No download casinos are getting more popular each and every day, and in a matter of a few years there will most likely be no more download casinos at all. Whatever the future Trueblue Casino is on top of the latest trends.

No Download Casino

A no download casino, as you most probably know, is an online casino where you don’t need to download any piece of software or app to play casino games. It is a mobile friendly online casino.

These type of online casinos used to be the norm on the Internet until a few years ago when HTML5 and Adobe Flash-advances made it possible to program typical casino games to play perfectly within your regular browser. This was a huge advantage for most players, particularly slot game players, as it became that much more easy to test out games and even casinos. Now, with the instant-technology that most online casinos use, you may try out slots and pokies for free before deciding whether to play in real-money mode.

Which brings us to the questions of which mode you should play in.

Play For Free or Real?

If you like reels, you need to decide whether to play pokies for real or for free.

Some players like to play for the pure fun of it, and they are not that much bothered by the fact that they cannot win real money when they play in the free mode. They like it that the slot game is identical to the real-mode version, and the truth is that you will win prizes on the free mode games as well. The only problem with free-play is that the prizes you win on the pokie will not be transferred to your personal casino account.

Most players understand this perfectly well, as in free mode you do not pay a single euro for any of the rounds, and some players keep playing for free month after month. Others jump over to real-money mode as they get bored with winning a whole bunch of prizes in free-mode that will never see their end of withdrawal transfer.

Playing No Download In Real-Money Mode

Now, the reasons we mention free play is that it became that much easier when no download, instant-play technology became available. On these browser-based casino, players do not need even to register to play. It’s just a matter of clicking on the game of your choice and choosing “try it.”

When you feel that you know a particular game well enough, do consider moving to real-money play.

All the prizes that you win on a slot machine in real-money mode will be transferred to your personal casino account. And if you comply with rules and regulations you may transfer this money to your own bank account. This is called a “withdrawal, ” and is only possible in real-money mode. Still, this is the only difference between free mode and real-money mode.

no download

AKA. Flash Casino Games

No download casinos are known under many names. Some call them instant-play casinos, or browser-based casinos, while others call them flash-casinos due to the fact that Adobe’s recent flash-technological advances are based on this particular platform.

The fact is that no matter how these games are programmed, everybody may open up and play these games right in their Internet browsers. Which makes everything that much easier. There’s no need to download even the tiniest program or app, so you waste no time. Just click on your game of choice and it opens up within seconds, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, your processor, and your RAM memory.

Updating Your Browser, Flash And Memory

And in talking about system requirements, it’s always worth mentioning that you should probably have a look at your devices to check if they’re optimized for online casino play.

Make sure you have plenty of RAM memory, especially if you’re one of those people who like to always have many browser windows or tabs open at the same time.

Most people surf the net like this, but it slows down your system – particularly your RAM memory, so make sure you have at least 4 GB RAM for optimal performance. If you work with heavy programs like Microsoft Word or Excel at the same time as playing, consider going for as much as 8 GB RAM. You may think it sounds like overkill, but just try installing this amount of memory into your computer and you’ll see a significant speed increase that will save you lots of time.

No Download Casinos Have Their Advantages

If you’re looking for an easy way to play casino slots and pokies, do stick to no download casinos. And even if you prefer download casinos you’ll probably see more and more of your favourite online casinos making that switch in technology, going from download to no-download.

It just makes much more sense on all levels.

And the software developers themselves will most likely force the few casinos that stick with downloads to go for instant-play. These days there are so many mobile phone users that it makes it unviable for casinos to develop dedicated software for each platform like Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc. Play slot games from your iPhone whenever you want using instant-play, browser-based games.

And if you want to find the best casinos to play pokies online in no download mode, just check out the link.

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