Slots Types – 3 Reel Slots Versus 5 Reel Slots

By Ryan White Updated: January 2023

Which Ones Are Best? Progressive Slots Or 5 Reel Slots?

If you are asking yourself this question, you are probably new to the slots scene online. This article is going to try and play the part of a special online guide to all slots types that exist out there. First of all, there is no universally accepted answer that can enlighten you; there is an extremely wide array of choices in terms of slots, and all of the online individual games that can be found online are definitely going to take a lot of your studying, testing and analyzing time. Progressive slots, for instance, or the large jackpot slots are some of the best choices you could be making. They are definitely considered the heavyweights of the slots universe and they feature constantly increasing bonuses that often times go through the roof. Let us just take the example of the MegaMoolah game which managed to see its jackpot pool be boosted up to $6,000,000 by April 2012. The previous year, the same game of slots paid $5,000,000 to an individual player, and it hence managed to draw even more excitement around it. The main highlights that best define these slots types that are called progressive slots are the amazing graphics and sound quality, the huge degree of fun and entertainment that are to be equally experimented, along with the chance to win some impressively large payouts. And the great news is that anyone can take on progressive slots, no matter how old they might be and no matter how experienced or inexperienced they might be.

Classic 3 Reel Slots And 5 Reel Slots

3 reel slots are able to allow players to enjoy all of the flexibility they are searching for, and its stakes are somewhere in between $0.01 and $100.00. Therefore, anyone should be able to afford to place bets and spin those reels, enjoy the most popular reel symbols and great graphic display. Plus, for those of you who still consider yourselves in love of the classic game of slots as your parents used to know it back in the days, the dose of reminiscence that these 3 reel slots usually manage to bring to the table should also convince you of their magic. Again, all player categories can get to enjoy these conventional games, no matter how experienced they might be. The rewards are great to collect and the various types of jackpots that they provide to gamblers are definitely placing them on top of many players’ lists. Single, multiple line, progressive and bonus slots are the main 3 reel slots types to choose from. 3 reel slots are of course the simplest games to play, as they feature almost no rules and just one payline. Multiple payline games are prone to have a larger number of paylines and players can expect to see some peculiar patterns being displayed. Bonus slots come with one or several paylines and they offer players with one special bonus round, which makes them more appealing to most gamblers, while progressive slots offer players large jackpots. The casinos that are hosting these slot types are normally linking them across the network of the casino, so that they can also give the jackpot amount a boost. Video slots imply extra bonus structure, more themes, diversified payout alternatives and cooler animated graphics and stereo sound.