Payr is an alternative payment option for many casino users. When you sign up to an online casino check it is in the payment options section. The solution provides you with invoices, which will help you to quickly settle any taxes. The payment option itself is quite simple and it’s intended for people with banking accounts. You use your Bank ID (or mobile Bank ID provided you have one). The payment option comes with a mobile app that you can install on your smartphone to make your banking easier and more pleasant.

To do so, you will need iPhone with iOS10.0 or an Android device with 5.0 or newer. The technical specifications will change continually, so its always worth making sure you check the Google Play and App Store for more specific details.

The Payr Casino Experience

If you have decided to use Payr for gambling, you will find the activity quite simple and accommodating. Apart from bolstering your gaming security, this payment method will allow you to transfer your casino deposit without having to worry about fees, as they are minimum. As per the official website Payr only charges 1% per transaction only if you exceed NOK 30,000 worth of transactions each month.

The transaction will apply on the payment that exceeds the transaction. For example, if you have NOK 29,000 so far in deposits, any deposit that exceeds the threshold (NOK 3,000, for example), will be charged with 1% fee. This is in fact quite acceptable. First, NOK 30,000 is a lot of money to clear through the platform and secondly, the 1% fee is one of the lowest we have seen with online payment methods.

Payr Casino Banking – How to Pay?

Payment with Payr is quite simple. All VISA and Mastercards are accepted here as this solution accept both debit & credit cards. Now, if you are wondering what the difference between these two is, it’s good to know that with a debit card you will be able to handle your funds slightly better. Then again, a credit card user can manage their bankroll just as well as long as they pay attention.

If you aren’t sure how to link your cards, don’t worry. All you have to do is click on the “add payment method” button and you will be prompted to fill out the information about your banking card and before you know it, you will be able to start shopping and playing casino games with Payr. One of our favourite titles are the Payr online pokies, or in simple words – slots that you can pay for using Payr.

Payr Casino

There are many games to explore and enjoy on your own. We recommend checking the pokies first, because they will allow you to enjoy different themes that have been crafted into the games. Naturally, you can opt for more games, too, but we will leave you to toy around with the available options on your own.

Payr is also an excellent solution for casino banking, because it will allow you to use it from any sort of devices that run on Android and iOS, including iPad. This means that you can play the games and bank with a preferred payment method at the same time.

Playing with Payr in Norway

Payr has been re-focused as an exclusive payment solution for Norway, according to their website found at We have established that the .com domain has been suspended and therefore this payment option may temporarily be accessed only within Norway. Here’s what you have to have to use this solution:

  • An active mobile number
  • Norwegian BankID or BankID for mobile
  • Nordic payment card with Visa or MasterCard
  • Email address
  • iPhone with iOS 10 or newer/Android 5.0 or newer

It’s a fairly easy process, so we trust you will not have any problem establishing your account. If you do need help, though, you can write to their customer support who are fluent in English.

Payr Bonus – Becoming a Master at the Casino

If you want to excel, you will definitely want to look into the bonus options. You can acquire quite a few welcome goodies when you make your first deposit. Payr is no exception. As soon as you arrive, you can star looking around for the available bonuses.

Depending on the casino you have decided to play on, you will have quite a few to pick from, too. Not sure which casino to pick? Just use one of our excellent reviews to decide, then. You can choose a matched bonus (welcome bonus) or something slightly different, such as “free spins”. Some casinos will even come with a “no deposit” bonus or “free play”. Each has its own specific advantages, but also inherent conditions that come with the bonus, so always remember to read a bit before you accept any offer.

Speaking of caution, all websites that offer Payr as a payment solution should have made it quite obvious what the banking conditions are, so remember to read through this page as well.

Conclusion - Our Opinion

Payr is an interesting payment solution. They have re-focused their efforts on Norway which is understandable given the expanding casino sector in Scandinavian countries at present. Secured and compliant with all regulations, Payr is a truly amazing choice when it comes to picking a payment option.

The expediency of the transactions is guaranteed and their responsive customer support is just a delight to handle. This paired with the fact that you can communicate in English will make you definitely choose Payr as your Norwegian payment solution.  We ourselves enjoyed setting our accounts and tinkering with the slick and functional app. Remember that you will need to download it from the App Store or Google Play while in the country.

Beyond that, Payr is all smooth sailing.

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