Play 5 Reel Slots Today to Win Big!

5 reel slots are some of the most popular and preferred gambling games in the gaming world. Due to the high demand for this game, a significant percentage of online casinos have introduced it into their system. Unlike the conventional 3 reel slots, this one is more sophisticated and requires a unique set of skills and experience to play and win.

There are hundreds of online casinos in the world today that offer this and other real money slots. Due to the huge selection available, it is imperative that you compare and contrast the offers and the reputation of the casino before you register and deposit money into your account to play this game. This background research will help you to get a clear perspective of what to expect once you start playing. Needless to say, if the software used to run the game is faulty or is prone to manipulation, you might end up losing some of the games unfairly.

5 Reel Slots are a Classic! 

Traditionally, slot machines were named and categorized based on the number of reels that they have. For instance, a 3 reel slot machine has three reels while a 5 reel slot machine has five reels. So, what are the reels? Simply put, they are the vertical sections that scroll down when you press the spin button or icon on the dashboard.

To win, you have to a combination of five symbols in all the grid or vertical sections that resonate with the already predetermined combination or play lines. The playlines vary from one slot machine and game to another, but the ideal online classic slot has 20 paylines. This means that you have 20 combination opportunities to emerge the winner. Also, note that the more the paylines, the better your chances of winning.

Most People Prefer These Classic Slot Machines

As mentioned earlier, a significant number of people have transitioned from the basic, simple, and less thrilling 3 reel slot to 5 reel slots and this has resulted in an increase in the number of online casinos that offers this type of slot game.

One of the primary reasons why most people prefer this game is the excitement and thrill that it elicits before and the action unfolds. The developers have worked smart to come up with multiple entertaining animations that pop up at different stages of the game to encourage you to keep going. Some of the casinos also offer arcade-like bonus mini-games that are tailored to make the entire gaming process more fulfilling to the players.

Advantages of 5 Reel Slot Games

1# More Reels and Paylines5 reel slots online

You definitely want to play a game that offers one countless opportunity to win. 5 reel slots are one such game that, as mentioned earlier, has more reels than the 3 reel slot games as well as more paylines. Therefore, whenever you choose to play this game, you will get more creative opportunities of getting maximum returns on your deposit as well as the amount of time that you spend playing.

2# More Regular Payouts

Based on the fact that there are more predefined paylines, payouts are more regular and often than in 3 reel slots. However, this does not mean that the game is easy; combining five symbols to match the set payline is not a walk in the park.

3# More Bonus Features

Not one single online casino player dislikes bonus features. 5 reel slots are best known in the industry for offering a broad range of bonuses to players. For instance, you can leverage free spins, wild and scatter symbols, bonus rounds, and progressive jackpot mini-games. Hundreds if not thousands of dollars are paid out on a single payout!

4# More Involving and Entertaining

One of the downsides of 3 reel slots is that the interface is a bit dull and disconnected from the players. To resolve this problem, the 5 reel slot interface has many graphics that are designed to make the gaming process more entertaining and exciting. Some of the games that are based on popular movies such as The Dark Knight have short clips from the film that create a sense of entertainment that’s unavailable in the three reel slots.

Disadvantages of 5 Reel Pokies

1# Hitting the Winning Combination is Difficult

Besides the excitement and fun, one of the main reasons why you take part in a particular casino game is to win. The winning combination in most 5 reel slot game comprises of 3 to 5 symbols. Even though the paylines are many, it is not easy to hit the winning combination. You might have to play for more than ten times before getting the right combination.

2# High Minimum and Maximum Bets on This Classic Slot Game

The higher the risk, the higher the payout. Most of the online casinos that have this classic slot game require players to deposit a significant amount of money to play the game. Our research shows that the minimum and maximum betting amounts are higher than the 3 reel slot. This means that players are required to spend more on each game than they would on a 3 reel slot game.

Every slot game has its pros and cons and players need to be aware of them before playing to avoid any unnecessary regrets. Irrespective of the fact that 5 reel slot is more complicated and requires high minimum and maximum bets, the payouts are more frequent. Also, you are more likely to win more money by playing 5 reels than you would by playing 3 reel slots.

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