Australian Gambling Reform Focuses On Slots

By Ryan White Updated: June 2023

Australian Pokie Reform Explained

Australian politics is currently revolving around a great deal of interesting characters, Andrew Wilkie being one of them. The politician has set his mind to carry on a one-man crusade at the end of which he hopes to insert some new and rather harsh gambling regulations in the industry. Wilkie also managed to carry on another highly important fight and win $340 million from the Government which he used to rebuild the main Tasmanian hospital, the Royal Hobart Hospital, so it is easy to see why the politician who originates from Tasmania is very likely to come out with at least partially flying colors out of his newest of battles. He initially demanded that all slots machines be completely removed from the Australian soil. Soon after, he decided to become a little more pragmatic and actually focus his attention on a goal that sounded more achievable. In this regard, he decided to reduce the maximum bet amount on slots machines. Gambling, with special emphasis on slots playing is one of the main favorite activities of millions of Australians and New Zealanders and the danger of uncontrolled gambling is definitely one of the main reasons or arguments why Andrew Wilkie has decided to push things forward.

Australian Gambling Reform Details

Wilkie has chosen his timing very well, as his proposal came soon after the backlash from the gambling companies started to emerge. These companies stared to make powerful statements claiming that the complete banning of all slots machines would be an “un-Australian” gesture. Currently, Wilkie is no longer being regarded as a man with unreasonable ideas and claims, but rather as a reasonable man with perfectly reasonable ideas in terms of the Australian gambling reform. The Australian public ahs hence started to embrace his views and be has become much more appealing for the MP’s that are currently undecided. Nevertheless, despite of Wilkie’s good intentions and considering the extremely powerful force that is represented by the slots lobby, it is easy t see that hardships will be much endured during the upcoming battle. The capital that these folks have to spend and the most aggressive advertising campaigns they are currently undergoing are turning a lot of heads and causing a lot of back whispering. The public opinion is quite easy to manipulate, and hence these companies are very likely to have a shot at winning over the yet undecided crowd. The arguments they are bringing to the table, such as the decrease in the number of employees due to the gambling clubs and casinos going out of business or the rise of benefits offered by the government by following the same logical path are all perfectly viable arguments they are using. So this Australian slots reform practically all comes down to deciding whether it is better to escape intensive gambling issues or keep the jobs of a lot of people by not closing down casinos’ businesses. The ultimate decision is going to come down to MPs Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor’s calls, both being independent from either side and still lefty undecided on how to vote.