Australian Gambling Reform
  • Introduction of Responsible Gambling Officers:
    • Venues with more than 20 gaming machine entitlements will be required to have a Responsible Gambling Officer on duty while poker machines are in operation from 1 July 2024.
    • Responsible Gambling Officers will help identify patrons at risk of harm, refer them to support services, and facilitate requests for self-exclusion.
  • Additional Requirements for Hotels and Clubs:
    • All hotels and clubs with gaming machines will be required to keep a Gambling Incident Register and a Gaming Plan of Management.
    • Clubs with more than 100 gaming machine entitlements will be required to have additional Responsible Gambling Officers.
  • Advanced Responsible Conduct of Gambling Training:
    • Responsible Gambling Officers and others with specified roles will need to complete Advanced Responsible Conduct of Gambling (ARCG) training under the proposed changes.
    • The proposed new requirements would be implemented in stages to allow venues, staff, and training providers time to adjust.
  • Previous Reforms Implemented by NSW Labor Government:
    • Reducing the cash input limit for new gaming machines and the state-wide cap on gaming machine entitlements.
    • Banning political donations from clubs involved in gaming and establishing the Independent Panel on Gaming Reform.
  • Government's Commitment to Gambling Reform:
    • Minister for Gaming and Racing, David Harris, emphasized the government's commitment to evidence-based gambling reform.
    • The NSW Labor Government has delivered more in 10 months than the previous government managed in 12 years.
  • In conclusion, the introduction of Responsible Gambling Officers, additional requirements for hotels and clubs, and the implementation of Advanced Responsible Conduct of Gambling training represent significant steps towards promoting responsible gambling practices in New South Wales. These initiatives reflect the government's commitment to evidence-based gambling reform, as demonstrated by previous reforms implemented by the NSW Labor Government, such as reducing the cash input limit for new gaming machines and the state-wide cap on gaming machine entitlements. The emphasis on the need for Responsible Gambling Officers and the establishment of Gambling Incident Registers and Gaming Plans of Management further underscore the government's dedication to fostering a safer gambling environment. With these measures in place, it is expected that the implementation of these reforms will contribute to a more responsible and regulated gambling landscape in New South Wales.

Australian Gambling Operators Favour Free-to-Air Television and Radio Channels

To widen the scope of Australian gambling reforms a comprehensive study commissioned by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has been published. It has been unveiled that gambling companies targeting the Australian market have a strong inclination towards promoting their services on free-to-air (FTA) TV and radio channels. This strategic choice has turned the media landscape of the country into a battleground, as these companies vie for customer attention.

Gambling Adverts On Free-to-Air Television and Radio

The research, reported by Casino Guardian and, reveals that the free airwaves have been awash with over one million gambling advertisements between May 2022 and April 2023. This advertising frenzy has been significantly fueled by online gambling providers, which accounted for nearly half of these ads.

A regional divide emerges in this landscape, with a notable 58% of the total number of gambling ads on regional free-to-air television channels originating from online gambling businesses. Even in the metro areas, online gambling companies hold sway, with 51% of FTA TV ads attributed to this sector.

Australian Gambling Reform Financial Battlefield

The financial aspect of this advertising onslaught is equally striking. Free-to-air television stands out as the prime battleground for advertising expenditure, constituting up to 68% of the overall spending. The survey discloses a substantial AU$133 million spent on metro free-to-air television channels and another AU$29 million on their regional counterparts.

In stark contrast, social media accounted for only 15% of the advertising expenditures, which equates to AU$34.6 million. Metro radio markets and their online platforms made up 9% (AU$22.4 million) and 8% (AU$19.5 million) of the total expenditure, respectively.

Gambling Companies Fight For Exposure

A peculiar temporal distribution pattern emerges in the world of gambling advertising. Gambling operators seem to be in a race to establish their presence during the evening broadcasts, with 22% of gambling ads flooding free-to-air television channels from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. The zenith of this advertising frenzy occurs between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM, with both metro and regional television markets experiencing a significant surge in ads. Online gambling service providers significantly expand their outreach during this hour, airing a staggering 24,000 ads. This has raised concerns about the potential impact on vulnerable individuals.

Australian gambling reforms activists note that it is notjust adults but children who are overly exposed to gambling adverts.

Australian National Regulatory Discussions

As previously reported by all reputable news outlets, Australian lawmakers are considering the implementation of stringent measures on gambling advertisements in the country. While the decision is not yet finalized, the discussion has ignited a heated debate concerning the balance between public well-being and the interests of the gambling sector.

Competent authorities are also contemplating more radical proposals in light of growing concerns about the increasing influence of gambling advertisements on vulnerable individuals, coupled with the rise in popularity of online gambling services.

Reform Gambling Australia

Call To Remove Gambling Signs

As part of local Australian gambling reforms the NSW government has taken a significant step to address problem gambling by introducing a ban on such signage. This ban came into effect on 1 September this year. The goal is to reduce the visibility of gambling-related promotions and minimize harm associated with gambling.

Pubs and clubs will receive formal notifications starting next week, instructing them to remove, alter, or conceal exterior signs related to gambling before the September deadline. Venues that can demonstrate delays in complying, due to factors beyond their control, will be granted an additional three months to meet the new regulations. However, it's important to note that after this grace period, the government will adopt a zero-tolerance approach.

As part of the ban, names such as VIP Room/Lounge, Golden Room/Lounge, Players’ Room/Lounge, and Prosperity Room/Lounge will be prohibited. Additionally, images of dragons, coins, or lightning motifs will also be covered by the ban.

Public Debate and Future Implications

In the backdrop of this advertising landscape, Australian lawmakers are contemplating a phased three-year rollout of a complete ban on gambling advertising. This decision has sparked a heated debate, focusing on the balance between commercial interests and public well-being.

Proponents argue that a ban could benefit public health and well-being by mitigating the risks of addiction. However, opponents suggest that it might make it harder for consumers to differentiate licensed from unlicensed platforms and could impact FTA broadcasters, potentially leading to lower-quality programming.

The debate continues, and the final decision is still months away.

In Conclusion

Australia's media landscape has truly become a battleground for gambling operators. This study sheds light on their advertising strategies and the critical role of online gambling services. We will keep you updated on any developments in this ongoing debate.

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