Casino Brand Ambassadors

By Ryan White Updated: March 2023

For a good while now, online casinos have been looking to secure further exposure in the mainstream media and with global audiences. One way to achieve this has been through adding popular sports and gaming personalities to their teams of brand ambassadors.

Ambassadors are effectively people who promote a brand and promote it with what is already a very strong following – usually over social media. This article takes a look at some of the most prominent partnerships between casino brands and famous personalities.

Drake and Stake Online Casino

Drake is one of the most prominent celebrities in the world of music – and even if you are a fan of the National Basketball League where he is a frequent guest on the pitch. Drake agreed to become an ambassador to the world-renowned Australian-owned brand and work on various projects with the popular casino and betting site together.

Drake has been a frequent bettor at but he has also shown a lot of love for the brand’s casino, playing live roulette for the most part. Drake is also helping reach new audiences and introduce gaming as a recreational activity to millions of people around the world. So far as brand ambassadorships in the iGaming sector go, the partnership between and Drake is definitely one of the best even if he is famous for losing money it gets the brand is noticed.

Sergio Aguero Opens The LATAM Market At

Goal-scoring legend Sergio Aguero regularly posts online gambling tips on his Instagram. He has been a brand ambassador for Stake as part of his post-playing career. He posts in his native tongue but fans can put the subtitles on and gain insight into what he is thinking about the matches ahead.

Shaquille O’Neal and PointsBet Casino

Shaquille O’Neal has decided to team up with PointsBet, a prominent Australian sportsbook operator that he has been happy to represent in various commercials since 2022. Shaq is definitely a big and important partnership for PointsBet, as the NBA legend is one of the most easily recognizable names across generations.

Even people who are not very familiar with sports or basketball for that matter know who he is and appreciate him. PointsBet has clearly been focusing on prominent personalities and adding Shaq to help the brand really gather some nice momentum has been a smart call through and through.

After all, who would not show at least a partial interest in the brand that is teaming up with one of the living legends of the NBA?

3. Lucia Navarro and 888poker

Lucia Navarro is a popular poker player who is one of the newest ambassadors for 888poker, the international card room and poker brand. 888poker is specifically targeting Navarro, as the company wants to be seen as a friend to the female poker community. Poker has been changing profoundly over the past years, with many talented players coming to play and actually winning.

Maria Ho, a great player herself, even wrote research books on how being a female poker player is often underestimated by male counterparts who end up losing hard when female players win. Navarro has a great social media presence, and she allows 888poker to connect with fans from all over the world and specifically with the female cohort.

Online Casino Ambassadors

Conor McDavid and BetMGM Online Casino

BetMGM has been one of the most prolific brands when it comes to partnering up with prominent people from the world of sports. One of the brand’s most recent additions is Connor McDavid, a prominent National Hockey League player. He currently plays for the Edmonton Oilers in the league and is definitely one of the most inspiring names in ice hockey.

His addition to the team of BetMGM ambassadors is carefully tailored by the brand, as BetMGM seeks to expand its presence with certain cohorts and ensure that its name is known to sports fans and hockey fans alike. Players who are new to the experience definitely will recognize BetMGM if they are hockey fans, all courtesy of this smart partnership with McDavid.

Barry Geraghty and William Hill

William Hill has been building up its presence in Ireland and the United Kingdom for a fair while now. Picking its ambassadors locally and inspiring certain cohorts of fans and audiences has been a good strategy and one that has paid off time and again. This is precisely what the ambassadorship with Barry Geraghty is all about.

William Hill added the famous Irish jockey in a bid to add a distinct Irish quality to his offer and to strengthen its presence with local crowds. It has been a smart gambit that has paid off and allowed the company to establish itself with Irish racing fans.

Rachael DeMita and Caesars Sportsbook

Rachael DeMita is a former basketball player – she played in college and went on to compete in All-American basketball. She has since moved past her active competitive career but has been very much present in the world of basketball. DeMita is the first person to host the NBA2K video game TV show and she is now part of Caesars’ team of ambassadors.

Casino Brand Ambassadors Do Make a Difference

Ambassadors are a great choice for both fans and brands. They help brands establish themselves and for fans to find trusted and helpful sports and casino brands. This is why having brand ambassadors makes all the difference and is a great consumer experience – but also a strong boost to a company’s bottom line.