By Ryan White Updated: March 2023

PayPal is one of the well-known names in electronic wallet services worldwide. It’s been so popular that even online real money casinos have collaborated with PayPal in order to make deposits and withdrawals quick and easy for PayPal users playing at online casinos.

Top PayPal Casinos Updated March 2023

One of the main reasons why a lot of online casinos accept PayPal as a payment method is because financial transactions are completed instantaneously. There’s no need to wait for several days just to deposit or withdraw money to and from your online casino account. With PayPal, you can play your favourite online pokies, such as Mega Moolah, The Dark Knight, Jurassic Park and more! Moreover, you can even withdraw your winnings and expect to have them in your account within a day. Aside from the fact that PayPal transactions are made quick and easy, they also keep your personal information confidential and secure.

PayPal Pokies Casino

PayPal is widely accepted in almost all online casinos out there, although you can also notice that almost all reputable ones accept it as well. The simple fact that a PayPal casino accepts PayPal as a deposit option is an excellent indicator of a site’s overall reliability and security. Moreover, PayPal has strict regulations regarding a business’ use of its services and will ban their account in the event PayPal has received a lot of complaints about them.

From a casino operator’s point of view, the most noteworthy feature regarding PayPal is that it only works with online casinos that have a gambling license in the player’s country of residence. For example, a player from Australia can only deposit using his PayPal account if the online casino has a valid license in Australia. 

The Advantages of PayPal Casino Sites

PayPal casino sites accept PayPal as their main casino payment option. By playing at an online casino PayPal site, you can expect a range of benefits like:

  • Security – PayPal offers a layer of protection for every transaction you make. With a PayPal account, you don’t have to complete transactions directly from the online casino you’re playing from, which could otherwise be risky.
  • Privacy – the process of entering information over and over again on the internet seems endless. However, PayPal casinos significantly reduce the time required to make transactions between your PayPal account and your online casino bank account. You only need to fill up your personal information to signup, after which you will only need to enter user information when depositing or withdrawing money.
  • Convenience – making transactions in PayPal casino sites is really convenient. By choosing PayPal as your payment option, you only need a few seconds to complete a transaction.


Working with PayPal Casinos

online casino paypalThe process of opening a PayPal account is really quick and easy. You simply need a valid email address and fill up the signup form with all the necessary information. Once you have set up your basic account, you can then proceed to link it with your bank account or a credit card account. When it comes to working with PayPal casino sites, there are a few important things to consider. They are the following:

  • Minimum Deposits – in most cases, the minimum deposit you could make is between $10 to $25, although there are exceptions to this.
  • Available Countries – PayPal is not available for use as a deposit option in some countries. Some countries which allow the use of PayPal include UK, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Austria. Although it’s one of the most common online payment and withdrawal methods here in Oz.
  • Bonuses – the amount of bonuses you can get when depositing funds using your PayPal account will vary from one casino to another. For example, you will be given 15% deposit bonus from a particular casino when you deposit funds to your account via PayPal.
  • Fees – unfortunately, not all casinos provide deposit bonuses. Aside from that, there are a few PayPal casino sites that will charge you with a certain fee upon making a transaction. 
  • Deposit and Withdrawal – some casinos will allow deposits via PayPal but won’t allow withdrawals, or will only allow withdrawal as long as the amount doesn’t exceed your initial deposit. Make sure you read through the terms and conditions of a PayPal casino before you create your account. The good thing with PayPal is that your transactions will be reflected on your account in moments.


Reasons To Choose PayPal As Your Slot Casino Deposit Method

PayPal’s long history of being a reputable e-wallet service is reason enough why you should use it when transacting in a PayPal casino. However, some people who were used to other casino payment options might find it hard to transition to PayPal. PayPal is fast, secure, and reliable, hence making it one of the most well-known means of completing any online transaction. It only takes a minute or two to complete a typical transaction, and there is little to no risk of being scammed. 

If your preferred online casino allows it, you can even use PayPal as a means of withdrawing funds from your online casino account. Hence as long as you play in PayPal casino sites, making deposits and withdrawals won’t be that much of a problem.

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