Are Slots Too Popular On Australian Soil?

By Ryan White Updated: May 2023

Expensive Slots And Their Story

The popularity of slots or online slots in Australia has never been put to question and it probably never will be. Bars and hotels, clubs and casinos and, of course, the Internet, all of these make for excellent land and virtual sources to play slots in. if you are an Aussie, you are probably well aware of that. But the issue of imposing certain limitations to free slots gambling has been raised by quite a few ministers and politicians lately. The existence of expensive slots machines that are known to take AUS $50 for a spin and which are able to “help” passionate gamblers lose up to $1,200 in less than 60 minutes is definitely one serious issue that needs to be urgently addressed. Sure these machines blink and spark and offer magical jackpots that could steal pretty much everyone’s mind, but the truth is the majority of these wins are not exactly what they claim to be. And the chances of actually losing $1,200 within an hour as opposed to the shots of winning $3,000 in jackpots are somehow always much bigger. Politicians who are now severely opposing the existence of such a big number of slots machines know that those alluring and highly expensive pokies might be coming to a stop and registering a 20-cent "win". But, in reality, these highly popular machines are costing players 50 cents to gamble. So are pokies too popular, or have they grown to be too popular all for nothing? At least, not for the regular gambler? Disguised wins are all-so well-defining for the gambling industry, but the majority of layers might have no clue about their existence. In other words, the popularity of those machines that fool you into thinking you have won a round or a game only to draw the line and discover that you actually invested a lot more than what you have allegedly “won” is to be put to question.

Are Slots Too Popular or Too Abundant?

You might not be aware of the fact that there are a lot of people who are “investing” up to several hundred dollars in slots playing on a regular daily basis. And their earnings are not even close to being satisfying. So casino gambling in general, with special emphasis on slots tend to be serious issues that officials needs to address properly. Australians alone are spending up to $13 billion a year on the pokies they can find within pubs and clubs, hotels or casinos. Many lawmakers are talking about setting some clear limits for this activity that is considered to be part of the Australians’ culture. In 2011, Prime Minister Julia Gillard promised that sometime in the future slot machine players will have to eventually set a daily limit on how much they will be willing to lose. As expected, the main clubs threatened to lead a campaign against anti-gambling lawmakers, and the Prime Minister chose to retreat. Voluntary daily limits were called the reforms were visibly pushed 2 years back.