VPNs for Online Gambling

By Gavin Harper Updated: January 2023

If you are looking for more privacy or anonymity when gambling online, using a Virtual Private Network or VPN is a good solution. Australian online casino players have been using virtual private networks (VPNs) at real money casinos for quite some time now, and they have done so with great success. The situation, however, is still somewhat murky, particularly from the perspective of online casinos.

Let us find out more about VPNs, find out how do VPNs work, and how to choose the best VPNs for Australian casinos online.VPNs for Online Gambling

What Is A VPN?

When surfing the web or completing a transaction via unsecured Wi-Fi networks, we tend to expose a series of private and confidential information, along with our personal browsing habits. This is the reason why a virtual private network should be considered: to add a few extra layers of confidentiality and safety to your online experiences. If you are an avid casino player and you have a few favourite real money casinos you like to access to play top pokies, a VPN will make sure all your gambling sessions will run smoothly, safely, and with zero risks. VPNs allow you to set up protected network connections in real-time while using a public network, by encrypting internet traffic and disguising your online gambler identity. In return, potentially harmful third parties will be unable to track your gambling activities and steal confidential banking information.

How Do VPNs Work When Gambling Online?

A VPN will make sure all your online wagering, fund deposits, and withdrawals will take place without a trace. Even more, a VPN service will set up a 100% safe and fully encrypted connection to the Internet that will offer higher levels of privacy when playing pokies or poker online compared to a secured Wi-Fi hotspot.

A VPN works by creating a tunnel that allows confidential data to be transferred between your local network and an exit node found someplace else, thus creating the illusion that you are located in a completely different spot. In return, you will enjoy extra freedom when browsing the internet and checking our new casinos for real money or casino apps while travelling.

A VPN relies on a special type of encryption for scrambling the data whenever it needs to be transferred via a Wi-Fi connection. The respective encryption makes the original data impossible to read, preventing any public Wi-Fi network users from spying on your activity online.

Advantages of Using VPNs When Gambling Online

VPNs Hide Your Online Gambling Browsing History

Using a VPN will hide your search history since it will connect to the IP address of the VPN server instead of your own address. VPN service providers have servers dispersed in all parts of the world, which means your Internet Service Provider or anyone trying to eavesdrop on your gambling activity online will not be able to get any real data. Whether you would like to try out a more controversial casino or you are interested in playing some comic-con-inspired pokies and you would not want anyone to find out what your gambling habits are, a VPN is just what you need.

A VPN Will Keep Your Location Protected

In case someone manages to capture your IP address, they will also be allowed to access all the information that you have been searching online as well as your exact locations while doing the searches, leading back to your home computer, smartphone, or laptop in a remote location. VPNs will keep your exact address confidential and enable anonymous gambling and browsing online.

A VPN Allows You To Access Australian Casinos When Traveling Overseas

Your favourite casino online for real money from Down Under may not be available from different countries around the world. However, a VPN will allow you to access these platforms and use your regular log-in details so you can continue to benefit from the regular bonuses and perks of the respective casino by simply selecting an IP address in Australia. This way, the casino will grant you access to the platform no matter in which country on the face of the planet you might be in.

VPNs Will Keep Your Device Data Transfers Protected From Cybercriminals

Whether you normally use a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone to gamble online, using a VPN means enjoying enhanced protection against potential hackers on all of these devices.

How To Choose A VPN To Access Australian Casinos Online

Here are a few helpful guidelines that should make choosing the best VPN for accessing Australian casinos online a walk in the park:

  • Look for a VPN with a no-log policy. This translates to the VPN service never tracking or logging your gambling activities online when accessing Australian casinos thus fully respecting your privacy and confidentiality.

  • Choose a VPN that offers unlimited bandwidth and zero data limitations. This is important so you can keep browsing and playing at your preferred casinos without having to worry about running out of data in the middle of an exciting blackjack game that you were winning.

  • Search for OpenVPN instead of PPTP. This special protocol will offer enhanced protection since it is an updated open-source type of software that can effectively support any operating system you might be using.

  • Multiple device setup. Choose a VPN that allows you to switch the service between several devices at a time.

  • Inquire about the location of the available servers. If you want to make it appear like you are accessing a certain casino online from Australia, see that the VPN service has servers there.

  • The costs. Free VPNs may be less safe to use and they could serve you frequent ads that will interfere with your online gambling. A prepaid VPN service will offer the latest security protocols, highest bandwidth, fastest speeds, lowest rate of disconnection, and they will offer 24/7 support and accessibility from serves in all parts of the globe.

Are VPNs Safe?

VPNs will not provide any protection against malware or keyloggers, which means they can pose a threat to your confidential data. They work as third parties between the internet and you, so they can intercept, track down, and sell your real IP address or any information about the type of content you have browsed online. However, this is a risk that is normally associated with free VPNs that may rely on data handover as a means of earning money to support their services.

Finally, paid VPN services will allow you to enjoy safe tunnel data transfers and a confidential and anonymous online gambling session every time. Choose a top one and enjoy more peace of mind next time you travel and want to access your favourite casinos online.

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