Code Of Conduct NSW Casino Proposals

By Gavin Harper Updated: March 2023

Premier Dominic Perrottet has welcomed the release of a new NSW club industry code of conduct, which promises a variety of reforms to tackle the problem of gambling and money laundering. Pokies reform is still part of the political discussion.

ClubsNSW is doing its part to help protect patrons from financial gambling problems. Under their code of conduct, individuals who attempt to increase their gambling funds by taking out loans or using ill-gotten money will not only be barred from gaming rooms but offered counselling and support services as well. 

The code includes welfare checks every three hours, bans on suspected criminals and problem gamblers, and training for staff to identify key problem gambling indicators.

Cashless Gaming Still On The Cards

Political parties have been urged to consider introducing cashless gaming in pubs and clubs after an NSW Crime Commission reported Money laundering. They found that millions of dollars had been laundered through machines every year. It has been reported that ClubsNSW has not supported the idea of cashless gaming, claiming it would not be a factor in reducing money laundering in the long term.

Additionally, family members will be able to request an exclusion for loved ones who they believe are experiencing gambling harm. 

Suspicious money-laundering behaviour such as loaning someone money to play or regularly depositing large amounts is also banned under the code. Facial recognition technology will help ensure those barred from gaming rooms are kept out while those suspected of criminal activity are identified immediately.

TrueBlue Gambling Reforms

Labor Party Voices Opinion

The Labor Party Fleader, Chris Minns, was rather non plussed by the new policy but his party says it has plans for gambling reform if elected come March 25th. There will be a cashless pokies trial in 500 pubs. 

In recent months, the issue of problem gambling has become increasingly prominent in New South Wales politics. As a result of public pressure, both major parties have promised to take significant steps towards fixing a state problem that sees an estimated one million dollars lost to pokie machines every hour. According to a report by the NSW Crime Commission, this unnervingly large sum is exacerbated by billions raised from illegal funds. Josh Landis, ClubsNSW’s chief executive claimed that the proposed reforms and updated regulations were the best way to tackle both issues. The coming election in New South Wales promises new opportunities for sustained change when it comes to addressing this all-too-common problem facing too many families and individuals.

The Greens MP Cate Faehrmann described the policy as “weak and ineffective … desperate attempt to appease the public and avoid the necessary regulation”.

TrueBlue Experts Opinion

In order to ensure the highest standards of honesty and fairness, True Blue casino expert recommends discussing reforms for casinos, clubs and bars. The promotion of responsible gambling practices and an open dialogue on gaming regulations can have a significant beneficial impact on the industry as a whole. 

The aim is not only to reduce risks for patrons and staff but also to encourage more secure payments, fairer wins/losses ratios, more accurate reporting and better customer service. In short, by taking a proactive approach in favour of comprehensive reform in the casino sector, everyone will be able to benefit from improved service levels and increased safety. Ultimately this should lead to happier customers who are confident that they are playing in an environment where trust is guaranteed