Games of skill or games of chance – which to play at an online casino?

By Ryan White Updated: June 2023

The world of online casinos is filled with opportunities. Some of those opportunities will rely on luck more so than skill. Put simply, there are casino games of skill and casino games of chance, and understanding both will give you a great sense of how to navigate each individual category. Both are fun, bring a bit of excitement, and can provide an enjoyable casino gameplay experience. However, you will often find yourself asking, “Which should I play – games of skill, or games of chance?” To answer this, we offer you a glimpse at what these game types are exactly and why you would prefer to play one or the other.

Casino Games of Chance

It may seem almost counter-intuitive to opt for games that rely on chance and luck, but many people enjoy those the most. This type of game includes scratch cards and lottery draws, brilliant online pokies and jackpot games, of which Real Time Gaming Casinos have a wide selection. We stack our virtual shelves with some of the best online pokies you will be able to find today. Are these casino games based on chance? Absolutely, but are they still a lot of fun? You are two for two.

Online Pokies At Ozwin Casino

Ozwin brings you some outstanding options, including, but not limited to, Merlins Riches, Sweet 16, Cash Bandits Meerkat Misfits and Aztecs Treasure. Ozwin Casino is powered by Australian favourite Real Time Gaming.

Games of chance use a Random Number Generator (RNG) which arbitrarily decides the outcomes, so you cannot influence the result, or devise a strategy that guarantees you success. This doesn’t sound great, but there are also many upsides to opting for games of chance as well.  

First, they are quite immersive and come with sophisticated plots and game scenarios that appeal to and entertain players. They offer engaging gameplay and quite honestly, sizeable rewards, even if those rewards are available based entirely on luck. 

RTG’s progressive jackpots include some of the most tempting options on the market. They offer huge jackpots, which will tempt those looking for a varied online pokie strategy.

games of skill and chance

Casino Games of Skill

For those players who prefer to have a little more control over the outcome of each gaming session, there are some exquisite choices as well. RTG has quite a few of those as well. Casino games of skill are not entirely reliant on luck, and they involve some strategy and planning.  This appeals to many players who enjoy putting a bit of thought into their casino sessions.

Table Games At Fairgo Casino

What games fall into the category of games of skill? Most table games at Fairgo have some degree of skill, planning and strategy involved.  The most popular options boil down to roulette, baccarat, blackjack, video poker, and most of our live dealer games.

You can pick and play a game based on a strategy such as Martingale or Fibonacci, or any mathematically feasible stratagem you can devise, really.  However, it’s important to understand that the games that are generally referred to as skill-based are in fact games of skill and chance both. You cannot eliminate the chance, which will show itself every time a card is drawn or the roulette wheel spins.  Does this mean there is no skill involved? Quite the opposite, as you can still calculate probabilities and make the best decision in a given moment, which is not the case when talking about games such as slots.

Can You Influence Games of Chance?

Some players believe that popular gambling superstitions will help them with their luck or end up influencing their games for the better. However, games of chance remain tied to pure luck. Does this mean you have zero control?  Not entirely. There are ways to strategize even with games of chance. You can set a budget, moderate the amount you spend and reduce the overall bet size so that you know that you are always in control. Sure, this won’t bring you a win, but it may just help you extend your stay and have an enjoyable session.  Another good thing about games of chance is that they usually come with the best bonuses, which is always welcome. Even then, you should keep in mind that it is all based on fate, and you can’t do much to actually influence the outcome. Being one of those lucky winners is certainly a tempting prospect, though.

Game of Skill vs Game of Chance: Which to Choose?

Comparing games of chance vs games of skill, you have to ask yourself what you really want. Casino gaming is designed as entertainment, and as such, there is an element of surprise and unpredictability in each game.  

Players play both types of games, but depending on the individual, a preference usually forms. Some are determined to try and beat the house, overcoming the house edge, long odds, and even mathematical probability.  This type of player enjoys the added difficulty of winning some small amounts by playing smartly and consistently. For others, though, games of chance are the best, as they have a big potential in terms of maximum payout.  Even though there are no guarantees of ever winning, they are fun and bring a sense of reward when you try them.

Which type of player are you? You will have to decide for yourself, but remember that at any online casino powered by Realtime Gaming has something for everyone!

Ozwin Casino and Fairgo Casino Have Great Online Pokies

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