Online Sports Betting

By Gavin Harper Updated: August 2022

The world of sports betting can be confusing. Just trying to place can leave a newcomer asking a lot of questions. This is probably a mixture of different systems on the fact that sportsbooks tend to have their own lingo. Figuring out not just how to strategically make money but just how to place a bet can be very difficult. Here at True Blue Casinos, we have done all the legwork so you can find pretty much everything you need in one place. How are these odds determined? What percentage do you need to win in order to break even for profit? Who sets the line? Well, let’s delve into the answers to these questions and more.

There are plenty of places where sports betting is illegal but there are just as many places where it is perfectly legal and very well-regulated. Places like the United Kingdom have very well-regulated sports betting programs. Obviously it is assumed that you are operating in a place where sports betting is legal in your taking advantage of legal online operations when you play online. Legal operations will have and an oversight committee or regulatory agency who guarantees that they are operating within the confines of the law. If you are able to look on the website of the location or website in question and find information on the licensing that obviously they are legal avenue that you can pursue.

Understanding Sports Wagering Online

First of all, different sports have different systems not just for placing bets but for determining the odds of winning. There are even different systems for the same sport depending on what type of game it is you want to place your bet upon. Obviously understanding any of the systems starts with really understanding the lingo they use.

Action just refers to your betting activity. The handle is the amount of money which is currently being wagered. The sportsbook is not an actual book so much as an individual who takes peoples bets. The spread is what gives one team an advantage of just a few points. For sports like baseball scoring in terms of points isn’t high enough to actually use a point spread so instead they use what is called a money line.

The point spread for something like a football game or the money line for a baseball game will both be referred to as “the line”. This simply refers to the odds for that particular game which are then translated into whatever system you are using. The odds given to you as the person placing the bet are based upon an odds maker. It is the job of the oddsmaker to consider different variables, and intense research to determine the odds for a particular game. They might take into consideration injuries, the weather, home-field advantage, the team’s performance throughout the season, during the last week, or against the other team.

One common question that people ask is whether or not they can legitimately make money. Some bettors will get lucky short-term but over the long term most gamblers lose money. The reason is that there is a built in advantage which guarantees that the book he is the one who makes money. Every time you place your bet on a pointspread game, you have to bet a total of $11 for every potential $10 you might win. So, if you bet $110, and you win, you will win $100. This means you have to win about 50% of the time just to break even. And it is difficult to win 50% of the time. If your goal here is to send your kids to college, you will probably end up sending your bookies kids to college. Yes, there are professional gamblers who make a living was sports betting but realistically it is something you’re going to do for the pure enjoyment of it, and short-term wins every so often.

Where to Bet

Many online betting venues are also in a joint venture with popular casinos where you can register for a welcome package and further explore all your gambling options. Some of the independent sites might have a small pokies and tables section to add to their entertainment value.

You will find there are lots of different games made available to you and most likely you’ll learn you can bet on pretty much every sport worldwide. Sports betting does not have the high paced thrill that other games might have. This is especially true if you are placing bets on long games because you will have to remain cognizant of what’s going on in the game but there are many large pauses. In order to prevent yourself from becoming bored, you can play online pokies while betting. This keeps you engaged in case you aren’t as interested in watching the sport as winning. 

If you love sports and gambling, then sports betting would be an exciting way to garner more entertainment from both combined. You’ll find plenty of options available to place a wager on any sports event around the globe – without leaving the comfort of your own home!