Play Pokies with Australian Dollars If you’re Australian or live in Australia, you most certainly have a great interest in finding online casinos that accept Australian dollars. Let’s explain why, and let’s explore this whole issue more thoroughly.

Play Money Games For Australian Dollars

There are many Australian money games available online

Most casinos, but not all, accept US dollars. In fact, the dollar has become the most important currency for online casinos. This is great if you’re from the US, and make your money in US dollars. But once you live anywhere else, like in Australia, if you play on online casinos that do not accept Australian dollars, you need to exchange your Australian dollars to US dollars at the time of your deposit. This means that your bank will most likely charge you a fee, in addition to the fact that the casino’s bank most likely will not give you a very good rate for your exchange.

The Problem Of Withdrawing In US dollars

The same problem arises when you want to withdraw money from your casino. Let’s say that your casino only works with US dollars, and you want to get your money from the slot casino online banking options so that you can use them in real life. Well, first of all, you need for the casino to approve your withdrawal, and once that’s done you need them to send the money in your account to you in the exact same manner that you made the deposit. So, if you paid with a VISA-card, for example, your money will come back in exactly the same way. That means that VISA will exchange your money once more, and probably charge some fees as well. All this means that large chunks of your stash has vanished into thin air!

The Australian Money Games Solution

Pokies are popular money games, also called online pokies AustraliaThe best solution to this problem is that you choose to play on casinos that accept Australian dollars. Imagine how much easier your life would be if you could pay in your own currency, win money in your own currency, and withdraw money in your own currency? Banks or the casinos cannot charge you exchange fees, and you do not risk losing money due to disadvantageous exchange rates. In fact, we strongly recommend all Australian casino players to think about these things, as the difference after a year of play may be enormous from playing at a casino that accepts Australian dollars to playing at a casino that doesn’t.

Look at Our Lists

PlayingPokiesOnline shows you all current casinos that accept Australian dollars, so all you need to do is to have a look at this list, head over to the casinos, see if you like one of them and if you do: Register and make your first deposit in Australian dollars. The money you save doing this small change could be exactly the money you need to win a jackpot, so you shouldn’t take this issue too lightly. Money saved is money earned, as they say. If you haven’t already done so, click here to have a look at the lists of online casinos that accept Australian dollars.

Making Bets With Australian Dollars

Once you move away from playing in USD or Euros and start playing in Australian dollars you will notice that it’s much more easy to think about values correctly. Don’t you find that it is somewhat awkward to talk about prices in foreign currency? It doesn’t matter if the currency in question is a well-known currency, like US dollars because a native user of US dollars will have a much better intuitive understanding of it. That means that you may think a certain bet seems right in US dollars, but if you could see the actual value in Australian dollars you would most likely make a different bet. The fact is that playing in your own currency, the currency you’re used with, and the currency that you’re currently receiving your income in, is much better than using a “standard” currency like US dollars. So, there’s no doubt about it: If you’re used to using Australian dollars in your day to day life, try finding an online casino that allows you to play with this currency.

Making Deposits To Play Online Pokies Australia

Once you make that switch you’ll find that depositing money will be easier, too. First of all, you’ll understand better the values involved. That means that you will most likely deposit a sum of money that is right for you, as opposed to what may be better for the casino. But it will also be easier to keep track of your spending. Let’s say you deposit 500 Australian dollars to a casino, well – this means that your casino account will show a balance of 500 Australian dollars. And when you start playing pokies or any of the other casino games, you’ll place all your bets in Australian dollars as well. Much better, and secure, for any Australian user. But don’t forget that withdrawing becomes easier as well, as there will be no exchange fees or changes in currency value. What you see is exactly what you get!

We Prefer Money Games in Australia Dollars

If you like to play online casino games from time to time, and you live in Australia or make your income in Australian dollars, we strongly urge you to find an online casino that accepts Australian dollars. You can have a look at our free recommendations of Australian Dollar friendly casinos right here on True Blue Casinos to save money on bad exchange rates and high fees.  

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