Bledisloe Cup

By Ryan White Updated: June 2023

Exciting news for rugby union fans as the details of one of the most highly anticipated events of the year, the Bledisloe Cup, have just been announced. The 2023 edition promises to be a thrilling one with the highlight being the arrival of the All Blacks on Saturday 29th July at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, followed by the Wallabies’ visit to Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin, New Zealand on Saturday 5th August. Prior to the Bledisloe Cup being awarded, the Wallabies will have already competed in several fixtures. For all the latest updates on this year’s competition, as well as the history of both nations, look no further.

The Bledisloe Cup 2022

All Blacks Won By Narrow Margin

The All Blacks won by a narrow margin in a 39-37 victory that went their way, denying success to the Wallabies. The Wallabies felt aggrieved as a controversial referring decision gave the New Zealanders the win. They were awarded a scrum from which they scored in the dying embers of the game. They were given it when the Australians had delayed their turnover penalty. It was a lot to take in, but the Wallabies had to suck it up.

History of the Bledisloe Cup

The Bledisloe Cup is one of the most prestigious rugby union events on the international calendar and has been a huge event for fans of Australia and New Zealand since being established in 1932. The first-ever edition of the event was won by New Zealand, who came back from defeat at Sydney Cricket Ground to win the following two tests in 1932. There is no set dates that the event is staged, and the venues have also differed depending on the year.

It hasn’t always been staged in New Zealand or Australia either, as the Bledisloe Cup has been held at neutral venues on two previous occasions. It was first held outside of the two countries in 2008, as the teams clashed in four tests for the first time ever in Hong Kong. Japan hosted the event in 2009, with matches being played in Tokyo. It was set to be played once again outside of the two participating nations in either 2009 or 2010, but a bid from the United States eventually fell short.

Wallabies In The Bledisloe Cup

After losing the first edition of the Bledisloe Cup, Australia finally landed their first victory in 1934, as they won the opening test, before playing out a 3-3 draw in the second match between the rivals. However, Australia needed to wait until their third attempt away from home to register a first success in the Bledisloe Cup in New Zealand, with that success coming in a whitewash 2-0 in 1949.

In total, there have been 152 matches played in the Bledisloe Cup between the two nations, with Australia winning on just 37 occasions. A total of 72 matches have been played in Australia, with the Wallabies claiming victory on 222 occasions. Their record in New Zealand is slightly weaker, as they have won just 14 times from 76 test matches between the sides.

All Blacks In The Bledisloe Cup

New Zealand has been the most dominant nation in the Bledisloe Cup, as they have picked up a total of 108 victories from the 152 matches between the two sides. Their home record in the competition is especially strong, as the All Blacks have won 60 of the 76 matches between the sides on home soil in the competition. In terms of series outcomes, New Zealand are the dominant nation in the Bledisloe Cup, as they have won on 49 occasions from the 62 editions of the tournament. 

Australia has been able to get their hands on the trophy on just 12 occasions, with only one competition ending in a draw. New Zealand has scored a higher number of points in total in Bledisloe Cup history, having scored 3,447 points compared to the 2,296 recorded by Australia. 

Venues For The Bledisloe Cup

A total of 18 different venues have been used to host Bledisloe Cup action throughout history. Eleven have been used in Australia, which includes the Sydney Cricket Ground, Stadium Australia, and Sydney Football Stadium, which have all hosted at least eight matches between the rivals. 

Eden Park has been the most used stadium in New Zealand, with the ground in Auckland hosting 32 matches throughout the history of the Bledisloe Cup. The only stadium that Australia has a winning record in is Sydney Football Stadium, as the Wallabies have won four times in the Sydney stadium compared to the two victories recorded by New Zealand. 

This year’s competition will be played across both countries. The match in New Zealand will be played at Eden Park, Auckland, on September 24, while the fixture in Australia will be played at Docklands Stadium, Melbourne, on September 15.

What Is Rugby Union?

Rugby union is the most popular form of rugby, and is played across the world. Players will line up in teams of 15, with competitors needing to run the ball over the try lines found at both ends of the field. 

The goal of the attacking team is to score a try and pass the ball around to ensure that the opposing defence leaves gaps. Meanwhile, the defending team is looking to ensure that the attacking team doesn’t score a try. As well as scoring a try, teams can also score points through conversions or drop-kicks. Here, the kicker will attempt to kick the ball through the H-shaped goalpost that they are attacking.

Can I Place A Bet On The Bledisloe Cup?

Betting on the Bledisloe Cup is exceptionally popular with rugby union fans. Bettors will be able to wager on the nation that will be crowned as champions, as well as being able to bet on the individual match outcome from the two tests. Bets can also be placed on the over/under markets available at the leading online sportsbooks. Handicap betting will also be available for bettors, as the favoured team will need to cover the spread in order to collect returns.