashier image. It is all based on the layout of the casino.

  • From there, you will have many options supported by the individual Casino and you can choose which account you want to use. For the first time, you will have to link your CoinsPaid account and verify it but thereafter you'll be able to simply click on the CoinsPaid button and load money.

  • Follow the instructions and enter the corresponding amount you want to transfer.  

When you are ready to withdraw your winnings, you simply do everything in reverse.

  • Login to your Casino account and visit the cashier page. 

  • From there, you will have many options supported by the individual Casino and you can choose to withdraw into your CoinsPaid account.

  • Follow the instructions and enter the corresponding amount you want to transfer out of the casino account.  


  • CoinsPaid has 31 cryptocurrencies and 6 Fiat currencies available

  • You can play your favourite real money slots and receive bonuses for using this payment method.

  • You can easily send money to and from a casino account or make payments in any other fashion once you log in.

  • There is a high level of security so you don't have to worry about issues pertaining to your money or your identity.

  • Unlike other cryptocurrency-based e-wallets, CoinsPaid lets you withdraw and deposit money so you can go both ways.

  •  You get 24/7 support if there are any issues with your account.


  •  The technology is not yet fully regulated.

Sign up with your favourite CoinsPaid casino today to reap the bonuses and start playing your favourite pokies.