The Best Slot Match Bonuses to Get Your Paws On!

By Ryan White Updated: October 2022

If you like to play casino games like slots, you’re probably interested in finding a good online casino that gives you a great match bonus on top of what you  deposited.

For the benefit of readers who are new to casino games online, let’s just explain a little what a match bonus is. When you make a deposit to play casino games like slots, most casinos give you a gift of bonus money. These are sometimes called sign up bonuses. And they decide how much you get by looking at how much you deposited. Let’s say you deposited 10 EUR and the casino decided to give you another 10 EUR on top of that as a match bonus to play games for, you can say that the casino in question has a 100% match bonus since you got the same amount in a first-time bonus as the amount of real money you deposited! But there are some important things you need to realize about these kinds of bonuses.

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Top Match Bonus Bonuses Updated October 2022

Match Bonuses For Casino Slots

Best bonuses at online casinos

First off, the match bonus that you get when you deposit money at an online casino are not real money. Yes, that’s right, because you cannot withdraw this money from your casino account. The match bonus money in your casino account is there to give you more play time for the amount you deposited. So the money needs to be played for, in full. Some casinos have different rules about these things, so it always pays to read the fine print, but most casinos use the same principles, so these things occur in 90% of the casinos you find online.

It pays to differentiate mentally and conceptually between real money and bonus money, as some people think they may withdraw their bonus at any time and then spend the money in the real world. But you may only withdraw funds you win, and even if you do win, remember, too, that there are rules and requirements for when you may withdraw money from your casino account.

Online Casino Slot Bonus

Keep in mind that the majority of all online casinos only offer match bonuses on your first-time deposit. So, when you’re already in the game, as it were, most casinos do not give you additional bonuses on your second, third, fourth deposit. But some casinos do!

In fact, because of the fierce competition between online casinos, some even offer bonuses on your second, third, fourth (and so forth) bonuses. They do this to get your attention, and to make you act, which turns out to work great for them and great for you. You get more money to play for, and that means that you get more chances to win.

Sometimes the bonus match will be lower than for your first deposits, but lately, we’ve seen some sensational examples of casinos that offer previously unheard-of-bonuses that even increase as you make more deposits. One thing’s for sure, there has never been better opportunity to win bonuses for online casinos!Match bonus casinos give you money to play for

Special Bonuses

Always keep in mind that casinos differ in their bonuses and in how they apply them and give them out. For example, a casino may say that they have a 200% bonus, but they could divide this bonus out on your first three deposits. So, always make it a rule to check and verify all rules related to bonuses and promotions.

Some players find this a little irritating, but other love the fact that their bonus is spaced out a little over time. That way they feel they get to play a lot more pokies for every dollar deposited, plus that they space out their chances of winning temporally. Which could be a very good idea.

But, again, you decide which online casino to play on, and therefore you choose exactly the bonuses you want.

Match Bonus Strategy

As you can probably tell, there are so many casinos out there that it’s getting difficult to say exactly what awaits you at a new casino. Some casinos offer way higher match bonuses than others, for example, and we’ve seen bonuses up to 500%. Other casinos offer an amazing five bonuses on your first five deposits. And if you like pokies be aware of the fact that many online casinos also throw in some free spins for good measure. The thing is: You need to set aside some time to research all these possibilities. The best thing is to use a site like ours, as we write professionally about these things. Whenever we evaluate a casino or a game, we tell it like it is. This means you’re going to save a lot of time simply checking out our site, and the info we have on a number of online casinos.

Make a list of the casinos you like the most, and then have a good look at their rules and regulations. We recommend starting out with ten casinos, and make sure that five of them are popular casinos. The other five may be wild cards and less popular casinos that you find interesting for whatever reasons (like a good match bonus). After that you’ll have a great starting point for choosing the casino that best suits you! If you like slot machines (pokies).

Here at True Blue Casinos, we’ve thoroughly reviewed what we believe to be the selection of casinos for Australian players. You can check out our best real money casinos here.