Aztec's Treasure │Find the Hidden Treasure and Win Big!

Aztec's Treasure │Find the Hidden Treasure and Win Big!

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  • Exciting graphics
  • Multiplier
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If you really want a treasured source of entertainment, no pun intended, then you want this particular Aztec game.

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  • Launch Date:
    June 2016
  • Max Jackpot:
    1 Million
  • Slots Type:
    Progressive Slots
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Aztec Treasures SlotsInside the game, you will find things like multipliers, free spins, a wild symbol, and a scatter. But what’s perhaps more enticing is the fact that you have the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot. According to this particular game review, the Aztec treasure game is comparatively better than similarly themed games you might find because of the range it offers for bets that you get to place.

How to Play

Of course, you don’t have to keep clicking over and over when you are stuck inside 15 rounds of 12 new free games and then more free games. Rather, you can use the auto play feature and adjust the options so that it automatically plays and clicks through each of these free spins. You can always turn this off if you decide you want to get more involved. When you are playing, everything you win during a bonus round is tripled which obviously means that you can increase your winnings significantly. At the top corner of your screen, you will see the total amount of the progressive jackpot and you can win this randomly which might just make your day.

Aztec Treasure Autoplay


When you look at the historical accuracy of this game it may not be the perfect history lesson in Aztec culture but it does have some cool features and when you look at your screen and you see these different symbols pop up it can mean a great deal of profit for you. The wild symbol is the Aztec King. The Aztec King will substitute himself for any symbol that might show up on a winning combination and this means big things for you. If you see the idol statue appear on your winning combination or anywhere else on your winning line, everything you have won is multiplied. There is a scatter symbol in the game without any line limits which means that it can appear on any reel in your game. This is perhaps one of the better aspects of this Aztec themed game because not many games have this.


When you play this game there are plenty of things to entice you into trying and perhaps staying for a while. When you play, you get jackpot opportunities and free games. If you see something like three or even four idol symbols on one real you get a free game. But not just one. If you see three idol symbols you win yourself five free games. If you see four symbols you get 15 free games. If you see five symbols you win 25 free games. As you play these extra games you have the chance to see another scatter symbol appear and if it does you win a bonus prize. Not only do you get a new bonus prize but you also get another spin and the opportunity of up to five additional free games. These free games also have freebies built into them so within your bonus games you can also win 15 or 25 extra sets of free spins. This means that there are bonuses inside the bonuses.


When you play this particular game you are not extremely limited. With other games, you might be limited with the high end of your bet range which means you might not be able to play for more than five dollars. With this game though, you can choose the range between .01 and five dollars and you get to choose the number of lines. This means that newcomers who have a limited budget won’t be left out in the rain. They will be able to play this game and perhaps with the right amount of Aztec magic.


You can try this online pokies game on your phone or computer.

The Bottom Line

You can win a lot of money in many different ways with bonuses and promotions. Because each spin has so many free extras built into it each spin it lasts a lot longer so you don’t just place a bet and then lose money instantly.

Given the wide range of betting options, it takes very little cash for you to enjoy this fun game.