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Gavin Harper
by Gavin Harper
Black Friday Australia

We Australians do not necessarily associate “Black Friday” with the best of times. Back in the 1930s. But times have changed, and we have all moved past the rather unfortunate moniker given to even nearly a century ago. Today, Black Friday has received a new, better meaning, which has something to do with consumerism. Still, getting a good bargain is never a bad idea, and besides, it’s a good way to not think about the 1939 fire which was the result of extensive drought in Victoria.

Those devastating bushfires affected 75% of Victoria State.  This disaster had a Royal Commission deal with the aftermath. 1300 buildings were lost and 71 people were killed people did not understand how quickly it spreads and how best to manage 

While we have faced similar challenges over the past years, it’s time to think about the newer global meaning of Black Friday. In the weeks ahead retailers are beginning to advertise their bargains on the market. This time around, we will focus on some of the most worthwhile tech gadgets you can snap up. Black Friday – the good one – is just around the corner!

Get a New Powerful Laptop

Now, the first item that many people may be considering is a new laptop, and Black Friday is indeed the best time to get yourself one. The discounts are real as there is a lot of stock being moved around, and companies are keen to sell their older – but still excellent merchandise. The Good Guys have an Acer Aspire 3 for $759. Choose a laptop that is good for online gamers.

This means that there is a real incentive for retailers to try and get a great bargain. Besides, you know the nature of Black Friday. Many retailers are hoping that you would want to add a nice bag to your laptop, so there is some extra sales right there. This doesn’t matter to you, though, as you can get some robust discounts ranging from anything between 5% and 15% realistically for a quality piece of hardware.

Both business and gaming laptops tend to drop in price during this time of the year, but gaming laptops definitely hog the limelight as they are the ones that are most aggressively pushed. Still, you will notice that there are many elegant business solutions to look out for as well. Lenovo has deals offering a 31% discount.

What better way to access an online casino than through a powerful and stable laptop? With better graphics and improved audio, your home gambling experience will be way more fun.

Gaming Consoles

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are all in the business of bringing you the best possible bit of fun. They also make sure to bring you an ample selection of excellent consoles – offering light, handheld and advanced systems that are capable of delivering powerful forms of entertainment for the whole family. These are all great for online gaming too. If you want a turquoise Nintendo Switch Lite you can get it in the black Friday sale at Good GFuts.

Black Friday may also be the right place to buy games and hardware, as retailers – both digital and physical – offer some exclusive bargains and make it easier than any other time of the year to get into console gaming. Digital game shops drop their prices on digital games significantly and you can scoop quite a few awesome games as well.

As to what console you may want to pick next, all new generation consoles are actually a great bit of fun, so just decide for yourself based on price, game variety, and even console-exclusive titles. Online gamblers will even find some great social casino experiences!

Great Smartphones

It never hurts to get a new smartphone. While your old one may be doing just fine, newer smartphones come with a fresher look, quicker overall platforms, and better security. You may not care much about the quality of your camera or argue that your old phone’s battery life is even better than the new slick gadgets, but new ones often mean better, and this is the case with smartphones.

Most great phones these days go for as little as $300 to $500, and you can get an upgrade on your old phone for even less if you forage the vastness of Black Friday and explore the best retailers of mobile phones and the treats that they have prepared for you. If you trade in at Vodaphone, you can save a whopping $1260 on a Galaxy folding phone.

Great Software – Yes, It’s Techy

Another thing you may consider buying this Black Friday at a discount is software. Yes, there is plenty of worthwhile discount options that you may be interested in purchasing on the spot. Software is a great addition to look for this Black Friday.

Anything can be bought on the cheap in the digital world and this is true. Whether you are looking for game deals, antivirus software, a professional office suite or something different, there are many things that you can enjoy. Game shops such as Epic Game Store and Steam are actually offering some of the biggest discounts out there and you will definitely enjoy them.

Great TV Sets and Audio Systems

You will appreciate having a better TV in the living room. TV sets are perhaps some of the most accessible forms of Black Friday deals and bargains you will get out there. People who are looking to buy on the cheap can do so. TV sets are usually cheaper over time but Black Friday really brings some of the best deals out and makes it exciting for everyone.

The same goes for the various audio systems you can purchase online or in-person at retail stores. You will always find great customer support if you are not much into these systems, and help you pick the ones that are best for you. You don’t always have to go for the cheapest options, no matter what you are buying. The tech gadgets will all be realistically reduced in price, so you can actually take a smaller discount on a bigger, more expensive system that has better characteristics and that is going to perform better in the long term. Black Friday is truly a great time for you to realize some excellent deals in the tech sphere!

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