Which Operating System for Online Casinos Is Best For You?

operating systems for online casinosGambling has been around for thousands of years, and people used to visit physical gambling establishments in order to place their bets on their favourite casino games. Casinos provide people with a place to visit where they can wager on several games against the house.

With the arrival of the internet, online casinos were introduced thus changing things completely. Hence, rather than having people drop by a local casino, they now have the chance to play their favourite casino games within the comforts of their house in an online environment. While online gambling doesn’t have the social features that a physical casino offers, it does offer you the advantage of convenience, regardless if you play at real money online casinos, or even when playing for fun on demo mode.

Accessing Online Casinos

When online casinos were first introduced, players had to download special software to allow them to start playing. The software should be coded for a particular operating system since software made for one OS won’t be compatible with another. Since there were a lot of desktop computers running on Windows, the software created was specifically designed for that platform. Mac users were often shut out of online software programs since developers at that time would prioritize their Windows-compatible software. Later on, a few casinos started to offer programs compatible with the Mac OS, and then even started developing programs for other platforms such as Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry, and more.

Different Operating Systems for Online Casinos

Considering that the online casino industry is a very competitive field, some online casinos started seeing the introduction of several other platforms as an opportunity to be a pioneer on those platforms. Some of the most popular online casino operating systems are the following:

1. Android

Android is clearly the leading platform in the mobile gambling field, controlling almost 85% of the total smartphone market. In fact, a lot of manufacturers use Android, in spite of the presence of other popular ones such as Apple and Blackberry. Since the Android platform is used by a wide majority of smartphone users and even avid casino gamers, you can expect the availability of a wide range of casino apps to choose from. Android devices tend to be rich in features as well, so you can expect amazing graphics and gameplay at once.

2. iOS

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Despite Android being the device of choice for most of the online gambling market, there are actually as many iOS (iPhone) casino users as there are Android ones. In fact, most of the top casinos online offer access through both methods equally, either through an app, a mobile-friendly website, or both. Generally, iOS devices tend to be more stable and responsive than Android. Although at most it’s barely noticeable, there are still rare occasions where you might experience lag, glitches, and even time outs on an Android that you wouldn’t on an iPhone.

3. Windows

Casinos that run on a Windows operating system often prefer the PlayTech software. Because of this, you can expect a wide selection of games, not to mention cutting-edge elements like graphics, gameplay, and audio. Aside from a wide selection of games, you can also expect comprehensive security for your online transactions and personal profile when you play your favourite casino games from your Windows computer. 

4. Mac

Apple’s Mac computers, without a doubt, feature beautifully designed software, and while they are usually more expensive compared to a standard Windows computer, many people think it’s a worthwhile investment. Nowadays, it is possible to enjoy almost every online casino game available through the Mac operating system. In fact, you’ll find that even downloadable casino software almost always has a specific Mac-optimized version. Most Mac users are extremely loyal lovers of all Apple software and are justifyably convinced it is the best platform for their needs. Because of this, the casino software engineers have responded in kind and created top quality software designed to help them play all their favourite casino games directly from their Mac computers. Now they never miss out on any opportunities that the best online casinos have to offer!

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5. Linux, Ubuntu and other Open Source OS

Linux has been around since 1991, and while it’s not widely popular, certain initiatives were taken in order to accommodate players who want to play their favourite games in their Linux computer. One main advantage of using Linux for casino operating systems is the fact that the software is more user friendly even when compared to Windows! Moreover, Linux is also a lot more secure, but no where near as user friendly as Windows or Mac. Ubuntu is likewise open source and available for free. Moreover  the Ubuntu operating system is actually more secure compared to almost any commercial operating systems out there. And since Ubuntu is maintained by its users, you can expect a much more user friendly setup than Linux, which is definitely helpful when you play your favourite casino games.

7. Blackberry

Blackberry only holds 1% of the overall smartphone market, being shadowed by its giant competitors Android and Apple. In spite of that, Blackberry has remained a solid choice for business owners due to its especially secure email. To play casino games on Blackberry, you can either choose to download the casino’s software, or play the casino games straight from your mobile browser.

Every variation of casino software has been custom designed to be compatible with the most popular OS available around the world. So we recommend you check that your favourite online casino has the right software to match your preferred OS to maximize your playing experience!