If security is the most important aspect of your online casino experience, then you have come to the right place. We will provide you with a detailed guide how to use prepaid cards as casino banking options. The simplicity and safety of this option make it a very popular choice among the majority of gamers who are eager to avoid running into unnecessary trouble when playing casino games online.

Our detailed guide will help you examine some of the best pre-paid options out there and give you a list of the advantages and downsides to each. With the assistance of our experts, you will soon realize the benefits of playing with pre-paid cards and minimize any potential risk to your bankroll.

Prepaid Cards Casino

The prepaid cards casino is like any other. There are no exceptions here and you will most likely all popular payment options here as well as the object of our guide – the pre-paid voucher. By using a pre-paid voucher, like Neosurf for example, you will benefit by never having to divulge any information to the operator. Basically, you need to obtain a voucher from a retailer and then punch in the unique code into your bankroll, which will automatically charge your account.

The best part? You don’t have to use your banking card or banking information to carry out any of this transaction. It all goes through the physical voucher enabling you to enhance the security of your account. Unfortunately, you may not use prepaid cards to withdraw, but this is not a reason for concern.

Prepaid Cards Bonus – Are They Available?

Regardless of the payment option you have chosen, the real money casino you are playing with is most likely to provide you with a bonus as long as bonuses are part of the offer. Casinos today do not want to force you to do anything specific, so they are trying to let you have as much choice over your own gaming as possible.

As a result, you’ll most certainly be able to claim a bonus with prepaid cards online casino payments. As we have already specified, casino withdrawals will not be possible, but you will usually be allowed to pick from a host of alternative methods that will guarantee speedy and reliable banking solutions.

Prepaid Cards Pokies Casinos

Banking with a specific payment solution is all very well, but casinos know that they need to give you an incentive to actually choose them. One of the main attractions are of course “the pokies”. These games make up the bulk of all casinos’ gaming offer and they are also the preferred option among the majority of customers.

Real money pokies are also subdivided into a variety of other options that will help you pick a title that is best-tailored to your immediate needs. Do you want to play a game where you can make a personal choice? Do you want to play for progressive jackpots? You need to double check the available options at your casino.

Expedience of the Transactions

Prepaid Card casinos are quick to accept your voucher number and charge your account with the funds you have requested. The deposits are instantaneous, which means that you will never have to wait hours before you can place your wagers. And depositing? Depositing is really easy.

You just need to select the payment option you have in mind and enter the code. After that, the casino will process the information and award you the sum. If the code you enter fails to clear, you can try again, contact customer support – and most likely, head back to the retailer from whom you bought and let them know that the code is indeed inactive or wrong.

Types of Prepaid Cards

There are several distinct ways to use prepaid cards. You can opt for an operator such as Paysafecard, which is the industry staple. However, you can also purchase cards from the likes of Visa and Mastercard and even use gift cards to play. This practice has several advantages to it:

  • First, you never have to disclose your financial information
  • If you suspect that a transaction will fail to clear, you can use a pre-paid card as they have a higher clearance rate

These two features alone are well worth noting. If you are worried about any disadvantages here, the only real drawback is that if you need to recharge your account with a card on the moment, you will need to go to a retailer that sells the cards and pick one.

Other Prepaid Cards Games

A casino that offers prepaid cards as an option will run a number of games besides the pokies. With this in mind, you can expect to find all the staple titles there, from online roulette to card games to video poker. As long as the casino wants to keep its customers entertained, it’s more than likely to see a great variety of games featured as part of the main portfolio. Of course, just because a casino accepts prepaid cards as a banking method doesn’t mean that this will in any way affect the number of available games and vice versa.

Final Thoughts

Prepaid Cards gambling is a safe method to do your banking at casinos. Naturally, the pre-paid card casinos themselves are quite safe to use to begin with, but having this extra layer of security can help you in a tight spot. If you are interested in using this method of banking, you should most definitely try it.

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