The Best Land-Based Casinos in New Zealand

By Ryan White Updated: May 2023

Land-Based Casinos of New Zealand offer a thrilling gaming experience to Kiwi players in a glittery and stunning ambiance. These casinos are home to a variety of games including basic and modern slot machines, table games, poker, and roulette games. Most of the casinos have amazing dining areas, bars, and accommodations. So, if you are a tourist, you can stay, eat, drink and play at the same venue.

Land-based casinos are still a favourite of many players as they provide the real gaming feel that one cannot find anywhere. The loud and buzzing atmosphere of these casinos makes them different from other platforms. You can accompany your partner, friends, and family to enjoy the flashing lights, chit-chat, and buzz at land-based casinos in New Zealand.  

Top Land-Based Casinos In New Zealand

If you are visiting New Zealand, then you will want to check the best land-based casinos to take your gaming to a new level. Here are the best picks.

Christchurch Casino NZ

Christchurch Casino NZIt is the first land-based casino in New Zealand that was opened in 1994. The casino offers more than 500 slot machines and 36 table games including Money Wheel, Baccarat, and Blackjack. You can enjoy different varieties of poker games such as Lunar Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker. The casino also houses entertaining slot machines with basic and advanced versions.

Christchurch casino has three dining areas and two bars with delicious cuisines. The casino features a live band in the bar that plays every weekend to add more entertainment for players. If you are a tourist and want to visit the casino frequently, you will need to get accommodation nearby as there are no lodging facilities at the casino.

Dunedin Casino

The Dunedin Casino was established in 1999 in Dunedin, New Zealand. It has grand interiors with gaming rooms, mosaic floors, a roof, and a staircase. The players will find twelve table games and about 180 electronic machines. You can play games such as Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, and Poker.

The casino offers nice food and drinks in their Grand Bar and Café. You will enjoy the authentic taste with a variety of drinks at these dining areas.  

SkyCity Auckland NZ

SkyCity Land-based casino has about 150 table games and 2100 gaming machines. You will be able to find games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. The casino offers bonuses and players can play on different machines with their bonus amount. Baccarat and poker players will find a dedicated room with a lot of gaming machines.

If you are a passionate player, you can join their premier rewards program that lets you earn premier points that you can redeem as rewards. These points also offer you discounts on food, drinks, and parking facilities. The customer care team is always available at SkyCity Casino to offer you help and advice. They are skilled, knowledgeable, and friendly.

SkyCity Auckland Casino has got you covered with its huge variety of games, a loyalty program, and safe banking methods. It has a massive complex with a casino, restaurants, and bars. You can take a break from gaming and enjoy other entertainment venues at the casino as well.

SkyCity Wharf Casino

This is another fully licensed casino by SkyCity Entertainment Group, which is located on Breach Street of the Queenstown Complex. The casino offers several gaming machines and table games options to meet the expectations of every player. You can participate in their loyalty program and earn points that can be redeemed later. The casino has a modern environment with flashing lights and stunning interiors.

The visitors can access Bar Wild Thyme and Kitchen to enjoy lip-smacking meals and drinks. Even though there is no lodging at the casino, the visitors will be able to find decent lodging facilities nearby.

The two other important land-based casinos of New Zealand are SkyCity Queenstown Casino and SkyCity Hamilton Casino.

Gambling Laws in New Zealand

The Gambling Act of 1908 was active in New Zealand from the early 1900s. Later, gambling was declared illegal for a long time. Only Horse Racing was allowed legally. The Totalisator Agency Board or TAB was created in 1951 and it made several changes to the gambling laws. These modified laws allowed participation in lotteries. Later, land-based casinos also became legal in NZ.

At present, the gambling laws in New Zealand have allowed only a few land-based casinos to operate in the country. The six popular casinos operate in New Zealand today and most of them are operated by SkyCity Entertainment Group.  

Why Online Casinos are Becoming Popular?

Land-based Casinos are limited to one place and you will need to visit the venue to play the games. This is time-consuming and energy-consuming as well. The games at land-based casinos are also limited as compared to online casinos. No to mention, the total cost of visiting a land-based casino is comparatively more than playing at a New Zealand online casino. The cost includes accommodation, food, and tickets.

If you are wondering, which is a better option for playing games, the choice is completely yours. However, in general, the trend of real money online casinos is growing at a huge rate because they offer budget gaming at your own time and convenience. In addition, online gaming is cost-effective as it zeroes the cost of traveling, accommodation, and food.

Although online casinos are the best option in today’s time, you can always go ahead and plan your visit to a land-based casino to have the experience that you won’t get anywhere else.  

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