Top Tips to Maximize Your Welcome Bonus

By Ryan White Updated: September 2023

The welcome bonus is a fascinating thing. It makes big promises, often comes with minutely scribbled terms that tend to go “oh, I didn’t know that” after you discover a bit more about them, and generally makes for a great way to spend your first moments at a casino. Many players today wonder if there is a way to maximize your welcome bonus. Well, to answer that, we need to first answer the question.

What Is Maximizing a Casino Welcome Bonus About?

Maxing your welcome bonus is not at all hard. It’s about knowledge and applying that knowledge so that you can get the best experience possible. Welcome bonuses are often contracts, and every good contract has its rules and terms neatly arranged.

Therefore, you will always do your best to start by familiarizing yourself with the Terms and Conditions of each welcome bonus. And, as it were, some casinos will be more open to showing you these terms in a concise, unambiguous, and understandable way.

Right off the bat, we can think of Ozwin Casino and its choice of welcome bonuses, or Fab Spins Casino which offers low wagering. These are two of the best and admittedly – most accessible bonuses. Okay, now that we understand maximizing our bonus in theory, how do we put it into practice?

Pick the Best Games for Your Bonus

The first thing to check, of course, is the wagering contributions. Each bonus will have different wagering contributions. Essentially, this is how much money from your bet will count towards the bonus completion requirement.

Games will have different wagering contributions, but this is usually 100% for slots. Table games will vary – some may be excluded completely, while others may only contribute 5% towards the welcome bonus completion criteria. So, why would anyone play table games? That’s a good question – many people enjoy it.

Some people even use a strategy hoping that they will get lucky with the progressions in Martingale and Fibonacci. Even so, the best way to maximize your bonus potential is to play it through the slots because the contributions are high and statistically at least, you are likely to have around 96% of your deposit back in winnings.

Of course, there is no accounting for chance and blind luck with most online casinos, but this is a way to maximize your bonus as you are looking to complete the wagering requirement quickly.

No Need to Claim the Full Amount If You Don’t Want To

Bonuses are often tempting – there is a misunderstanding that to get the most out of a welcome bonus, well, you must go for the full amount. But let’s look at some of the facts, shall we? Many welcome bonuses include free spins. Some of the casinos we have come to conclude are safe and reliable, such as Bruno Casino, which has 250 free spins featured as part of its sign-up offer.

But this is the thing – these free spins are not necessarily tied to the bonus money. You usually get them even if you meet the minimum deposit requirement, which could be $10 or $20. So, maximizing your bonus is not about claiming the full amount, but trying to determine what amount makes sense for you.

After all, you may not have the time to play through $1,000, so why bother in the first place? Especially when you know that you can just as well claim half of this amount (or even less) and have a way to play through the entire thing without ever breaking a sweat. So, to sum up – you never have to worry about claiming the full amount. Sometimes the best way to max a bonus is to not go overhead with it!

Bet at the Highest RTP Games

Now, the next step is not just to identify what type of games gives you 100% contributions towards the bonus, but to also make sure that you understand what games are worth your while. Essentially, you want to play at the slots, for example, that have the highest return-to-player rate, or the RTP as the metric is known colloquially. Knowing RTP informs your pokie strategy.

Players who are new to the experience may have to look a bit for these games, but generally speaking, there are tons of excellent games – you can look up a slot quickly to try and better understand what games are best, but in general, the Popular and Hot sections of casinos will give you a very quick shortcut to the games that you wish to play and explore first.  High RTP slots are definitely the way to maximize your welcome bonus. Do not hesitate to scoop up the highest-paying games even if it seems a bit too easy!

Conclusion: Maxing Your Bonus Like a Pro

The truth is that a bonus won’t make you win more. But, all things considered, you still have a chance to max out your funds and use them in the best way possible. That is why players who enjoy claiming bonuses, also enjoy reading into the details and finding ways that allow them to truly innovate their experience.

A bit fuzzy on the bonus details? Don’t be! Choose the best casino brands, such as Hell Spin Casino, and Spinoasis to scoop up some of the best welcome bonuses. This way, you will always have a great bonus in tow and make the most out of your experience wherever you go! Players are always welcome to hunt for the bonuses that appeal to them best! 

A welcome bonus is a gift for signing up and playing at an online casino so you can play for longer.