By Gavin Harper Updated: December 2022

POLi is one of the more popular casino payment methods in places like Australia and New Zealand. Many customers who enjoy this type of online gambling use this payment system because there are limited fees associated with it. Moreover, you do not have to register in order to use it. You can just take advantage of the features it has if you live in New Zealand or Australia.

Top POLi Casinos Updated December 2022

Using the POLi Payment Method

There are many major banking institutions which will accept a POLi payment. These include Citibank, the Bank of Melbourne, Commonwealth Bank, the Bank of New Zealand, and others. There are currently seventeen banks across the two countries that support the POLi systems so you can gamble at True Blue Casinos online immediately. If you take advantage of internet banking instead of your personal bank account, you can make deposits to your same online casinos using a third-party banking system like PayPal or money bookers so long as the casinos are registered to receive payments through the system. If you don’t have a credit card or you don’t want to use your credit card, depositing funds with this particular method is much more appealing. You also get the opportunity to access this system with your smart phone so that you can figure out what your online information is at all times.

In order to take advantage of this deposit method you do need an online banking account and of course money in your bank account cover the expenses. So, if you want to deposit $100 at your favorite online casino obviously need to make sure that there is $100 in your bank account to deposit. After that it’s a simple process.

The system is incredibly easy to use. You can easily make online payments without any real hassle. All you need to do is have the money deducted from your bank account and it doesn’t reveal any confidential banking details when it does this. In fact, you don’t even need to create an account to use the system for personal transactions. This system is compatible with almost all browsers just make sure that you have the latest version in order to avoid any potential complications. Every time you use the services you get a receipt for the transaction and payments are processed almost immediately so, you can start playing online pokies for real money and all other online casino games within a matter of seconds.

By using this deposit method, you can receive a welcome bonus immediately too.

Deposits and Withdrawals at POLi Casinos

In order to use this payment method simply log into your bank account online, confirm the payment transaction, and receive notification since the funds are sent. Currently there isn’t a withdrawal option for many users which is one of the biggest downfalls to this particular payment solution so obviously still have to set up other payment information to withdraw your winnings which could mean revealing more information than you might want originally. Now, even if there are fees associated with making your withdrawals at least you don’t have high fees associated with making your deposits. The system is meant to be free from any charges and used for online payments. You won’t get a fee for making a deposit at least on the end of the depositing method and no personal data is shared when you do this. Again this just means that there are no fees associated with making the deposit but you need to make sure that you are aware of any fees that more bank might charge. Check with whatever financial institution you want to use to make sure that there are no fees associated with using the system.


As far as security is concerned, this company allows you the freedom to make deposits to any online casino without giving that casino your personal details. Now, again, as discussed you might end up Register with POLi at online casinoshaving to share some personal details when you end up withdrawing your winnings and in some cases the websites that require you to share personal details to sign up in the first place., But you can always use third-party financial resources like PayPal to make your withdrawals so that it coincides with your personal data but doesn’t reveal highly sensitive information like your bank account routing number. At least this way the only details that are available include your name and your email address. Now, by operating as a proxy this enhances security for you. Not having to register in order to access the funding method means that you are going through your existing bank or service and that enhances the overall security by limiting the number of agencies involved in the transaction.

Again, at no point does the system collect bank information, usernames, or passwords which makes it preferable to many alternative funding sources. All of your deposits are safe, the funds are handled by professionals, and personal information remain secure.

Overall it is a secure and confidential system in your payments are instantaneous so you can start playing the games you love immediately after your deposit. At no point do you have to pay for any extra fees to use the service, nor do you have to wait any length of time to verify your account. Obviously not having to create an account in order to use a service is a luxury today.

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