Aussie Rules Season Unfolds

By Ryan White Updated: June 2023

Bye Rounds- 12, 13,14 and 15

During AFL bye rounds, each match-up involves one team that has a bye, meaning they don’t participate in a game for that round. These bye rounds serve multiple purposes such as providing rest for players and coaches and accommodating any postponed games due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Week By Week Byes

The 2023 AFL season consists of four bye rounds, namely Round 12, Round 13, Round 14, and Round 15. Each team will experience a single bye within this period.

Week 12Week 13Week 14Week 15
Brisbane, Fremantle, St Kilda, Sydney Geelong, Gold CoastAdelaide, Collingwood, Essendon, Hawthorn, Melbourne, West CoastCarlton, GWS, North Melbourne, Port Adelaide, Richmond, Western Bulldogs

For AFL Supercoach players, bye rounds pose a challenge as players from teams on a bye don’t accumulate any points during that round. This can make it challenging to maintain a high ranking in the competition. However, there are several strategies that players can employ to prepare for bye rounds.

Sir Doug Nicholls Round- 10 and 11

During the two weeks of the Sir Doug Nicholls Round, three clubs rebranded using Indigenous names: Fremantle took on the name Walyalup, the traditional name for the Noongar country around Fremantle. They beat Melbourne by 7 points. Melbourne is known as Narrm, the traditional name for Melbourne in the Woiwurrung language. Port Adelaide became Yartapuulti, the traditional name the Kaurna people gave the land around the Port River. They beat Brisbane by 17 points. Next week it’s the halfway stage-lets see who is on top.

Aussie Rules Round 9

Collingwood is on top with 8 wins. They have 32 points and seem to be in control. Melbourne, Brisbane and Port Adelaide are all separated by percentages. St Kilda and Western Bulldogs are next on the rung down with Geelong and Adelaide underneath them. The top half of the ladder is not secure though. Fremantle beat Sydney- is this their comeback? Gold Coast whacked West Coast so is this the confidence boost they need? Richmond may have found their rhythm. It is all to play for.

Aussie Rules Round 8

Despite not playing at their best, the Collingwood Magpies managed to secure a 29-point victory against the Sydney Swans. This speaks to the team’s unwavering commitment to playing every minute – a trait that their coach Craig McRae consistently preaches. Though they appeared “gettable” in the first half, according to Brisbane Lions legend Jonathan Brown, the Magpies remained a game clear at the top of the ladder. This is a team that still has another gear to go to, making them an extremely formidable opponent for any team. Brody Mihocek, a consistent high-performer, managed to outdo himself by bagging a career-high of five goals, which included a standout soccer goal on the goal line. Captain Scott Pendlebury showcased his masterful skills, while Isaac Quaynor and Darcy Moore stood tall in defence. All in all, the Magpies’ performance was impressive, even if it was not their best game.

Aussie Rules Round 7

Collingwood seem to be the comeback kings of this round of AFL. Super entertaining. The Pies have the odds against them but the boys are really strong in a rough game. They won by one point but that just reflects their true grit. Port Adelaide are also a team who win even though their performance isn’t beautiful. Win the ball at ground level and work hard to get those goals. Gold Coast Suns seem to be turning it around. They defiantly played methodically and their defence is much stronger than at the start of the season. The gap at the top of the ladder has opened up as the series beat Adelaide. The Melbourne derby saw Melbourne climb the ladder and they are level with St Kilda, Brisbane and Port Adelaide. All to play for now.

Anzac Day Round-Up

With StKilda on top of the Ladder by a percentage this year’s contest is close. The ANZAC Day Match between Essendon and Collingwood is a game-changer. What better way to see that Aussie spirit than a top-of-the-table clash? St Kildas and Melbourne are on 20 points a piece. With record crowds of 95,179 at MCG Collingwood won after a true Aussie performance. They crawled back from being 28 points down to actually winning. The man of the match was Nick Daicos who had the honour of receiving the ANZAC Day Medal.

Adelaide Crows, Brisbane Lions and St Kilda all gave an A+ performance. The Gold Coast and Fremantle need to get their acts together. Those Adelaide Crows have defiantly racked up another level and they are worth having a punt on. They are bringing high-level energy to the game. Rather like the Lions. They create loads of chances and they mustn’t waste them. Our unique sport relies on passion and accuracy so this next round is time for those sluggish performances to end.

