BC.Games Casino Bonuses & Bonus Codes for August 2022

Valid For:
New Players

Make a deposit

You can get from 80-180% match deposit bonus in BDC

You can do it 4 times

Valid For:
Returning Players

You will have the chance to spin the lucky wheel for a shot at winning 1 BTC after entering the casino. However, don't be surprised if you often receive 10,000 JB coins. On the lucky wheel, new players have a lesser chance of winning valuable coins.

You'll get one free Lucky Spin every day, so don't miss out on the chance to earn free coins. As your availability on this casino increases, you will start to receive higher coins on the wheel, allowing you to claim that 1 BTC.

Among the incentives available are free coin bundles in TRX, BTC, LTC, BCH, USDT, DOGE, and other cryptocurrencies. The counter restarts every 20 hours so that you can claim up to 1 BTC. 

Valid For:
Returning Players

Crypto bonuses are one of the excellent aspects of Bitcoin casinos. They provide gamers with frequent bitcoin incentives that are only available to bitcoin users.

You may use shitcodes to get bitcoin prizes at BC.Game.

You'd be handed a number of promo codes, or shitcode 2022 as they're called in these parts, depending on your VIP level. To obtain your unique bonus offer, just enter them in the shitcode form on the website's "Promotions" tab. The coins are yours once you've redeemed a Shitcode.

BC.Game is a fantastic casino with a plethora of promotions and incentives for players! The crypto incentives will allow you to play for a longer period of time.

Valid For:
Returning Players

If you continue to play and wager on BC.games, you will be on your road to receiving a plethora of free BCD coin bundles. These are BCD or BC Dollars that you have earned either directly or indirectly through any of the bonus offerings on the site.

If you enjoy playing video slots, you'll appreciate the Bitcoin bonuses available at BC.Game Casino. These casinos provide a wide range of games that may be played using cryptocurrency. You may also make deposits and play with bonuses using your cryptocurrency.

Valid For:
Returning Players

On BC.Game, there is a Master Medals campaign that runs on a regular basis. Game. Activate the medal to receive the bonus. There are more opportunities when you play more games.

It's a token of gratitude for doing a wonderful task at the casino. The casino will offer you $10,000 if you gather all of them.

  • After activating Five Medals, you will receive 20 BCD.
  • After activating Ten Medals, you will receive 800 BCD.
  • After activating Fifteen Medals, you will receive 2,400 BCD.
  • After activating Twenty Medals, you will receive 10,000 BCD.

The online casino industry has welcomed cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin bonuses may now be found at almost every casino. However, not all bitcoin bonuses are created equal. At some casinos, smaller bitcoin bonuses are offered, while at others, larger bitcoin bonuses are available.

BC.Game Casino is a fantastic bitcoin casino for players.

Valid For:
Returning Players

Another fascinating BC.Game offer is the "Where is Coco?" incentive. When you achieve level 14, you will be eligible for this reward. Every 6 hours, Coco, the casino mascot, will emerge in a random spot on your screen and stay for up to 10 minutes.

When you click on this cheeky little alligator, you will receive at least 0.005 BCD. And the bonuses get bigger and better as you go through the tiers!

COCO adores the game of hide-and-seek! Have you been able to apprehend him yet?

Valid For:
Returning Players

In the chat rooms, it's pouring coins! 6 wins in 6 hours!

The "Rain" bonus is activated when you achieve VIP level 4. Six lucky chat room users will be chosen at random every six hours to get free coins. This reward can be in any of the cryptocurrencies that BC.game accepts, so it has the potential to be highly profitable.

This reward will be awarded to players at random. A player's chances of being rewarded increase as they send more messages. There is still a potential of obtaining the rain bonus even if a person has only submitted one message.

Rain information will be provided to the talk room by robots.

Valid For:
Returning Players

You can obtain a few more fun bonuses at BC.game. The "Roll Competition," which you may unlock once you've reached VIP level 3, is another fantastic one. Players receive a daily roll and are rewarded with currency bundles.

Once every day, each participant receives a free four-dice roll. The best ten rolls are the winners. You must have wagered on at least one non-JB game in the 24 hours preceding up to the Roll Point game.

