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Ryan White
by Ryan White
Bonus Playthrough Requirements

So, you started gambling online and you are a seasoned casino player now. All you have to do is get your money out of that online casino into the real world. Cashing out your online winnings is going to be slightly different based on which online casino you are using. Every casino has different expectations, different procedures, and policies but in reality what you have to do is pretty identical no matter where you are playing.

Bonus Playthrough Requirements for casino cash out

Before you do any of that you need to make sure you have met any bonus play through requirements for bonuses and promotions. This is an area which causes a lot of frustration for newcomers simply because they didn’t read the terms and conditions. Most of the time if you sign up for an online casino you also get a welcome bonus. This bonus is typically a match bonus which means whatever your initial deposit amount was, the casino will match it based on a percentage. What most people fail to recognize is that they have to play through requirements. Depending on what games you are using with your bonus match money, you have to play a certain number of times before you can make your first withdrawal. If that play through is 50 times that means you have to play 50 games before you are allowed to make a withdrawal for any of your winnings.

Options and Procedures for online casino withdrawalsBanking at Online Casinos

The first thing you need to do in order to cash out your winnings after you play pokies online is to open up whatever software you are using for the casino in question or navigate the browser until you find the cashier section. The cashier section is probably familiar to you because it will be the same place where you made your deposits.

From there you need to select whatever option you want is your preferred withdrawal method. Depending on what casino you are using, the withdrawal section might have a list of 10 different methods or just one method. Most of them should present with a screen that lists the different methods and provide you with a short description of them. There should also be an explanation as to what the fees are based on which method you use. High-end casinos will tell you what the processing time is for individual methods and they will list the units. Units typically are shown as maximum and minimum figures. This means whatever unit of currency you are using has a maximum and minimum amount. If the minimum amount for PayPal is 10 units that means you have to withdrawal a minimum of $10. If the maximum amount is 5000 units then you have to make sure you space out your withdrawals if you have more than 5000 units. Chances are the minimum and maximum limits are the same for withdrawals as for deposits.

The final step is to provide any personal or billing information necessary to complete your method of withdrawal. Something like PayPal, for example, will require you generally to enter your PayPal email address and in most cases will simply reroute you to a login prompt or PayPal specifically. If you are using your bank account you might have to inputs account information like your bank name, the type of account it is, and your routing number. Again this is different based on which method you use and which casino you have, but chances are you will have to put in more information for debit card, credit card, and bank withdrawals than you will for third-party systems like PayPal or Skrill. Once this is done there should be a withdrawal then at the end where you submit your final information after reviewing it.

Casino withdrawals - know the detailsThe process of cashing out is pretty self-explanatory and honestly most casino sites will make it as simple as possible. You just need to be aware of the fact that different withdrawal processes will charge you different amount of money. So you should your homework before you decide which method is best for you.

How it differs from traditional casinos

If you have ever gambled before at a traditional casino then you know that you can cash out your winnings in one of two ways after you learn how to play pokies and win. If you are playing card games that deal with chips, you have to go to the window to exchange your cash for chips or you simply walk up to a table and lay down your initial bet in cash and the dealer will give you chips. Whenever you are done, you take your chips and you reverse it. You go back to the window where you first exchange your money and you give them the chance. In exchange they will give you the cash. If you are playing video poker, blackjack on a machine, or slot games, you might see virtual chips fill the screen but you end up getting a ticket. When you’re ready to cash out, you hit the “cash out” button and it just prints the ticket with your total amount on it. The casino floor is scattered with machines that handle the financial transactions. You can go up to these machines, put in your ticket, and it will give you cash for the amount on your ticket. Now obviously this brings with it some inherent risk such as having to walk around with the mountain of coins in your pocket or a piece of paper that you could easily misplace or forget about. If you forget to hit the cash out button you might lose your money entirely. Once you do cash out and you have the literal cash in hand, you still have to get back to a bank somewhere.

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