Take Your Pick: Mobile Casino Website vs Casino Apps

By Gavin Harper Updated: June 2023

Long gone are the days when the only way you could access a casino online was by typing in the address of a casino website in the browser on your desktop computer. The amazing technology advent that we have been all witnessing in the past few years has opened the gates to some incredibly convenient and portable gaming experiences, with mobile casinos slowly, but surely getting ready to take over the industry. Over the past ten years, the number of online desktop gamers has started to drop significantly to the detriment of mobile players on the go.

Even more, playing on a mobile device can be done in more than just one way. Some players prefer to use the browsers on their smartphones or tablets to gamble, while others would rather download dedicated casino apps. Which of the two alternatives are you a fan of? If you are still looking for some extra guidance, these next few lines should shed more light on the topic of mobile casino apps versus mobile casino sites.

Mobile Casino Sites VS Mobile Casino AppsMobile Casino Sites 

Mobile gambling or casino websites are dedicated online websites players are able to access via a browser installed on their smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. These sites are usually built with the help of HTML technology and they are mobile-optimised, which means they are meant to be used on a variety of mobile devices running various operating systems, with different touch screen sizes and system parameters.

This means you should not worry about dealing with any distorted images on the screen as might have been the case of the first casino websites that had been exclusively designed to be used on desktop computers. Today, you can benefit from the most seamless gaming sessions straight on a smartphone or tablet, and it is all thanks to the wondrous HTML5 technology, which is the freshest version of Hypertext Markup Language, a plethora of codes and markup symbols that are in files meant to be displayed online. The special markup is used to communicate with different web browsers and let them know the way they should be displaying the images and words on a web page.

All top casinos for real money online you can access today rely on this technology, which translates to quality casino websites that can be easily and smoothly accessed and used on any mobile device. You can expect to find the same functions, services, and buttons to be available on both desktop computers and smartphones or tablets, with no noticeable difference, lack of quality, or services.

One of the main advantages of entering a mobile casino straight from a mobile browser comes from the fact that there is no need to spend time downloading any casino software, special gadgets, or apps to start playing the hottest pokies for real money from top providers.

Mobile Casino Sites Advantages 

You will enjoy fast, unrestricted, and smooth access to your preferred casinos online using the browser on your mobile device, 24/7, no matter your location in Australia. You will not have to concern yourself with searching for any special apps or casino software, freeing up space on your smartphone to have it installed, and feeling the frustration of a broken app that will keep crashing.

Mobile casino sites are not specifically designed for certain operating systems and they are compatible with all of them.

Mobile Casino Sites Disadvantages

Not all casinos are compatible with all types of operating systems and mobile software. Some might require you to have a more recent OS version installed, while others might have higher processor and RAM requirements and you might end up with a glitching, slow loading site that is almost impossible to use.

Some casinos will not display the same number and types of games or banking options as the ones you can access on the regular desktop version.

Mobile Casino Apps 

Passionate gamblers can get access to their preferred games using a dedicated casino app. These apps are special types of software designed with the purpose of running on a variety of compatible mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones, or smartwatches.

Casino mobile apps are the mobile correspondent of special casino software and apps that are used on desktop computers or laptops. They require downloading from the casino's website or a popular app store, as well as installation on your mobile device.

Mobile Casino Apps Advantages

  • They have been designed and released exclusively to cater to the needs of players on the go by operators wishing to offer casino aficionados easy access to all their services with a single tap on the screen.

  • You will never forget the name of a recent casino you have just joined or miss out on a cool promotion you wanted to be a part of since you will constantly see the app's logo on your phone or tablet and access the casino in a flash.

  • You will not have to memorise complicated web addresses or be near a laptop or desktop computer to access the casino.

  • The fact that these apps are dedicated to certain operating systems means they will usually run flawlessly and seamlessly with zero glitching problems.

  • The casino apps are usually better performing and faster than mobile casino sites since most of the startup data is ready to be accessed by the device.

Mobile Casino Apps Disadvantages

You will need to take a few extra steps regarding the downloading of the app on your phone or tablet. While you will not have to be tech-savvy to download and install a casino app, it will incur a few additional steps that will make the convenience of using this option smaller than the convenience of using a casino site. You may not be able to easily locate the downloadable casino mobile app from the app store with extreme ease and mistakingly download the wrong app.

If you regularly visit several casinos a day, during the same gambling session, you will also need to download several apps for all of them. This means you will need to make sure you have the extra storage space for it. Rarely, some casino apps will be solely compatible with iPS or Android systems, so in case you own a device running on something else, you may not be able to use the app.

Mobile casino app updates take longer to complete compared to mobile casino site upgrades. Plus, players must wait for a notification letting them know that an update has become available, then go ahead and download the latest version of the app, or else they will not be able to get access to the fresh content.


Both casino mobile sites and apps have their own strong points and drawbacks that make them suitable for some players and a bad choice for others. It ultimately depends on your expectations, needs, and style of playing to decide which of them is the better fit for you. 

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