Valid For:
Returning Players

Task Hub is one of BC.Game's most unique and valuable perks. You must accomplish a few activities and earn points to gain access to BCD incentives. The Task Hub is available to all players on the site, irrespective of their VIP membership.

How does it work?

The Task Hub Challenges start on Sunday and end on Saturday. For the whole week, you will have Daily Tasks and Weekly Tasks. Weekly tasks can be done at any time throughout the week. The daily duties are renewed every twenty-four hours.

When you do an activity, you'll be awarded points unique to that task. As soon as you have accumulated enough points to reach the various tiers, BCD rewards will be provided to you through the Rewards Notification.

The amount of money wagered completely determines the task rewards. The wager resets once you've collected your 1st Level prizes, and you'll have to bet more to win bigger perks on the second, third, and fourth stages.

Valid For:
Returning Players

The rake is the sum of money that the BC.Game Casino receives directly from the players. The casino deducts a small portion of each wager in a game, which goes towards the site's revenue.

Rakeback enables you to recoup a percentage of the rake collected from you by the casino. For each wager you put, you might get a portion of the money staked back. It's a player's 'cash-back' reward, to put it simply!

Rakeback is a term that refers to a recurring and unending reimbursement on your gaming account. Because rakeback is free money, many cryptocurrency casino firms do not offer it to their customers.

Rakeback bonuses are available after you achieve VIP level 14. Rakeback bonuses give you a 20% return on all bets with a house edge. This bonus is available every thirty min or so, depending on how much money players wager on a weekly basis. You may boost your rakeback bonus by using a JB coin.

Valid For:
New Players

The advantages don't stop there; the BC.Game casino strives to provide lucrative and greater incentives.

BC.game continues to give more and more to its players, notably through its recharge bonus offer. When you achieve VIP level 22, you will be entitled to a unique bonus offer on each of your casino deposits. 

The total amount of money you have gambled in the preceding seven days will be used to determine your bonus rewards. The higher the risk, the higher the recharge returns. You can collect this bonus every 10 minutes, hourly, or daily, based on your typical betting patterns.

If you are at a VIP level 22 or higher and have played at least $1,000 in the preceding 7 days, you can request Recharge Activation. Once activated, your Recharge will be good for the next 7 days.

At BC.Game, you may relax and revitalize with a steady flow of recharge.

Valid For:
Returning Players

Are you interested in participating in the BCL Lottery? Read on to find out more.

Buy a $0.1 ticket and choose your numbers.

Look for the draw each day at 15:00. Every draw results in the generation of 6 numbers. Once the draw has concluded, come back to the lottery page to see what you've won.

To draw the lottery prizes, the casino utilizes a provably fair method.

The player chooses six numbers for each ticket, the first five of which range from 1 to 36, and the last five of which range from 1 to 10. You may choose between picking numbers automatically and manually.

Tickets may be redeemed using BCL. BCL (BC Lottery) is a lottery-themed token issued by a casino. BCL may be used to buy lottery tickets at any time in the Lottery, with one BCL equalling one lottery ticket. You can also send BCL to other players by using the Tip feature.

You will be awarded handsomely if you match multiple numbers in the first five digits.

  • If all six digits are matched, you will win $100,000.
  • If all five digits are matched, you will win $3,000.
  • If all four digits are matched, you will win $20.
  • If all three digits are matched, you will win $1.
Valid For:
New Players

BC.game hasn't forgotten about its regulars or high rollers. The unique and comprehensive rewards in its Loyalty scheme are meant to keep you involved and satisfied.

There are free coins, unexpected rewards, complimentary presents, unique promo codes, special invitations to cruise ships and prominent hotels, an annual invitation to their magnificent grand celebration, and much more.

You just need to keep betting on the site and gain VIP level points to move up in rank. If you are a VIP at another casino, BC.game may be able to convert your status to their conditions, giving you a leg up in their VIP ranking system. What a remarkable achievement!

To advance to higher VIP levels, gain XP points by playing on BC.Game Casino on a regular basis. For every dollar gambled, beginners would gain one XP. Your point return rate rises as you go through the VIP ranks.

Each accomplishment will win you a new VIP card, culminating in the Diamond Card, which provides the most extensive set of VIP advantages. These advantages might come as JB coins or any of the cryptocurrencies offered by BC.