Join an Online Casino Rewards Program Today!

By Gavin Harper Updated: March 2023
Get free spins and casino rewards by joining a casino rewards program

Many great online casinos offer their own loyalty programs where you make points as you play, and where you may exchange points for games, gifts, or in some cases even money. And this is a great way to increase your over all winnings, plus getting the most out of any casino.

Joining a casino that offers a loyalty program may be the smartest thing you do if you want more opportunities; more bang for your buck. Because, just imagine getting free rounds on slot machines, or even free bonuses to play for. These kinds of gifts and bonuses may be just the margin you need to secure more prizes and higher prizes.

And for this reason, most experts agree that joining an online casino loyalty program is the best thing to do, especially if you’re someone who enjoys playing a little bit more.

Everybody Is Eligible To Join

Don’t get us wrong: We firmly believe that all players need to choose a casino with an exceptional loyalty program, everything else being equal. And even if you don’t play a lot you still get advantages from these programs; it just takes a little more time till you really start seeing the benefits.

Note that most casinos give you points. Some casinos find it easier to give you one point for every dollar from when you start playing pokies for real money. Whereas others have different systems. It doesn’t matter which system your casino has because the basic fact is that the more you play, the more points you get, and these points may be exchanged for gifts, games, or even money, depending on the casino in question.

Earning Casino Loyalty Points

In most online casinos, as soon as you register and start placing real money bets, you start earning loyalty points automatically. But we recommend you double check with your preferred casino that it’s automatic and if not, request to join. And here’s why:

When you join the casino loyalty rewards program, the casino will give you points for every single bet you place on any game in the casino. For some games they’ll match you 10% of your bet in loyalty points. In most casinos, however, all slot game bets count for 100% in the loyalty points rewards system. That means the casino will give you a point for every coin, and ten for every 10 coins you spin, whether you win or lose. In some casinos you can later withdraw your loyalty points as real cash. In others, as prizes. And the more loyalty points you accumulate in your account, the better the perks you’ll get in the casino.

Play Your Way To The Top!

Casino rewards open up many doorsKeep in mind that just like the different airline loyalty programs, casino loyalty programs also have more than one level. Typically, you find the same type of terminology as the airlines, with their ivory, silver, gold, and platinum levels. And these levels are very different. The higher you get, the more points do you receive per dollar you spend. And in some cases, you even get nicer and better promotions the higher up in the loyalty hierarchy you find yourself.

This is great both for player and casino, and trying to always reach a higher level is a no-brainer for any serious player. The higher you get, the better, end of discussion.

Sometimes, the casino will offer two sets of points for the money you play for. One of these points secures your gifts whereas the other set of points has to do with getting to higher levels. Normally, the casino picks players to their higher levels only one time of the year, but this differs from casino to casino.

Many Special Casino Rewards Bonuses and Gifts

gifts 1 0 0 0 0We’ve mentioned the typical gifts, bonuses, and awards you may get when you’re a loyal casino member, but there are other advantages, as well. Advantages that you, perhaps, not normally think about. Like better rakebacks. So when you judge a particular casino’s loyalty program make sure you look at all the small details, and all the gifts that you could receive.

The best thing to do is to use some online guides, like ours, to find the very best online casinos for you to play at. Our job is analyzing the online casino market, and we know which casinos are better than the other, and we tell you all there is to know about the different loyalty programs. You’ve probably already secured your slot casino bonuses, but make a point of checking out what we think about casino loyalty programs, too.

Our Best Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Loyalty

Our best tips for finding a great casino involves making a short list of around ten casinos. Make sure five of them are top rated, popular casinos, and that the other casinos are smaller, edgier casinos that you like for some other reason, perhaps a good bonus, great selection of games, great customer service, or a great loyalty program.

Test out these different casinos by playing games, like slots, for free.

Playing in free-mode is a great way of finding out if you like a casino or not, and these days it is so easy to play for free since most online casinos are instant-play casinos that let you play in your browser.

Check The Reviews For Casino Loyalty Programs

Whichever casino, and consequently whichever casino loyalty program, you choose – make sure the casino is a top casino without serious complaints. Many casinos are, but some casinos should be avoided, which is why it’s so important to check the casino reviews that we have on our site.

Playing pokies for real money is fun, but do test out your choice of casinos in free mode before you make your first deposit. This will help you avoid those casinos with low-quality games, low-quality software, or perhaps a lousy customer service.

In our opinion, it is always worth playing on a casino that has a loyalty program as opposed to those who haven’t. Do your research and find one you like, and you’re on your way to earning many points.

When you find a top online casino that you enjoy playing pokies on, then getting to the top loyalty rewards club will be a breeze!