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When you start playing casino games online, you can enjoy demo casinos. When you use a demo version, or fun mode, you get the chance to access the game with all its normal features and play with every aspect of its functionality. You get a virtual balance and you can win virtual prizes. During this type of play, you do not spend any cash or win any cash, but you do get to become familiar with the style of play as well as the different controls because you place any bets with your hard earned cash. This can be great for people just learning, switching to a new type of game, or who only want to play for fun.

Explaining Demo Casinos

Online casinos are typically a good place to play casino games with demo mode because this gives you the chance to try out a game before you spend your money. Instead you get online casino bonuses that are virtual. During a demo, you can enjoy your starting balance, which is often quite large. With that starting balance you can make spins. Remember, this balance is purely virtual; as soon as you leave the game, that money disappears. Any prizes that you win during the game cannot be withdrawn, kept, transferred, or played later.

When you play demo online casino slots you have a higher chance of reaching things like bonus rounds and picking multipliers, so you have statistically higher chances of winning. The purpose behind this is to show you all of the different features that you can potentially enjoy when playing a game, not necessarily to show you how easily or how much you will win. In fact, when you start to play for real with real money bets, you might not access all of those same multipliers or see as many bonuses. Fun mode is very popular when new games make their way to the market. Players want to try new games before they commit to them. This is also a great way for people who are new to table games like roulette or poker learn what seems like a complicated game.

Is Fun Mode in all casinos?Play Demo Mode

No, not all online casinos will let you play for fun, but enough of them do that if you wanted to get the hang of things, try a new game, you could easily find a casino that offered this. Incidentally, you might come across a situation where you play regularly on one casino site, and they have acquired a new game. You want to try that new game but your casino does not offer a free demo version. You can easily seek out other casino sites that happen to provide a demo version, sign up for free, and use that site as your testing base. Once you figure out you like the game, you can go back to the online casino you normally use and start playing. You might, conversely, find out that you don’t care for the game in which case, you can go back to your original casino with nothing lost.

No deposit, free to play casinosUsing free to play casinos

In order to use free to play casinos, you just sign up the same way you would on a regular casino site. Most of them have the easily-spotted “sign up” button on the front page. Make sure they clearly state that they offer demo or free games. You should not have to sign up with any type of banking information if you only want demo mode. Most of the time, you should be able to skip this step even if they ask. You might not even have to sign up. Some casinos let you play without registering any information. These sites will have buttons that let you click on them to get started with demo play. It should be clearly marked on the front page, if not on a drop down tab or when you click on the game, you’ll be given the option.

So, what are the downsides to demo games or free games? Well, the first downside is, they are not a clear and accurate representation of what gambling might be on that particular game. Again, the purpose is to show off everything that is possible in a game, not everything that will naturally happen for you. This can lead to high hopes that get crushed. The second downside is that you do not get to keep any money or bonuses, not even prizes. So if you are playing and you win a few hundred bucks and some cool physical prizes, you do not get to keep them all. And this is done by design. You win more with demo games so that you immediately want to get back those winnings you lost by betting with real money. The downside here is that your odds are different when you play for real, so you probably will not get the same benefits, prizes, and winnings that you received before. What you will get is a loss of your hard earned cash. If you want a demo experience instead, find a free to play casino at True Blue casinos.

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