Aussie Rules Season Thrills of Round Three

Get ready, Aussie Rule’s fanatics! The thrilling 127th professional season of the AFL is coming your way in 2023! With 18 fierce teams ready to battle it out, we have Geelong stepping up as the reigning champions after a groundbreaking 81-point win over Sydney in the 2022 Grand Final. Mark your calendars for September 30th, 2023, as we eagerly await the electrifying AFL 2023 Grand Final showdown! Let the games begin. Richmond and Carlton drew the opening match with 58 a piece, kicking off 24 adrenaline-pumping rounds! Don’t miss out on the action-packed AFL 2023 season!

Aussie Rules – How It Stands

Well, With St Kilda and Collingwood on three wins out of three and Fremantle and Geelong Cats on three defeats this season is off to a banging start. I know it’s early doors but the season hasn’t started as I would have predicted. Injuries are always a downer West Coast’s Captain Luke Shuey and his deputy Jeremy McGovern have injured their hammies and Alex Witherden was concussed. The AFL Ladder is still there to be climbed so watch out for the ins and outs and watch it all change.

Introduction: What is Aussie Rules Football

Aussie Rules Football has a lot going for it and is a great alternative to American football. It’s faster, more free-flowing and less predictable than American Football. It’s also easier to understand for newcomers.

Aussie Rules Football is a contact sport that is played on an oval-shaped field. The game was first played in 1858 and has since then grown to be one of the most popular sports in Australia.

How is Aussie Rules Football Played?

Aussie Rules Football is a contact sport that is played with an oval ball. The game is played on a large oval-shaped field, with two teams of 18 players each, and the objective of the game is to kick or run the ball between the goals at either end of the field. There are 4 posts that make up the goals.

The game starts with a bounce from an umpire and continues until one team has kicked or run their opponents out of bounds, scored more points than their opponent by kicking or running into goalposts and scoring goals or conceded defeat by kicking or running out of bounds.

The AFL season typically follows the traditional Australian football season, starting near the end of March, and finishing in late September  The regular season consists of 24 rounds, with each team playing 22 games and having one bye. The top eight teams then compete in a four-round finals series, culminating in the AFL Grand Final most often played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

Aussie Rules football

What Is The Brownlow Medal?

The Brownlow Medal or the Charles Brownlow Trophy is given to the best player of the Aussie Rules season. It is really a Fairplay award. It certainly is the most sort after award a player can win. The award winner is announced in a glitzy ceremony five days before the AFL finals.

What is unique about this event is the winner is not decided upon by a tally of votes in the usual; way. Each match is voted on and highlights are shown. The votes are cast in secret and different umpire vote in different matches. It is only on the night the results are known.

Patrick Cripps won the 2022 award. He is the skipper of the Carlton Football Club.

What are Aussie Rules and What Does a Game Look Like?

Aussie Rules is a contact sport that is played on an oval-shaped field with an oval ball. The aim is to kick the ball between a series of four posts. The points are awarded depending on the goal. The umpires’ decision is final.

The goal of the game is to kick or carry the ball between two tall goalposts and over a line at the other end of the field. Aussie Rules is known for its tough physicality. The game lasts up to 80 minutes. It is divided into 4 quarters.

AFL Ladder In Aussie Rules

The AFL ladder is a system that ranks the entire league in order of the team’s win-loss records. It is possible for a team to move up the ladder during the course of a season, and for a team to move down.

The AFL ladder is calculated by adding up all of the wins from the home and away games and then splitting them into two sections. The first section is for the games that have been played at home and the second section is for games away. The top eight teams on the ladder qualify for the finals. This is a really popular knockout competition and the winners are crowned the Grand Champions. 

How can I bet online on an AFL match?

AFL Head-to-Head Betting involves picking the winner of a selected game with prices offered on both teams based on their chances.
AFL Line Betting is the second most popular market, requiring the picked team to win or lose by a certain margin.
Season Pricing provides an opportunity to back favourite teams across all 24 rounds of the season.
Premiership Betting lists prices for each team to win the Grand Final.
Minor Premiership Betting offers markets for each team to finish at the top of the ladder at the end of round 24.
Place Betting markets are available for teams to Make or Miss Top 8.
Season Wins Betting lists odds for clubs to record under or over a certain number of wins during the regular season.
Brownlow Medal Betting offers monetary chances for players to win this prestigious individual award.

Online Sportsbetting For Aussie Rules Matches

Aussie Rules football is a sport with an entrenched following in the country, and with such a passionate fan base, it’s no surprise that Aussie Rules betting is popular too. There are plenty of online sports betting sites that offer great opportunities. All you need to do is read a review on an online casino site or a sports betting site. Most people look for a site that has a high payout percentage, offers odds in their currency, and accepts deposits and payouts in their currency.

With so many teams great in contention, it is hard to predict who will win. But one thing that is certain is that this year’s finals will be the most exciting yet!