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Gavin Harper
by Gavin Harper
roulette game in movies

The growing fame of the game of wheel, Roulette, has given movie makers a lot of ideas. In the past few years, several movies have been launched that include Roulette casino scenes. You will find them in movies of all niches including dramas, comedies, action movies, and thrillers.

In this article, we have listed some of the best movies that have exciting Roulette scenes.

Diamonds Are Forever

The movie ‘Diamonds are Forever’ is a popular James Bond film, launched in 1971. The entry scene of James Bond (Sean Connery) shows him sitting at the Roulette table in his allure and magnetism. Sean was shown engaged in playing several casino games including Roulette.

The storyline of the movie revolves around James Bond who was on a mission to find the truth behind a diamonds trafficking conspiracy. James Bond disguised himself as Peter Franks and teamed up with the gorgeous smuggler Tiffany Case to expose the ring operation and stop the deadly mission of wicked Ernst Blofeld who wanted to use diamonds for creating a lethal laser.

The Roulette casino scenes have surely added an ambience of thrill and excitement in the movie. "Diamonds are Forever" was a super hit and collected more than 100 million Dollars worldwide.

Indecent Proposal

Released in 1993, Indecent Proposal was a sensational movie that stars some popular actors such as Woody Harrelson, Demi Moore, and Robert Redford. The film shows how a casino game like Roulette can become trouble for people who bet more than they can manage.

The movie features a wedding couple, Diana and David who are fond of playing casino games. The story shows how this couple gambled away all their funds playing roulette. The chance to gain huge money comes as an indecent proposal from the tycoon John Gage, who offered them a whopping amount of one million dollars if he spent a night with the Bride, Diana.

Because the couple was desperate for money, they eventually agreed to this indecent proposal and signed the contract. John took Diana with him in his private yacht and offered her a last chance to cancel the contract. He tossed his lucky coin but Diana lost the toss. She, therefore, had to spend the night with Gage.

The couple were never happy after this incident. Tension and insecurities started brewing between them, which finally resulted in their divorce. Diana and John came closer to each other until one day Diana chose to return to her former husband. The movie ended on a happy note with David and Diana uniting again.

Run Lola Run

Run Lola Run MovieRun Lola Run is a German movie that stars Lola, played by actress Franka Potente. It is a grand 1998 movie that features romance, thrill, and adventure. The movie features three important parts where Lola is seen arranging 100,000 Deutsche Marks to save the life of her partner, Manni. The couple attempts a robbery in a supermarket but are trapped by the police. Lola got injured as she was shot in the chest.

In the next part of the movie, Lola holds a man captive in a bank to demand money. Everything was going according to plan until Manni is hit by an ambulance. The final part of the film features Lola in a casino trying to get money by playing Roulette. She has only a 100 Mark chip and she desperately wants money. Lola placed bets on all the numbers and amazingly she wins. She doesn't stop here and continues playing with her winnings until she collects the needed money to save Manni.

Run Lola Run was reviewed as one of the best movies and it was nominated for several awards in German film Festivals.

California Split

Released in 1974, California Split is a popular casino movie that has actors George Segal and Elliot Gould. Charlie Walters and Bill Denny become friends because they are fascinated with casino gaming. Bill slowly became captivated by the glamorous living style of Denny and started following him. The friendship became stronger with time.

Bill gambled most of his life savings and possessions to go with Denny on a tour to Reno, where they both have decided to play the biggest casino games of their lives. After collecting a massive amount of money in playing Craps, Blackjack, and Roulette, Bill shared the winnings with Denny and decided to start a new journey as he was exhausted from this new lifestyle and wanted to return to his old life. 

The film focuses exclusively on gambling and therefore the roulette table appears several times through the film. The film got very popular amongst viewers and collected over five million dollars. It was also nominated for several reputed awards such as the Writers Guild of America.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Dirty Rotten Scoundrel features Steve Martin and Michael Caine. It was released in 1988 and includes a lot of drama and comedy. The movie is about two people who team up together to win money through gambling in France. In a few movie scenes, the pair are seen playing Roulette against each other and with other people. The setting of the casino scenes in this film creates a realistic and thrilling ambience for the audience. people love the plot and the storyline.

These are a few of the popular films that feature some of the best casino scenes and an interesting plot. Being one of the common casino games, Roulette has been a part of several movies in the last few decades. Online real money casinos also feature the roulette game and it is played by many casino buffs. 


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