Barcrest is a small-timer, but the company has been tweaking casino slots for a fair while. They started as early as 1960 and if you wonder about how that was possible, you are looking at one of the pioneers of the land-based slot machines. Most recently, they have started branching out into the online segment, transplanting their exclusive and unique online slots for larger crowds.

Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

Shopping around for casinos that support Barcrest games, you will certainly want to benefit from one of the most notable features that comes hand-in-hand with them. The Big Bet feature is no sop. It’s a genuine chance-taking, which may quickly see your investment turn into a small fortune. Exploring the diversity of Barcrest games is just as entertaining as it is challenging. The slots feel different than the video slots you have grown accustomed to, but the gameplay is nevertheless quite smooth.

In our search for an operator that employs Barcrest casino software, we have stumbled upon quite a few gems and there was no noticeable shortage of promotions and bonuses designed to specifically bolster your bankroll and get you well underway. We took some pains at True Blue Casinos to make sure that we were only exploring quintessential Barcrest-stamped products. More about this, in the following lines.

An Honest Review of the Games, Features, Software and Graphics

Barcrest has developed a respectable portfolio of titles that puts it shoulder-to-shoulder with much of the competition today. In a more general context, Barcrest have been quite the trendsetters themselves. They helped devise some of the first breakout pokies bonuses, i.e. the concept where you enter a separate level to add to your bankroll, and the studio managed to introduce the 5-reel slot concept uprooting the rather clunky 3-reel slots.

The studio’s handiwork is quite distinctive in its own right. Graphics with Barcrest are always rather on the garish side, but not in a bad way. Barcrest has dispatched with the need to create subtle colorful pictures and has instead focused on a rather brighter and bolder take. And when it comes to the audio, you have your gaming experience infused with the old arcade-style type of adrenaline-inducing music.

Even though looks suggest that most titles are dated, it’s simply a matter of Barcrest’s own choosing to sport the retro look. The Barcrest casino software works just fine with reels spinning elegantly and without a hitch, although they do have that clock-mechanism click to them.

When it comes to features, Barcrest haven’t spared much effort. From the breakout levels to fly by bonuses, the studio has been hammering the scene with all the tempting goodies that eventually started the craze to play pokies for real money. Wilds and scatters are no exceptions in most games featured by the studio and you can rely on an authentic gaming experience throughout.

Payments – Coughing Up a Pretty Penny

What gamer worth their salt would go it alone on a hunch? When you set out to play the pokies, you will certainly want to know that the banking solutions are steadfast. At Barcrest casinos, you won’t lack such opportunities. Virtually every payment method has been adopted quite unabashedly. From the most convenient banking cards to the less fiddly e-wallets and through all sorts of pre-paid cards, mobile payment options, and even cryptocurrencies, Barcrest powered casinos are definitely no worse than the majority of leaders out there, which is just another feather in the cap of the studio.

Customer Service

Customer support at houses sporting the Barcrest insignia is what you have come to expect from modern age operators. You can get hold of your bookmaker any which way you wish. There’s virtually no end of the possible options. You can drop them an e-mail, pick up the phone and ring them or simply use the live chat option. If you like to put your pain in ink, nothing stops you from mailing off a real letter, but that will take time to solve, so be prepared. Short of that, the support is quite up to snuff and you would find it difficult to regret picking a Barcrest marked operator.

Keeping Things Fair and Square

Many people want to get jackpots with progressive pokies and of course, this takes time and effort, but would you risk your time and money if you knew that something fishy was afoot? The most likely answer is no. That’s why Barcrest casinos tend to be well-kept gambling operators where all possible security breaches are examined meticulously and assessed. At True Blue Casinos, we do our fair bit of identifying possible problems and the potential complications that may stem from those.

We are quite happy when the operator has a certification from a whitelisted body and the technical SSL encryption is another telltale sign which gives us a sense of security. But we don't stop there. In general, we focus on examining all potential aspects that may lead to any and all forms of complications. That’s why we spend a fair bit of time digging up old news about the operators we review and recommend.

A Final Thought on a Great Studio

The Barcrest insignia is not necessarily present on all their titles, as the company’s success piqued the interest of some other heavyweights, including IGT, and later Scientific Games. As a result, Barcrest has been acquired by the latter. If you come across their logo, rest assured that what lies underneath are the quality games Barcrest have developed themselves. With great features and authentic animated style, Barcrest is one of the studios we wholeheartedly recommend.

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