Gambling Adverts To Include  Responsible Gambling Message

By Ryan White Updated: May 2023

Gambling adverts will send out a stronger message to inform those who are vulnerable that there is help out there. Will the raising of public awareness add to the toolkit? Will this be implemented or like the cashless pokies trial be perpetually postponed or abandoned?

The Australian government has mandated that new, safer gambling messaging must be used in all gambling advertising. Online gambling operators will need to use new advertising taglines. This is because of the National Consumer Protection Framework’s new set of rules. They decided to do this because of new research that shows an increase in problem gambling rates among online punters in Australia.

Nationally Consistent Message To Online Gamblers

The newly approved gambling advertising framework was devised to give a “nationally consistent “ message. This message explains and reminds people of the potential harm that online wagering can wreak on people. The underlying principle of these taglines is to remind people of the risks involved when placing a bet or having a spin on the pokies.

There is a choice of seven different taglines that advertisers must include:-

  • What are you really gambling with?
  • Think. Is this a bet you really want to place?
  • You win some. You lose more.
  • Imagine what you could be buying instead.
  • What are you prepared to lose today? Set a deposit limit.
  • Chances are you’re about to lose.
  • What’s gambling really costing you?

There must be a call to action(CTA) included after the tagline. You can choose from “For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit”.

These taglines will appear on all adverts whether it is radio, television, printed adverts or online. All promotional materials have to carry an approved tagline. Interestingly “You win some. You lose more” is to be reserved for spoken advertising. 

Online operators have until 30 March 2023 to put these new taglines and CTA  This decision has come after a long consultation period. Now companies have been notified punters will see the changes.

Responsible Gambline VCall to action

Government Research Into Gambling Behaviour

These measures have come after substantial research into the behaviours associated with gambling and problem gambling. This is part of ongoing investigations into the harm that comes from wagering, gambling and betting. Pokies rooms are to have facial recognition cameras installed to help identify problem gamblers and help them stay away from pokies.

The commission will investigate how operators currently deal with gambling harm and see what measures are taken to protect those who are vulnerable to them. Questions arise as to whether these measures should be extended into gambling-related activities.

It seems like the public might not realise that in online gaming there are practices that encourage low-level gambling. The much-loved loot boxes that are often built into social games are under scrutiny. Counselling and support might be offered in these areas too.

Gambling Sponsorships And Partnerships

It might be a continuing trend but New South Wales seems to be leading the way. Their sports teams seem to be opting out of gambling sponsorship deals. So far Western Sydney Wanderers FC and Macarthur FC, and  Cricket NSW have decided not to partner with companies who have any links to the gambling industry.

The initiate is known as “Reclaim the Game”. The aim is to let sports fans enjoy the esport without having to see a gambling advert. So far there are 14 teams signed up for this mantra. Sport is meant to promote unity and cohesion in communities. The commitment these clubs have made to stop having sports associated with gambling is admirable. 

Let us see if this measure helps curb gambling harm. It is part of a responsible gambling toolkit. It may take a few years to see if this younger generation grows up with a different message about gambling.

For free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit