The Effect of Covid-19 on the Gambling Industry in Australia

By Gavin Harper Updated: February 2023

The disorder caused by the lethal Covid-19 virus has severely hit the economy across the world, and the gambling industry hasn’t been spared either. The lockdown imposed to contain the spread of Covid-19 has seen the downfall of different industries all over the world.

The Australian economy has been impacted because of the increased cost of health care and the growing rate of unemployment.  Within six months of combating the deadly Corona, people have gradually adjusted to the new way of living. However, one thing that persists is the fall of gambling venues. Although things might recover after a few months, circumstances look unfortunate at the moment.

The Fate of Land-Based Gambling Venues

In the initial days of the pandemic, land-based casinos and similar gambling sectors in Australia were forced to shut their doors to stop people from crowding and spreading the virus. Numerous sports and racing events were suspended until the lockdown was lifted completely.

Undoubtedly, land-based casinos are probable hotspots for transmission of coronavirus as these places are swarming with people who share the same washrooms and play on the same slot machines and blackjack tables. Because brick and mortar casinos are considered non-essential sectors, they were shut down during the pandemic.

Casinos that have reopened recently don’t look the same as in the past as the crowd is limited. Casino owners are following all the guidelines and practising safety protocols to protect their staff and players from the virus. Some of the coronavirus precautions practised at casinos include limiting the admission of players, regular sanitization of the gaming machines, and maintaining wider spaces between tables. Every gaming table has sanitization wipes and sprays as well.

The staff and the gamers are instructed to wear masks, gloves, and eye shields at all times. Although these practices don’t look welcoming, they are done to reduce the possibility of virus transmission.

Online Gambling: Your Best Alternative for Entertainment

Impact of Covid-19 on Casinos

Casino lovers who earlier used to spend time playing at land-based casinos are turning their attention towards real money online casinos. This is the best alternative to keep oneself entertained by playing casino games while following the guidelines of social distancing.

Experts have found a growing demand for online gaming since the spread of coronavirus. Reports have established that online gaming services in Australia have succeeded to increase their business during the pandemic. The growth of online betting services has been phenomenal and players were reported to have an interest in betting on e-sports, table tennis, and football. 

The Advantages of Online Casinos Amid Covid-19

There are many advantages to playing at online casinos and some of them are listed below:

  • No fear of coronavirus transmission: Online casinos are a boon for Australian casino players who are above the age of 40. Coronavirus can cause severe implications to middle-aged and elderly people and it is not in their best interest to visit local casinos that could be a hotspot for the virus. They can enjoy spinning the reels of the slot machine, playing card games, and participating in live gaming while sitting in their own homes.
  • Play when convenient for you: Gamers can decide their convenient time to play online pokies and games as they don’t have to visit any gambling venue or take public transport. This time saved can be best utilized by playing at online casinos.
  • Be comfortable and at home when playing casino games: There’s no need to worry about what you will be wearing before visiting the casino as you can play on your desktop or mobile in the comfort of your home. Even if you are wearing nightwear, you can go ahead and log in to your favourite website to spin the reels of the latest pokies.
  • Choose from the collection of huge gaming lobbies: Nowadays, online casinos have a wide array of available games for their players. Some casinos have more than thousands of games that are divided into separate tabs such as pokies, table games, live games, and speciality games. These games are offered by the leading gaming companies that are professionals in casino gaming and offer games with high-definition features. Even though there are numerous games at land-based casinos, new players often experience anxiety when trying a new game. With so many games at online casinos and an option to play them in a fun mode, players can try out as many games they want and find the one that best suits their interests. They can also use a no-deposit bonus and try out new casinos without depositing any money.
  • You can play responsibly and sensibly: When playing at online casinos, players can keep a tab on the amount of time they are spending playing casino games. This is not as easily possible at land-based casinos because of the temptation to play more and earn more. You can also control your wallet and place bets that are under your budget.
  • Enjoy playing with bonuses and attractive perks: The introduction of a plethora of online casinos in the last few years has brought a lot of competition amongst the casinos. This is why they have come up with creative ideas to lure the attention of new players and retain regular ones. One of the best strategies opted by online casinos is to offer exciting welcome bonuses to newbies and attractive rewards for regular players. These bonuses offer a needed kick to players so that they can enjoy playing for a long time without spending a lot of money.

Don’t Risk Your Health: Play Safe at Online Casinos!

Unfortunately, Covid-19 is here to linger for a long time and we cannot expect it to disappear overnight. Some of the brick-and-mortar casinos in Australia are open to the public, but with strict restrictions. If you want to visit the casinos, make sure that you cooperate with the staff and follow all the safety guidelines for the well-being of yourself and your near ones. Nevertheless, the safest and best alternative is to create an account at an online casino and play games while relaxing on your cosy couch. Stay safe and enjoy online gaming!

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