StarBets Casino Bonuses & Bonus Codes for December 2023

Valid For:
New Players

StarBets Casino have a different kind of welcome bonus. In place is the Dividend system, which shares out all profits between registered players.To increase the long-term stability of district0x, 2% of all current DNT tokens are distributed to holders on a daily basis. The rest of the 98% is used to create new district pools.

The “my dividend balance” section keeps track of your money earned and the total amount of dividends collected. Dividends don't expire and can be collected any time of the day. Once you get new dividends, they are immediately transferred to your StarBets wallet.

Valid For:
Returning Players

The proportion of cashback you receive is based on your rating. Reaching a new Rank will increase your Cashback percentage.

Your Cashback Balance is determined as a percentage of your losses since the last collection. It will only be paid on funds that you have placed. Cashback has no expiration date and may be spent whenever you want. Once collected, the Cashback balance will be added to your StarBets wallet.

The total amount wagered determines your ranking. Increase your Rank by betting more. When you reach a new Rank, your Cashback Percentage increases, and a Rank Bonus is automatically deposited into your StarBets Wallet.

Valid For:
Returning Players

The dividend system is a means of dividing platform profits among users. To create long-term predictable income, just 2% of the dividend pool is distributed daily; the remaining 98% is rolled over into the next day's pool.

The total of your daily dividend payments is your dividend balance. Dividends have no expiration date and can be collected whenever you like. Once collected, the payout amount will be sent to your StarBets wallet.

STAR Tokens are mined every time you place a wager. Dividend payments are determined by the proportion of STAR Tokens you possess. To get additional tokens, more games must be played.

STAR tokens are the platform's native tokens. These tokens are gained by playing games; the more you play, the more you get and the more dividends you receive.

Valid For:
Returning Players

By sharing your Referral Link with your followers and friends, you may earn 0.1% of each wager and 5% of the tokens they mine. Only In-House Games will be eligible for referral bonuses.

Your referral bonus is comprised of referral bonuses received from bets placed by players you recommended. The referral balance has no expiration date and can be withdrawn at any time. Once collected, the referral sum will be sent to your StarBets wallet.

Valid For:
Returning Players

Watch for daily wager events in the events section on the left side of the screen. The top 100 scoring will share in the prise money. All you have to do to win big is play and gamble. The following events are currently taking place at StarBets Casino: 

StarBets StarWars BTC Daily

StarBets STAR Mining Competition

StarBets StarWars ETH Daily

StarBets StarWars BNB Daily