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Slots are incredibly popular casino games, and as you probably know there are two main ways to play them. You can play free slots, or you can play slots for real money. When playing free slots you do not get to keep the prizes you win. So, if you hit that jackpot, or manage to win smaller prizes the money never reaches you. The only way of making sure that you may keep the money that you win is by playing slots for real. But your choices don’t stop there because you also need to decide whether to play slots on a downloaded platform, or on an instant-play casino that lets you play slots in your browser.  

Trying Out A Free Slots Games Download 

Free slots games download

You see, some casinos require you to download a piece of software to play. This software is often simply called a “download.” So any casino offering free slots, but with the restriction that you need to download software to play the games, can be called a free slots download casino. There are fewer of these casinos where you need to download something to play, as the tendency these days is to offer all (or most) casino games like slots in “instant-play” mode. This doesn’t affect the two only ways you can play slots, though: Free or for real money. So there will be casinos where you need to download software to play. And casinos where you may play slots in your browser. Free or for real is another question.  


Playing Free Download Games Online

slot machines

The advantage of playing slots for free (whether you’re playing download free slots or instant-play free slots) is obviously that you don’t have to make any deposits to play. This means that you don’t contribute with money to the game, and, therefore, that you’re not eligible for any prizes that you win in the slots game. Everybody understands this, of course, yet many still like to play slots for free to get to know a particular game or a particular casino. Playing for free is great for that purpose. Later on, when you’re more familiar with the game and the casino, you may make a small deposit and start playing slots for real. Almost every online casino on the net offers free slots, so it is not difficult to find at all.  


Download Free Slots

We’ve mentioned some of the advantages of playing at instant-play casinos, but let’s have a look at the advantages of playing slots on casinos that require you to install software platforms as a download.  One of the advantages is that when you play on a downloaded platform, you can get so many more options. First of all, the experience can be personalized to a much larger extent. The casino knows who you are, and also the exact history of all your choices on the casino. This makes it possible to come up with suggestions for new games, and even personal bonus offers that are made just for you. The system will always keep track of which are your favourite games, and it is even possible to save games in a very secure fashion.  

Free Casino Software 

Note that casinos that use software downloads almost always give away this software for free. There is absolutely no need to pay for this software, it should be enough to register your name and email, download and install the casino software, and start playing slots. If you want a list of casinos where this software is free, simply check out our lists here on our site. We test each and every casino and report the results to you. The download, if a casino has one, is normally not very large, so the transfer normally takes just a few seconds. This means that even if your casino insists on you downloading software to play slots, you will not need to spend many extra minutes before you can start playing. The whole thing is very quickly installed.  

Test it Out 

Many people think it’s a good idea to download the casino software and then play some rounds for free before depositing money. And this is absolutely possible, as there are no restrictions on playing slots for free. Even if you haven’t yet decided whether to start playing for real you may safely download the casino software seeing as it is free and without any obligations on your part. So, make sure you think about whether to join a download casino or a regular, instant-play casino. The difference of the games themselves are non-existent, the thing is just for you to find a casino that you trust and that you find is great for the games you love to play.  

Free Download Slot Machines Are Fun To Play!

If you just love slots, keep in mind that you can play slots for free and for real money. If you choose the latter you get to keep the prizes that you win. In free mode, you will never be able to win real money. Even so, there are other things to consider when choosing a real money casino to play slots – namely whether to go for a download pokie casino or a casino that offers slots as instant-play games in your browser.

Check out our site listings here at True Blue Casinos to see the very best slot casinos out there! 

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