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By Ryan White Updated: December 2023

Slot machines, or online pokies as we call them in Australia, are among the most popular online casino games these days. And all casinos offer a selection of slots even though some casinos are better than others when it comes to pokies. What we look for particularly is the selection of pokies, the quality of the developers, etc. The great thing about online casinos today is that most games are incredibly easy to play. Earlier you needed to download software to be able to play, but the vast majorities of developers today make games that can be opened in your browser, and this is much more practical both for the casino and the player.  

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Free Online Casino Games

You can play casino games for free, or you can play for real money. We’ll get right back to that, but let’s just first address the issue of whether to choose a “download casino” or an “instant-play casino”. Think about this whole issue like it is a journey from the old way of the Internet, and towards a new road ahead. For one, most people today have various devices they use to play online. Previously most players simply used a big, old desktop, or perhaps a laptop, and this facilitated software downloads. Now players may play a few rounds of slots on their smart phones at work and on their way home, then lie down on the sofa with the tablet and continue playing when they get home. Many people, therefore, believe that the ideal is, therefore, to play on casinos that offer instant-play games, that you can play with any Internet browser no matter which device you’re using. That’s the issue of software downloads, let’s look a little on the many advantages of playing free slots as opposed to playing for real. 


So Many Advantages To Playing Free Games

Playing for free means that you’re just playing for fun, even though some players refuse to admit that playing casino games without being able to win money is never going to be “fun” no matter what. But, again, this is all for you to decide. You do not need to play a particular game of slots for free forever, but perhaps just long enough to get a great feel for the game. All slots are different, so it is well worth it to play some rounds for free before you play for real just to see how that particular slot machine works. Some experienced players claim that when they get to know a machine intimately, that they can successfully predict when there’s going to be a win. Pure logic tells us that everything is due to luck, but the fact remains that these slots are programmed by someone, so who’s to say what is possible to know or not? 

Registration Isn’t Always Necessary play free games online

Most casinos that are instant-play casinos give you the possibility of playing slots for free without needing to register. Download casinos often ask you to leave your name and email for their records, but with the new generation of instant play it is almost always just a question of clicking on a thumbnail, and you’re off. This way, you may test out all the games on that particular casino. Or just the pokies you find interesting. Get a feel for the game, and if you like the casino: Make a first deposit if you know that you want to start playing for real down the line.  


Free Online Games 

In theory, it is perfectly possible to keep playing casino slots for free for the rest of your life, and the casino will do absolutely nothing to try to stop you. In instant-play casinos, you only need to click on the game and you’re off, so there’s no need to even register. Playing for “fun” like this may be perfect for some, but others need a little more excitement and the possibility of being able to win real money. In that case, you simply need to 1) Find a casino you trust and like, 2) Make a first deposit. When this is done you can play slots for real, and you’re able to win real money.  

No-Deposit Bonuses For Free Slot Games

Keep in mind that playing for free doesn’t necessarily mean that you can never take home the prizes you win. And this is due to a new phenomenon called no-deposit bonuses.  Of course, when we talk specifically about slots, you can use the term “no-deposit bonus slots.” This is simply the possibility of getting a bonus to play for without depositing money! Not all casinos offer this logic-defying service, but some do, and if you want to know who, just click on over. Most casinos do not have this feature, but thanks to the stiff competition in the market, this is now a possibility in some cases. Keep in mind that these no-deposit bonus games are not one hundred percent like the real money games, so if you want to be able to play and win, all of the time, making a small deposit is still the only thing to do.  

Play Free Slots Today!

We find that it is great to play free games if you do not care about making money, but just want to play for fun or for training. Yes, you may play at no-deposit bonus casinos, but these games are limited and not many online casinos offer them.

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