A download slot casino is an online casino where you need to download a piece of software or an app to play. Let’s have a look at the phenomenon, and let’s see which other casino platforms you may use if you prefer instant play.

The Casino Download Option

Back in the 1990s, when the Internet got started for real, virtually all online casinos used their own software platforms. This meant that if you needed to download software to play their games, including slots. The simple truth is that in those good, old days of the Internet’s infancy, there wasn’t any other technology available. Today, with HTML5, many casinos offer instant-play games. These are games that you don’t need to download anything to play, as you simply play the games in your internet browser, regardless of what computer or mobile device you are playing from. 

Still, there are many good reasons why you may want to go to a casino that insists on you downloading software or apps to enable play. And we’ll look at these reasons right now.

Better Security On the Download Casino Platforms

One has to do with security. Because it is much more secure to interact with a casino through an app or a dedicated program than using a browser. The Internet is notoriously unsafe, particularly for information that you place in a browser. Yes, you may get some security through the SSL certificates, but make sure you check each and every certificate to make sure that it hasn’t expired, and that it is updated with all the latest security updates.

Certificates give you plenty of encrypted security, but the information is always exchanged through the browser, which makes the technology a little more unsafe than a dedicated app or program. We’re not saying that it’s unsafe to play at an instant-play casino, far from it, but that the security is better with a program, provided you trust the casino that issued that program. And that applies doubly to the Mac casino software.

Better Gaming Experience Playing Download Casino Games

casino download software is graphically superiorAnother good reason for choosing to play at a casino that offers downloads is that you can get that much more flexibility. Take poker, for example. You can play a simple form of poker on most instant-play casinos, but if you like traditional Holdem games, your best shot is to play on sites and casinos that specialize in poker games that are played on a downloadable platform. A simple browser version of these games will not be able to give a great interface to that many players.

So, if you want to play the best forms of online poker, a download is highly preferable.

Another point is that a downloadable platform will be able to give you a better, fuller experience. This is not difficult to understand, as all great, complex computer games need to be downloaded to play. The more features a casino gives you, the higher the likelihood that you need to download their software to play their games.

Get Informed About Casinos and Games!

We mentioned that it is more secure to use a downloaded app or piece of software to play casino games, and this brings us back to the fact that it is always extremely important to do good research about which casinos to join.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of casinos out there. And only some of them are worth playing on. On our site, we review casinos and games, so do check this info out after you’ve read this article. That will help you identify the best casinos and sites to play slots, pokies and other casino games.

You ultimately decide, but it always pays to listen to those with a little experience, and here at truebluecasinos.org we’re one hundred per cent dedicated to finding the best pokies, the best slots, on the market today.

Get More Casino Bonus Offers

Another great reason for only using more advanced casinos that demand that you download software to play their games has to do with the fact that the casino gets better information from you, and about you. Let’s explain this a little.

When you play a casino game or a slot in a browser, the amount of information that the casino has on you is minimal. When you use a software platform, the site knows exactly who you are, and records everything that happens in real-time. This not only gives added security should you have some complaints at one point, but it also ensures that the casino can give you a range of tailor-made casino bonus offers and promotions that you would otherwise have missed if you played on an online casino that did not record such details.

Not all casinos with downloads use this data, but more professionals do, and the results are great both for players and casinos.  But, again, it is essential that you pick your casino carefully to avoid the less serious players.

Playing Top Slots On Casino Download Software!

In the early days of the Internet, you didn’t have a choice as all online casinos offered downloads, and nobody had browser-based slots. Now you find both, and contrary to what you may have thought up to this point there are many good reasons to choose a casino with a platform-download requirement. Security is one, flexibility and stability another.

On our pages, you’ll find plenty of information about downloading slot casinos and the best places to play pokies online.

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