Nowadays, you can find a range of deposit options at almost every online real money casino. With this, funding your casino account has been a lot quicker and easier. Also, you can now consider other options which you thought weren't possible before such as e-wallet, bank transfers, prepaid cards, and Neosurf. However, there’s one method for depositing money into an online casino account that is far more popular than the rest: a credit card.

Credit cards are a really popular method of depositing funds at online casinos, and it’s mostly because of their convenience. Most people own a credit card, and any transactions they make using a credit card can be done quickly and easily.

Can You Use Credit Cards in an Online Casino?

credit card online casinoYes, credit cards are one of the best ways to play your favourite casino games in an online casino. Almost all online casinos out there allow deposits and sometimes withdrawals through credit cards, although it might vary from one site to another. There’s no guarantee that your credit card will be accepted at a certain online casino, but a quick look through their payment options page should tell you in advance if your credit card is accepted or not. In fact, it would be wise to check if your preferred payment and withdrawal option is available before signing up to the casino.

If you plan on using your credit card for making online casino transactions, you should take note that acceptance and rejection are quite inconsistent across the online gambling industry. For example, a credit card might be accepted at one casino but might end up getting rejected by other sites. The only kind of credit card that is generally not accepted at online casino sites is American Express, but this too is not a rule and on rare occasions, you'll find Amex online casinos as well.

How Safe are Credit Cards for Online Casinos?

Reliable online casinos out there use anti-fraud software and 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption to ensure that any online transactions you have, especially when you use a credit card online, are safe and secure. The software will protect your personal details, credit card details, as well as your financial transactions from third parties. Likewise, your credit card company will also have their safety nets and encryption software, giving you double the security when you play online casino games.

Using Credit Cards in an Online Casino

If you already use your credit card for making purchases online, or for paying for an online service, you can find that the same process applies when using it on an online casino. The process is really straightforward, safe, and very convenient. Besides, after making an initial deposit and withdrawal, you can then deposit funds into your casino account almost instantaneously. 

In order to make your first deposit, you need to create and set up your casino account. Once you have created an account, log in to your casino account, visit the Deposit page, and choose your Credit Card from the list of payment options available. You will have to enter your desired amount. Keep in mind that there are minimum and maximum limits to the amount you can deposit depending on your credit card company's guidelines. Once you have entered your desired amount, simply type in your card number, expiry date, and the CVV code (the last 3 digits of the number on the back of your card) then confirm the payment once you’re done. Sometimes the casino and your credit card company might want to perform some extra security checks on your first deposit for your own safety. But in any recurring transactions, it should just take a few seconds to see your deposit appear in your casino account.

Once your deposit is completed successfully, check your casino account balance - you should see your money in there, plus the welcome bonus money offered to you by your chosen casino. Once your money appears, you can immediately play your favourite casino games. Every online casino has its own limits when it comes to deposits, withdrawals, and the Welcome Bonus, and these limits should be considered before making your first deposit as well. Moreover, some casinos won’t support withdrawals through a credit card, which is why it’s advised to read through the payment options' terms and conditions first. Fortunately, for those casinos that do support withdrawals, there’s usually no cap which is really ideal for high rollers or for big winners.

Popular Card Brands Used for Credit Card Payment Online

credit card payment onlineOne thing you’ll notice when using a credit card in an online casino is that not all cards have equal privileges. The brand of the card you’re using will have an impact on how widely it can be used, how likely it will get approved, and more.

As far as credit card brands go, Visa has the highest rate of approval at online casinos, with MasterCard coming in second place. Since these two brands have been around for several decades already, and both have gained solid reputation from their users, it’s no longer surprising that they are the most popular credit card payment methods used in online casinos.

While Visa has higher acceptance rate compared to MasterCard, there are some variations to this rule in some online casinos. The problem is, credit cards that are branded by either Visa or MasterCard are issued by different banks around the world, and they are the ones that set the policy regarding how they should be used. Some banks allow the cards to be used for online gambling, while some don’t. 

The least popular credit card brand used in online casinos is American Express. Although there are several online casinos that say they accept AMEX-branded cards, they are really few compared to Visa and MasterCard. Aside from that, the approval rate is ridiculously low when using AMEX cards. This is because AMEX issue most of their credit cards directly, although there are occasionally some that are issued by banks too. You can also find other cards that are used for credit card payment online, including Diners or Discover, although they are much more uncommon in online casinos.

Do you have your own credit card? If so, then you might want to try playing at a credit card online casino!

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