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Gavin Harper
by Gavin Harper
Aussie Rules Finals

In an epic Grand Final, Collingwood has se­cured a historic victory in Australian Rules Football with a breathtaking win by a me­re four points. The intense­ clash between Collingwood and Brisbane­ Lions had fans on the edge of the­ir seats as it showcased extraordinary athle­ticism, heart-stopping moments, and an exhilaratingly close­ finish. This match will surely be reme­mbered as a memorable­ chapter in the annals of Australian Rules Football history.

Collingwood's 16th Flag in 2023 AFL Season

Afte­r watching a truly thrilling Grand Finals, we can't help but appreciate­ Collingwood's incredible performance­ and their well-dese­rved 16th flag in the 2023 AFL season. But be­fore we delve­ into this fantastic game, let's take a mome­nt to acknowledge all those who playe­d a crucial role in making it happen.

The Pies' Unwavering Determination

Collingwood's Journey to Victory

The Pies displayed unwavering determination throughout the year, culminating in their well-deserved title. They faced a grueling battle against the Brisbane Lions, who put up a valiant fight. Collingwood proved to be the best team all season, and it's been a pleasure watching this terrific side in action.

A Remarkable Journey under Craig McRae

From Heartbreak to Premiership Glory

What a journey it has been for Collingwood under the guidance of coach Craig McRae. From a heartbreaking loss in the preliminary final last year to seizing the Premiership this year, they've set the benchmark for the competition with their precise ball movement and unwavering resilience.

The Thrilling Game Unveiled

Moments of Brilliance on the Field

Now, let's dissect this game that had fans at the edge of their seats right from the first bounce. It was inevitable that we would discuss this Grand Final, and boy, did it live up to the hype.

An Electrifying First Half

A Sea-Sawing Battle

The first half was an electrifying battle. Both teams came out firing, and goals were traded like prized possessions. Brisbane's efficiency in front of the posts kept them in the contest, even when Collingwood seemed to have the upper hand. It was a sea-sawing battle, with lead changes and momentum shifts aplenty.

Brisbane's Impressive Forward Play

Charlie Cameron's Brilliance

Brisbane's forward pressure was impressive, and their ability to capitalize on turnovers and move the ball efficiently was commendable. Charlie Cameron, in particular, was electric, reminiscent of Kieren Jack's iconic goal in 2012. He kept the Lions in the hunt with his brilliance.

The Crucial Third Quarter

Collingwood Maintains the Edge

The third quarter saw Collingwood maintain a slight edge, but Brisbane refused to back down. The game was still anyone's for the taking. The fourth quarter was where legends were made, with both teams leaving it all on the field.

The Controversy and Quality

Precision Kicking and Tense Moments

The game had its fair share of controversy, but let's focus on the incredible quality of football displayed. The precision kicking, especially from outside 50 meters, was a sight to behold. It was a game of moments, and Collingwood capitalized on those 50-50 situations.

Collingwood's Triumph

A Historic Victory

In the end, Collingwood's composure and ability to finish games strong prevailed. They secured a historic victory by four points, a fitting end to a match that will be remembered as one of the greatest in the 21st century.

Outstanding Player Performances

Nick Daicos and Heroes on Both Sides

The players' performances were outstanding. Nick Daicos, the Norm Smith Medal winner, was a shining star, showcasing his football IQ and agility. Others like Jack Crisp, Steele Sidebottom, and Bobby Hill stepped up when it mattered most. Brisbane had their heroes too, with Glen Coleman, Tom Mitchell, and Joe Daniher giving their all.

A Grand Final for the Ages

A Testament to Australian Rules Football

This Grand Final will be etched in our memories for years to come, a testament to the beauty and drama of Australian Rules Football. Congratulations to Collingwood on their remarkable victory, and hats off to the Brisbane Lions for their incredible effort.

A Thrilling Celebration of Aussie Rules

Here's to More Epic Contests

As a neutral observer, I couldn't have asked for a more thrilling game. This was Aussie Rules at its finest, a celebration of the spirit of the sport. Here's to many more epic contests in the years to come!

AFL Grand Final

Lachie Neale Clinches Second Brownlow Medal

In a thrilling count that had footy fans on the edge of their seats, Brisbane's Lachie Neale has secured his second Brownlow Medal. The 30-year-old Brisbane Lion capped off a stellar season by edging out Collingwood's Nick Daicos and Western Bulldogs' Marcus Bontempelli.

Lachie Neale

Neale, who previously won the award in 2020 and was the runner-up last year, polled an impressive 31 votes. He stormed home with three-vote performances in the final two rounds, demonstrating his consistency and dominance on the field.

This victory marks Lachie Neale as the first two-time winner since former Fremantle teammate Nat Fyfe achieved the feat in 2015 and 2019. Neale's exceptional season statistics included an average of 27.4 disposals, 8.1 clearances, and 13.9 contested possessions per game during the regular season.

Interestingly, Neale also became the first player to win the prestigious Brownlow Medal without being named in the All-Australian team since former West Coast midfielder Matt Priddis achieved the same feat in 2014.

In a post-award interview, Neale expressed his shock at the win, saying, "I did not expect this, and to be amongst some of those names that have won two is unbelievable."

Norm Smith Medal-Bobby Hill

Bobby Hill lit up the #AFL grand final with a stunning performance, kicking four goals and securing the Norm Smith medal. An unforgettable day for the Collingwood faithful!

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