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There is no need to remember your account number and BSB anymore when you want to deposit funds at online casinos and play real money pokies. The launch of PayID has made it possible for users to make deposits safely and quickly. With this payment option, you can send and receive payments just by sharing your PayID number instead of providing your BSB and account number. Isn’t this great?

If you are new to the PayID payment options, here is a useful guide to get you started.

What is PayID?

PayID is a new payment method that can be used to make payments online. It provides a unique identifier, which can be as simple as your email address or phone number. This number lets you receive and send payments. Keep in mind though that it is not a replacement for your bank account number and BSB, which remains the same, and PayID just works as a nickname for your account. PayID was created to substitute the need to give bank information to senders for better security.

What Are The Advantages of PayID?

There are several advantages to using PayID. We have already discussed a few but let’s know more about them.

  • Simple Format: It is easy to set up your PayID account. You just need to follow simple steps and you are done.
  • Make Fast Payments: With PayID, you can make fast and safe payments to anybody including your friends, family, and relatives. You can also use it to transfer funds at online casinos that accept Poli as well as payment method. The transactions through this payment method hardly take a few seconds to process. All you require is the PayID of the recipients and an eligible bank account.
  • Get Your Funds Smoothly: You can receive the payments if you have a PayID account in as little as 60 seconds.
  • Easy to Remember: There is no need to remember long BSBs and account numbers when you use PayID. You can just give your PayID to the senders, which is usually your email address or mobile number, and you will get the funds smoothly. 
  • Secure Transactions: When you transfer funds using PayID, you enjoy the best security that safeguards your payments through bank accounts.
  • Description: When you send payments through PayID, you have the option to describe your payments in detail with a 280 characters limit.

About PayID

First, you will need to register your PayID account. You can create your id through internet banking or your mobile. After you have set-up your PayID account, you will have the unique universal identifier number. So, whenever you need the payment, you can provide this number to the sender as an alternative to your account number and BSB. Similarly, if you want to send money to the recipients, you can ask for their PayID.

When you want to transfer funds to someone with PayID, you must first look for the possibility to do it through your mobile banking or financial organization. According to the bank account you use, the option to pay through a PayID will appear automatically. You may also need to select Osko for the payments.

When you use PayID to make payments to other people, the system will ask you to confirm the name or organization with PayID. Once you confirm that you are sending the money to the right individual, your bank will connect with their financial organization or their bank and transfer the funds through the NPP or New Payments Platform into their account. Because of the Osko, the players will receive the money without any hassles.

How to Register?

The procedure for PayID registration can be different for a different bank. Nevertheless, most people create their PayID account through their phone or internet banking.

When you register a PayID account, you will need to choose the account you want to connect with your PayID. During the registration process, you will be asked to fill in the correct information in order to ensure that you are the owner of the bank account you are linking with your PayID.

After you have connected your PayID number with your bank account, you will get your PayID identifier number. 

Deposit with PayID at Australia Online Casinos

Australian casino players have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the best online casino for playing. A large number of Aussies casino enthusiasts prefer playing with real money as it gives them the needed thrill and the opportunity to earn money. Several Australian online casinos including the, have now introduced the PayID payment method to offer secure and fast payment options to players.

Undoubtedly, PayID is the best alternative for players looking for fast payment options.

Claim Your Online Casino Bonus  

PayID is great for personal as well as business use. You can use it to deposit money at online casinos in Australia and worldwide, or you can also use it to shop from online platforms without needing to furnish your sensitive bank details.

With PayID, you can enjoy fast and secure transactions. Use it now to deposit funds on your casino account and enjoy real money gaming to another level!

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