Top Gambling Themed Movies

By Gavin Harper Updated: June 2023

Many film directors like making movies about gambling. The thrilling casino betting scenes generate a whimsical plot for movie stories and the escalating anxiety created during gambling scenes keeps spectators hooked to the edge of their seats.

Gambling-themed movies become more entertaining when the main characters use their gaming skills to influence their rivals and the spectators. You will find countless Hollywood movies that are based on gambling such as Casino, Casino Eleven, Casino Royale, The Hangover, and so on. Here, we have compiled a list of the best gambling movies of all time.

Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale is a popular James Bond gambling-themed movie. The storyline of the movie is great. In the film, James Bond becomes friends with a Lady called Fiona who exposed a group of terrorists.

After receiving the “00” status and the license to kill, James Bond moves to Montenegro. Here he attends a poker casino game, which was planned by a terrorist, Le Chiffre who used to finance terrorist organizations. James Bond's mission is to capture the notorious Le Chiffre.  James Bond was with agent Vesper Lynd during the poker casino game. Bond also gets assistance from Felix Leiter.

People loved this movie for the freshness and thrill it brought to the audience. The movie Casino Royale is based on the first novel by Ian Fleming, which was published in 1953. The casino gaming actions in the movie are electrifying. Even the people who have little knowledge of poker can enjoy the plot and feel the adrenaline rush.

Rounders (1998)

This movie has a star cast including John Malkovich, Matt Damon, and Edward Norton. The movie's story is simple yet entertaining. The plot revolves around the high-stakes poker world that attracts the attention of leading characters who try their luck winning money.

The characters are so addicted to gambling that they are willing to go to any length just to win, by hook or by crook. This obsession and passion to win made the film notable among viewers. A law student in the movie, Mike McDermott, wants to play big and he loses all his life savings in the casino. After this huge downfall, he decides to concentrate on his studies and swears not to play in the casino again.

Mike begins to break his promise when his childhood pal, Worm gets back from jail and plans to increase his bankroll by playing at the card tables. Mike tries his best to save his friend but he neglects his studies and his girlfriend.

The majority of the audience appreciated the movie Rounders as it amazingly captured the feel of the casino world.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

The film Ocean Eleven features George Clooney as Danny Ocean who becomes partners with a team of old and new associates to rob three casinos simultaneously in Las Vegas. Besides robbing a huge amount from the Mirage, The Bellagio and the MGM Grand, Ocean also has the intention to get his ex-wife back.

The movie is directed by Steven Soderbergh and includes some well-known and talented movie stars such as Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, and Matt Damon. The movie is beautifully made with all the needed elements for an entertaining, thrilling, and fun plot.

Since the movie's release in 2011, there have been three sequels, Ocean's Twelve, Ocean's Thirteen, and Ocean's Eight. All the movies are based on robberies but only Ocean 11 and Ocean 13 include casino action.

If you are a casino buff, you should certainly watch this epic movie and enjoy its twists and adventures.

Casino (1995)

Featuring renown artists such as Joe Pesci, Sharon Stone, and Robert De Niro, Casino is another exhilarating gambling film that you wouldn’t want to miss. The director of the movie is Martin Scorsese, and in the film, he depicts an enmity between two best friends who compete against each other in the gambling realm. The movie reveals the nasty world of criminals and crime.

Sam (Robert DeNiro) comes to Las Vegas as a manager of Tangiers casino. While turning his slow-paced business into a huge success, he falls for the gorgeous Ginger (Sharon Stone). Sam's business grows manifold and everyone around him is glad; though, not for a long time. Sam’s childhood pal Nicky (Joe Pesci) comes into his life and makes it tough for Sam to keep a balance with his work and love life. Eventually, everything around him starts to crumble.

The ‘Casino’ is an entertaining movie that all casino buffs must watch. The plot is about love, relationship, goals, and betrayal.

The Gambler (1974)

The film features Jim Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) who’s an unsuccessful author and teaches in a University in Las Vegas. With great skills, an affluent upbringing and gambling habits, Jim soon finds himself in trouble.

In order to satisfy his urge to bet, he kept on borrowing money in thousands of dollars from his associates. Soon, he has debts piling up, and that further makes his life messier.

The movie includes a lot of gambling scenes to keep the audience involved in the plot. Jim’s best casino game is blackjack and he plays it using the reverse martingale strategy. Mark Wahlberg does brilliant work in the movie. He is seen as a guy you will just want to hate.

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