Best Online Casino GamesThe casino games are the defining part of every casino. The majority of customers who have played games have said that the reason they stay or move onto another operator is based on the variety of online casino games. There are other important aspects, the comprehensive study by the UK Gambling Commission has revealed, but game variety is today the most important factor. In our review, we will reveal everything there is to know about what kind of online casino games there are. The focus will be on all the essential aspects that will help you understand the industry and how to have yourself a blast playing your favourite games!

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Play Casino Games with Understanding

Casino games are numerous. They are categorized by type, such as slots, table games, specials, scratch cards, bingo, live dealers, and video poker, as well as other categories.

play top video slot pokies onlineWe generally recognize two types of broader terms that can be applied to all of the above categories – games of skill and games of chance (gambling). Simply put, in some games you can be more successful in guessing the final result, but all games appeal to you as players by being spontaneous and ultimately – quite fun to play.

Roulette, all card games, and video poker are considered to be “game of skills”, for example, which means that you can have a little more fun playing along with a fellow roulette fan or even when experiencing the game in the clear-cut lobby setting that the casinos we recommend have developed for you.

Want to know the best games to try out? Take a gander at the list below for a pick of some the most popular games to play at online casinos:

Casino Games for Real Money

There are several main types of games you will want to play at casinos. Punters like to find a casinos where you can play for real money.We have included an accurate description of each individual segment to help you make your choice, and more importantly – which titles will guarantee you hours of amusement at the gaming facilities.


The “pokies” are also known as “slots”.  Pokies is the term that is used in Australia to identify these types of games and it’s a common misnomer for video poker machines. These games have generous pay-out rates that range from 93% to 97%. They generally come with “Bonus Features”, and special symbols, most commonly identified as “Wild”, “Scatter”, and so forth. Pokies are really enjoyable solutions that will appeal to you whether you are a recreational or a more determined gamer. Many bonuses apply to pokies, though, which is a great advantage.


Play European roulette onlineWe like roulette because it’s one of the best games to play. There are several versions of the game, including American, European, and our favourite – French (the original). Each of these will come with inherent house edge. But better yet, each game can be beaten. You can use Martingale or Fibonacci’s popular tactics which are known to work.  What better way to spend your sessions playing online or offline other than defeating the casino! Even then, it’s not about that – it’s about the experience itself. Roulette is played in all of these versions without any specific difference. The French versions’ house edge is worth 1.35%, but the American one is almost three times that. All versions of roulette match in terms of layouts, for example, but remember that the American one will introduce another green pocket on the wheel known as the “Double Zero”. It’s basically just another 0, though, so chin up.


Video Poker

Video poker is another popular segment that will catch your attention. Here the best versions of the game offer 99% + in pay-out rates. Some, even offer you as much as 100% +. Video poker is played against the house and it’s a great joy for all customers. You can play almost as you do real poker. You will be handed cards and you will have to create the strongest hand you can muster with the cards already on the table and the ones you have in your hand. Bets here are placed before you even see your cards, which makes the game even more exciting to play.

Real Poker

Play Real Money Online PokerPoker may belong to casinos, but it’s not a “game of chance”. Not in the slightest, as players have managed to amass serious funds defeating hundreds of others time and again. Skill plays a very big part of the game. A perfect example is psychologist Maria Konnikova who dedicated herself to the game for a year and started winning six-figures a year by studying the game in detail.  Apart from being one of the most appealing casino games to play, poker is mind stimulating and you can experiment with many different playstyles and strategies.

Real Money Games – Important

Want to play real money games?  Remember that most, if not all, of the above games require casino registration.

Casino Games for Fun

You can access many games when you play in fun mode, so you will never actually need to spend money on them. Of course, ultimately you will want to punch up the free casino games experience and make sure that you are having fun and earning some.

Each pokie or slot, for example, have their free version. This way you not only can study the game, but you can additionally see how profitable each title is. Of course, if we are talking about the slots here, always keep in mind that they will always surprise you with something new, too, so prepare yourself to be amazed.

Casino Games – Final Thoughts

Casino games are many and varied. Some will depend on your personal skill more than others, and that’s to be expected. However, it’s far more important for you to develop the proper gaming habits.

Remember to only pick the types of games that you truly enjoy. This will give you an additional incentive to learn and understand the games better, and most importantly – have some fun in the process!