Cryptologic is one of the oldest companies in the entire iGaming industry, arriving shortly after the first casinos appeared. Founded in 1996, Cryptologic has been one of the defining gaming companies in the dawn of the industry and today there is a lot to be happy about. The company has changed hands, proprietorship and headquarters multiple times but its slots are still very much alive and inspire an impressive portfolio of over 300 games.

The History of Cryptologic

Cryptologic has an interesting history, which takes it from Toronto to Dublin and beyond. The company started in Toronto, Canada, but it was soon acquired by another company. Over the years, Cryptologic has progressed and accomplished quite a bit. It gained a certification from Isle of Man in 2002 and succeeded to sign up a number of respectable partners.

Cryptologic managed to win the good graces of Littlewoods Gaming, William Hill, and the Ritz Club. The company won certification from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission back in 2004 and was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange as early as 1998. When the company began its trans-Atlantic shift, occasioned by the rather fraught circumstances in online gaming in North America, it also listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2003.

Cryptologic was one of the first companies to also partner with the popular Playboy brand and launch playable games on as early as 2007. This move inspired many others to pursue similar ties with Hugh Heffner’s company. And indeed, Playboy has been very active in the iGaming sector since.

In 2012, Cryptologic was sold to Armaya Gaming Group and the studio has been operating under the new owner since, sporting a hefty portfolio of titles that are playable and improving today.

Cryptologic Casino Games

Superman Pokie CryptologicCryptologic offers a rich variety of games you can pick from. With 300 Cryptologic slots and pokies on the market, you will definitely see the company as one of your favourites. On top of that, multiple partnerships with brands such as Playboy and Marvel have won it some fame among fans. And remember, there are quite a few bonuses to pick along the way.

Whether you love the slots or the Playboy mates or Marvel vigilantes, you are bound to fall in love with Cryptologic.  As to the gaming experience itself, it’s been streamlined to accommodate gamers in full. The interface is intuitive, quick, and responsive. You will never have to worry about anything in particular when it comes to placing wagers or understanding the payouts.

All Cryptologic products come with a dedicated tab that carefully explains all possible payouts. Whether you play the pokies or dabble in the progressive jackpots, you will certainly find something worth your attention.

The progressive jackpots are known to pay generous amounts, with some titles reaching the life-changing $5 million level and others offering more modest, but still worthwhile, sums.

Cryptologic Software

Cryptologic’s software was initiated very early on, almost two decades ago, but the technical platform that powers all available slots today has been modernized constantly to meet the needs of the industry today. This means that you will find titles such as Millionaires Club, Jenga, Batman, and Rags to Riches to be completely compatible and playable from whatever device you want to run them.

Cryptologic Slots The slot limits are also quite accommodating, allowing you to wage between $0.10 and $25 and upwards per single spin. The software comes with many features that simplify the gameplay – for example, you don’t have to be constantly clicking “Spin” to play the games. There’s a handy “AutoPlay” feature that does this for you.

Another strong aspect of the gaming experience with Cryptologic is that you can always play from your mobile device. All games run on iOS, Android, and Windows, so you can use a range of devices, including, tablets, smartphones, iPads, and portable computers, as well as desktop alternatives.

A good number of all Cryptologic online casinos also take pains to develop a mobile app that allows them to run the full library of Cryptologic games on the native app, which will make your access every title more easily and reliably.

If you want to be part of the Cryptologic gaming casinos, you need only follow off one of our recommendations or look around among the top online casinos out there, which will almost certainly have the top Cryptologic games on offer.

Final Thoughts

Cryptologic has been through a lot in its long history. Having had the good fortune to be there from the beginnings of the industry, the company has managed to preserve the best practices and distill them in a perfect collection of slot games. You will definitely have a lot to benefit from when it comes to playing a well-curated offer of games.

Intutive games and high-paying titles are what Cryptologic is remembered for and they are diligently working to bring even more exciting experience day in and day out. The company has many excellent titles. We would not hesitate to recommend Bejeweled 2, Emeralds Isle, King Kong, and Millionaires Club III.

Each title stands out on its own, having been developed to be unique and authentic, but you can rest assured that the underlying software is that of Cryptologic – which gives all games the security and flawlessness that you can hope for.

Experience iGaming products known to be the defining industry gaming experience.


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