By Gavin Harper Updated: June 2023

Neosurf offers cash vouchers that are easy and convenient to use. The company has made sure that you and other customers can access their offer immediately and without any hassle. What’s the best part? It’s a completely private payment method. In simple words, you will always be able to purchase a voucher without revealing any personal information or having to register. We appreciate the anonymity and security of this offer and definitely embrace it for players at real money casinos.

Top Neosurf Casinos Updated June 2023

Purchasing a Voucher for Neosurf Gambling

If you are looking to purchase your first Neosurf voucher, then this section will be quite helpful.  Neosurf is quite popular precisely because it’s omnipresent. To acquire your voucher, you will need to identify the nearest point of sale (PoS). But instead of typing needlessly into Google, you can simply go over their website ad they will pinpoint the retail shops, gas stations and other authorized POS for you.

Once at a shop, all you need to do is to ask for the Neosurf voucher, which comes with a unique 10-digit code. The code is unique, exclusive and has a one-off application. Do remember to keep your voucher and receipt with you until the payment has cleared, though, just in case a payment fails to clear – it doesn’t happen often, but if it does – you have their great customer support to rely on.

Once this is out of the way, go to your selected Neosurf enabled casino and simply punch in the voucher (meaning, type the 10-digit code and the funds will be credited to your account right away).

Your Neosurf Voucher Card for Neosurf Casino Banking

Neosurf Payment OptionEven though you don’t have to register, you can always access additional information about your voucher as long as you haven’t used the limit. So just go to the dedicated company website and pick the “My Card” option. This way you can follow your transactions in real time, including available credit, balance transfer and more.

You can go to the online casino banking section at your preferred Neosurf casino, too, and make sure that you are also keeping track of your funds properly. Naturally, making sure that you are always on top of your finances will help you develop the habits that you will need to become a successful gamer at any online casino.

$10 Minimum Deposit Casino With Neosurf

If you are looking for a minimum deposit casino in Australia you can find one if you deposit with Neosurf. Look at our list below for exclusive minimum deposit offers+1

  • Rich Palms Casino
  • Shazam Casino
  • Lucky Tiger Casino
  • Ripper Casino
  • Fairgo Casino

Need Neosurf to Help You?

When we go to a casino that uses Neosurf, we can instantly grab our Neosurf bonus. Now, pay attention. Casinos don’t usually offer specific bonuses for Neosurf, but the point is that you can get a bonus if you make a casino deposit with this payment solution. But what if something malfunctions?

Well, don’t you worry. First, this almost doesn’t happen at all, and secondly – on the rare occasions it might, you can solve your problem with the FAQs, which is a six-step guide. If that fails, there is yet another safety feature accessible from Neosurf’s website – their e-mail. They respond in less than 12 hours (usually within the hour), which makes using their service smooth and convenient.

Neosurf Online Pokies

Neosurf Online Casino BankingEager to play at a casino where you can enjoy the pokies and use Neosurf as a payment solution? Rest assured that this is a possibility and you will have no trouble at all accomplishing it.

Most casinos that accept Neosurf are well stocked with games that will allow you to explore a rich portfolio. The individual games in the casino could be the work of a few studios or a dozen. It really depends on the size of investment your casino has made.

On the other hand, we know casinos with over 600 game titles, which only buy from the one and the same gaming developers, so this can vary.

Safety Above All Else

If you are wondering if Neosurf is safe – we can definitely confirm that for you. In many ways, it’s a service that’s even safer than many of the options advertised as pre-paid cards. You will never have to share a single detail with anyone, bar the unique digital codes. Nobody will show interest in who you are as long as you can provide the receipt which was given to you upon purchasing the card.

But that anonymity is not the whole picture. The transfer of funds is independent of any existing bank account or e-wallet you may have, and it’s precisely this that adds the appeal of this option. Having Neosurf is truly a major improvement of your banking security.

If you do choose to register an account, you can do it on their dedicated page,, which will allow you to set up a proper digital wallet. Now, the best part about this is that you will actually be able to withdraw as well, which has long been unavailable to vouchers and pre-paid cards.

Oh, and Neosurf will charge you absolutely no fees on your withdrawals and deposits,  at least in the majority of the cases. 

Our Neosurf Verdict

Opting for Neosurf is always a great idea as our casino reviews have shown. You will be protected from prying third-parties who are trying to steal financial data or empty out your banking accounts. Neosurf will simply not stand for this. By using their own sophisticated offer, the company achieves a level of anonymity and security that is unrivalled by even the best financial institutions.

It’s a clear and excellent way to participate in online gambling without ever being at a risk of losing any of your precious funds. Even when you are at a casino, you simply need to punch in the code and voila, your account will be charged up.

Of course, casinos are obliged to run KYC and AML checks, so this means that you will need to confirm your identity if you want to participate, but this is as far as a casino will ever go.

Neosurf – the new Aussie online casino banking option.  Give it a go today and enjoy its simplicity!