Global Gaming Awards 2020/2021: The Premier Awards of the Gaming Industry

By Ryan White Updated: May 2023

The Global Gaming Awards are, without a doubt, the most prestigious awards that recognise the hard work, dedication, and innovative ideas of the highest-performing companies as part of the complex gaming industry in the previous year. Normally, the event is kicked off in style at the G2E Las Vegas. However, the global COVID-19 pandemic has forced organisers to plan and run a completely virtual event in 2020. The event kicked off Global Gaming Expo and it was run by the prestigious B2B gaming publication Gambling Insider as well as Gaming America, along with G2E, while KPMG Isle of Man adjudicated the awards.

The 2020 event was open until the 31st of August 31, with the winners being announced later on, in October, and published in the November issue of the Global Gaming Business magazine. The winners received their awards at their headquarters, in order to comply with the imposed pandemic constraints.

The 2021 Gambling Insider’s Global Gaming Awards LondonGlobal Gaming Awards

This year’s Gambling Insider’s Global Gaming Awards London is meant to carry on the irrefutable success of the Vegas version of the ceremony. Its goal is to introduce a nomination panel created by experts in the industry, with judges representative of all adjacent gaming sectors, all under the careful supervision of the KPMG Isle of Man, guaranteeing that all winners will be 100% deserving of the titles given to them. The self-nominations panel was open to all interested parties on the 16th of November 2020, and they were closed on the 15th of January 2021. March the 15th is the date when the shortlist of all the nominees will be finalised, and the voting will begin on the 19th of April, 2021.

The nomination panel consists of the following nominations:

  • Betting Shop Operator of the Year sponsored by Singular
  • Online Casino of the Year sponsored by fast track
  • Services Provider of the Year
  • Online Sports Betting Operator of the Year sponsored by Altenar
  • Casino Supplier of the Year
  • Product Launch of the Year sponsored by Kalamba Games
  • Retail Supplier of the Year
  • Online Casino Supplier of the Year
  • Casino Product of the Year
  • Social Responsibility of the Year
  • Casino of the Year
  • Payment Solution of the Year
  • Chief Executive of the Year sponsored by 1XBet Professional Betting

If you are eager to find out who will win one or several awards in the list above, be sure to check out the grand winners that will be announced after the voting that will take place in April. If you already have a few favourites on your own, whether it’s a top online casino for real money that you would like to see as a winner, or a certain online sports betting site or casino payment method that you use periodically, the event should be even more exciting to watch. After all, the main purpose of this ceremony is to find and properly honour all the amazing advents and innovations part of the gaming industry, the ever-changing technologies that are freshening up the way gaming is done, and the way the future will be crayoned.

Global Gaming Awards Vegas 2021

The event will be back for its eighth edition this year and the Las Vegas ceremony is yet again expected to officially recognise and reward the top gaming industry product and service providers and their amazing contributions to the growth of the industry.

The awards process has begun on the 1st of February 2021 with interested parties being allowed to enter their own self-nominations by choosing their desired nomination category from an available list and filling in their company details using a simple form online. The nominees were also asked to send a supporting statement containing information on their biggest accomplishments, the most successful products, or the strongest arguments that would entitle them to be included on the list of nominees for:

  • Land-Based Operator of the Year will reward the best company that has run that extra mile to create the most pleasant experiences online for players

  • Digital Operator of the Year will reward the top operator that has positively influenced the gaming industry

  • Land-Based Product of the Year will reward the product that has managed to considerably improve players’ experiences, or the performance of casino operators

  • Digital Product of the Year meant to officially acknowledge the payment solutions, games, or management solutions that have helped the entire industry to grow

  • Land-Based Industry Supplier of the Year will reward the supplier who has done the best job at helping land casinos to grow

  • Digital Industry Supplier of the Year recognising the most popular and reliable software provider used by most operators

  • Customer Loyalty Program of the Year for the company that focuses on customer rewards the most

  • Property of the Year rewarding the property that has pushed the boundaries of player experiences in brick-and-mortar casinos

  • Product Innovation of the Year acknowledging the most innovating virtual or land-based gaming product

  • Slot of the Year that will reward the most successful pokie game

  • Responsible Business of the Year for the company that is most committed to CSR

  • American Executive of the Year acknowledges

    those industry executives who strive to keep helping the industry go forward

Given the incredible popularity and worldwide recognition of the Global Gaming Awards event in recent years, as a result of people’s increased interest in virtual and land-based forms of gambling, there is no doubt that year’s event is also expected to gather a huge crowd. We can expect the London and Vegas events to be held in their online form once this year, because of the ongoing pandemic restrictions, even though there is no official data as of now.