Gambling In The Metaverse

By Ryan White Updated: May 2023

The Metaverse is upon us and with it, we need to adjust how we perceive online interactions. The Metaverse is a project that promises to bring human consciousness closer to a digital world in which our minds interact in a realistic way. While the foundations of the Metaverse are in their early stage, many successful ventures have been taking off.

The land is being sold in the metaverse with plots next to the digital mansion owned by Snoop Dogg, an American rap star, fetching seven figures and now, casinos are also shuffling into the metaverse and opening surrealist gambling properties. Much of the Metaverse experience is in fact powered by Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, as the lines between reality and meta-reality are thinning daily.

Gambling is set to be a big part of the experience, and casinos, poker card rooms, and even sportsbooks are already arriving in this Brave New World of untrammelled potential. What follows next will depend on the companies that help shape it up. Online casinos are definitely going to adapt.

What Types of Gambling Can You Do in the Metaverse?

Metaverse entities have not shied away from the opportunity to launch gambling ventures. Today, we have an array of possibilities made possible by forward-thinking companies, which have decided to experiment with the introduction of all sorts of gambling games.

Even though the Metaverse project was announced a little over a year ago, it has already had winners – the gambling industry.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain casinos are already exploring the opportunity to provide you with state-of-the-art experience across all realms of the experience, including Live Casino, Slots, Table Games, Jackpot Games, Blackjack, Instant Win Games, Bingo, and so much more.

Sportsbooks and poker card rooms are opening tentative doors in this new space, hoping to monetize and make good use of the momentum of the space. Besides, land in the Metaverse is set to be worth a lot. A casino in Decentraland, a metaverse project, had already earned $7.5 million by February this year.

So, gambling in the metaverse is hardly a figment of the imagination. Or rather, it’s what you have imagined gambling to always be, convenient, accessible, and shared in a unique environment with fellow gamblers without any strings attached.

How Will It Impact Online Casino?

The state of development of the Metaverse is often used as a buzzword. Even though Web3 technology has spurred interest in the Metaverse, there are few fully fleshed projects, with Decentraland being one of them, while Facebook Meta and Microsoft’s own projects is still in a germination state.

Despite the nascency of this industry, online casinos will be impacted. As the opportunity for new experiences unlocked by technological and hardware leaps present itself, properties that embrace these changes rather than deny them will be the ones to succeed.

Donning a VR set to transport yourself halfway across the world to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, or even Macau, is not such a crazy concept anymore. But even better, you can have everyone visit the Metaverse versions of these casinos. Just like big concessionaires were purchasing land in Macau to stake out their claim on a future gambling industry, so will online casinos who move quickly on the Metaverse stand to reap big benefits.

How Will It Impact Online Casino Games?

Interactivity will become more than a buzzword. The Metaverse will make it possible for you to interact with casino games from up close, whether through a digital avatar in the early stages, to more advanced and perhaps even futuristic ways in the future. In a way, you can imagine the Metaverse experience as the Netflix show Squid Game, but minus the dystopian vibe.

Online casino games will evolve as a result, and it will be down to suppliers to evolve and change their development nous and expertise to adapt to the realities of this new world. Where do we stand on the metaverse today when it comes to online casino games? Well, Decentral Games seems to be the first developers in the sector.

But just like Microgaming pioneered digital casino games, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be fierce competition in the market.

What will Metaverse Games Look Like?

Enhanced 3D and Virtual Reality. This is the best way to capture the essence of the Decentraland (and others) looks in these early stages. These games will be set to evolve as the quality of the metaverse evolves as well. Right now, the Metaverse cannot really measure up to the Unreal Engine or Unity.

However, in due time, photorealistic graphics that we see in modern video games will become a reality, to the point where experience gambling in the Metaverse in an exciting way that acknowledges the fact that our consciousness and minds can seemingly transcend our bodies. It’s an interesting, fascinating and let’s face it – slightly scary idea.

How Will It Impact Brick and Mortar Casinos?

It’s difficult to imagine that brick-and-mortar casinos will ever roll out and disappear just because technology is making gigantic leaps. Casinos have been around for centuries, and they will be around for centuries. Even a dystopian war-torn future is bound to have a casino in it.

Therefore, brick-and-mortar casinos will most likely move in concert on the Metaverse and transport part of their experiences, or create parallel ones, there as well. What this means is that while you can visit Harrah’s or Bally’s on The Strip, you will probably one day be able to put on your VR set and dive into unique Metaverse copycats that bring something new to the table for you to enjoy. 

The "metaverse" is a term used to describe a large-scale, immersive virtual reality environment. The metaverse can be thought of as an extension or expansion of the traditional internet, where people can interact with each other and with digital content in a three-dimensional space

In short, yes - you can gamble in the metaverse, but it will depend on the specific world or metaverse you are using.

Yes you can find a growing number of online casinos in the metaverse