The Top 3 Fictional Books on Gambling That You Must Read

By Ryan White Updated: June 2023

The gambling world is glittery, dreamy, and glamorous. It can be an easy and instant way to make millions. Because gambling has become a popular entertainment activity for celebrities and regular people alike, there have been many movies that are made with gambling as the theme. There are countless scenes in movies that include the actors sitting around the gambling table and playing casino games. Such movies quickly gain in popularity and become a hit among the masses.  

As compared to Hollywood movies, there are not many books that feature a gambling theme. Nevertheless, you will find plenty of guides that offer tips and strategies for understanding the different games. A few books, however, are not learning guides but feature a more dramatic plot that revolves around the thrill of gambling.

The Best Books on Gambling

In this section, we have featured some of the best books that are based on gambling.

Titanic Thompson by Kevin Cook

Players looking for a nostalgic narrative will enjoy reading the book, Titanic Thompson by Kevin Cook. The book revolves around a traveller to America, who is called Thompson. He moves around all over the United States to enjoy gambling, placing bets, and making money.

Titanic Thomspson by Kevin cookHe has several ridiculous ways of earning money as well. He would suggest throwing a walnut over a building or throwing a golf ball a few yards away. When he managed to succeed in these tricks, he would take away the money and disappear.  

The book also includes topics such as women’s liberation, war, and gangsters. These topics run in the background. Several popular people such as athletes and celebrities are also talked about in the story.

As you read the book, you will get to know more about the history of gambling and betting in America. It is quite wonderful to know how betting has become prevalent among people and gradually become a passion for many.

The author has described gambling beautifully in the Titanic Thompson book. The content of the book draws the attention of the reader to the interesting gambling evolution in the US. Gambling fans will surely enjoy reading this book as it not only focuses on gambling but includes a range of topics to make it more thrilling and entertaining.

Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich

Ben Mezrich is an interesting writer who has authored many books on the gambling world. However, the book, ‘Bringing Down the House’ has become the largest hit amongst readers.

Mezrich was a student of MIT and he was a part of a small team that comprised skilled engineers and mathematicians. The team was trained by experienced professors who taught them to count cards in the game of blackjack. The team members introduced this strategy to Las Vegas and managed to earn money in billions. Because Mezrich was a part of this team, he perfectly knew the skills and tips to play blackjack and the strategy of counting cards.

The book, Bringing Down the House, by Mezrich, wonderfully explains the details about the gambling system and the associated mathematics. The book is written in simple language so that it can be grasped even by the general reader.

The book not only focuses on the working of the gambling system, but it also shows the negative and positive effects of gambling on the life of people. This book has made blackjack popular and enhances the reputation of the MIT blackjack team.

When blackjack was played a few decades back, the players were not able to count the cards as the games were controlled by random number generators. Nowadays, with the advent of Live Blackjack, players can play games with live dealers and count cards through a high-quality video stream.

In the last few years, online casino gaming has gained pace and it has become more interesting, convenient, and engaging. This is all made possible because of the advancement of digital technology.

Sex, Lies, and Video Poker by Bob Dancer

This is a fictional book by Bob Dancer, which is based on video poker. Bob writes about several tips and tricks to play the game, and his interest in video poker is apparent in the tale he narrates in the book.

The story features Chris who takes lessons in video poker intending to impress Annie, who was a skilled gamer. Chris's first step into the world of gaming takes him to places and introduces him to experiences he would never have imagined.

The book, Sex, Lies and Video Poker, became so popular, that the author wrote a sequel, which was based on Las Vegas. Bob Dancer's knowledge of Las Vegas and different forms of gaming makes this book a great read for players.

Enjoy Reading the Best Gambling Books

Casino gambling is full of glitz and fun. It is thrilling and entertaining to read books that are based on gambling and includes a lot of dramatic twists and fun.  If you like reading books and you are a fan of gambling, you can pick any of these titles and enjoy the ride.

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