Dominant Geelong Win AFL Grand Final

By Ryan White Updated: February 2023

What a great end to a great Aussie Rules Football season. Well not if you are a Swans fan. Issac Smith was outstanding in every move he made. He certainly deserved the Norm Smith Medal. All those kicks and disposals were purposeful. Geelong is now the AFL premiers. They dominated everywhere you would expect the Swans to rule.

It was a masterclass from Geelong. Looking forward to next year already.

Introduction: What is Aussie Rules Football

Aussie Rules Football has a lot going for it and is a great alternative to American football. It’s faster, more free-flowing and less predictable than American Football. It’s also easier to understand for newcomers.

Aussie Rules Football is a contact sport that is played on an oval-shaped field. The game was first played in 1858 and has since then grown to be one of the most popular sports in Australia.

How is Aussie Rules Football Played?

Aussie Rules Football is a contact sport that is played with an oval ball. The game is played on a large oval-shaped field, with two teams of 18 players each, and the objective of the game is to kick or run the ball between the goals at either end of the field. There are 4 posts that make up the goals.

The game starts with a bounce from an umpire and continues until one team has kicked or run their opponents out of bounds, scored more points than their opponent by kicking or running into goalposts and scoring goals or conceded defeat by kicking or running out of bounds.

The AFL season typically follows the traditional Australian football season, starting near the end of March, and finishing in late September  The regular season consists of 23 rounds, with each team playing 22 games and having one bye. The top eight teams then compete in a four-round finals series, culminating in the AFL Grand Final most often played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

Brownlow Medallist

The Brownlow Medal or the Charles Brownlow Trophy is given to the best player of the Aussie Rules season. It is really a Fairplay award. It certainly is the most sort after award a player can win. It is held in the Crown Palladium in Melbourne.

What is unique about this event is the winner is not decided upon by a tally of votes in the usual; way. Each match is voted on and highlights are shown. The votes are cast in secret and different umpire vote in different matches. It is only on the night the results are known.

Patrick Cripps won the 2022 award. He is the skipper of the Carlton Football Club.

What are Aussie Rules and What Does a Game Look Like?

Aussie Rules is a contact sport that is played on an oval-shaped field with an oval ball. The aim is to kick the ball between a series of four posts. The points are awarded depending on the goal. The umpires’ decision is final.

The goal of the game is to kick or carry the ball between two tall goalposts and over a line at the other end of the field. Aussie Rules is known for its tough physicality. The game lasts up to 80 minutes. It is divided into 4 quarters.

AFL Ladder In Aussie Rules

The AFL ladder is a system which ranks the entire league in order of the team’s win-loss records. It is possible for a team to move up the ladder during the course of a season, and for a team to move down.

The AFL ladder is calculated by adding up all of the wins from the home and away games and then splitting them into two sections. The first section is for the games that have been played at home and the second section is for games away. The top eight teams on the ladder qualify for the finals. This is a really popular knockout competition and the winners are crowned the Grand Champions. 

How can I bet online on an AFL match?

Betting on AFL matches is a popular pastime for many Australians. It’s a great way to keep in touch with the game and have a bit of fun.

AFL betting is available in two ways:

  • – Betting on the outcome of an AFL match
  • – Betting on the performance of an individual player during the course of an AFL match

If you’re betting on the outcome of an AFL match, you’ll need to decide who will win. The odds are determined by how much money has been bet on each team. For example, if $1 is bet for every $2 bet, then the odds are 1:2 or 50%. If $3 is bet for every $4 bet, then the odds are 3:4 or 75%.

Online Sportsbetting For Aussie Rules Matches

Aussie Rules football is a sport with an entrenched following in the country, and with such a passionate fan base, it’s no surprise that Aussie Rules betting is popular too. There are plenty of online sports betting sites that offer great opportunities. All you need to do is read a review on an online casino site or a sports betting site. Most people look for a site that has a high payout percentage, offers odds in their currency, and accepts deposits and payouts in their currency.

With so many teams great in contention, it is hard to predict who will win. But one thing that is certain is that this year’s finals will be the most exciting yet!